[Kdrama] ‘Pretty Boy’ ep 3-6 ~ impression/opinion ~

I’m seriously enjoying “Pretty Man”. Although the story is made in a rather stupid way, much like “Marry him Mary” and “Mirae’s choice” – dramas which I strongly disliked. However, even if ‘Pretty Man’ is strongly similar with the other named dramas, I actually enjoy this one.

At first, when I read about the drama, and that IU and Jang Keun Suk will play the lead, I didn’t had much faith in it, and I – as many others – thought the drama will flop……thing that actually happened, the drama does flop in ratings, not to mention that Lee Jang Woo is part of my young actors who can act but I can’t seem to get to like – list. Putting all that aside, I enjoy the whole story as it is.

To be honest, I may like the story mostly because the other dramas that I’m currently watching are full of revenge plotting, family & society problems and “Pretty Man” is more put on the comic side rather than the serious one.  Even though this drama is more on the comical side, it does portray some problems of every society, for example the way people always are more into making money; they also use the ‘be careful, don’t let money own you’ kind of stuff – it also has the never missing ‘birth secret’.

There is a slight character development when it comes to Dokgo Ma Te, who is slowly starting to change his way of thinking towards money and working for your own money, rather than how he was in the beginning of the drama when Ma Te used rich woman for money. He is also starting to get affected by Bo Tong – until now, Ma Te was somehow indifferent when it came to Bo Tong, or maybe he wasn’t aware of his feelings for her since he got used to seeing Bo Tong doing everything for him and being around him, but since David appeared – although even now he isn’t aware of his feelings for Bo Tong, he is starting to get jealous whenever Bo Ton and David are together.  He also showed his jealous side when he found out that Bo Tong moved into David’s house and that the two are now living together, leaving Ma Te to make his junior who didn’t had a place to live at the moment, into David’s house, after all Bo Tong ‘isn’t aware of a man’s mind’.

When it comes to David and Bo Tong, there is no character development for them. Bo Tong continues to do everything for Ma Te and please her when Ma Te lets her take 10 pictures of him – as a reward. David clearly likes Bo Tong, and compared to Ma Te, he is aware of his feelings for her. He does get annoyed when he sees Bo Tong talking about Ma Te or when he sees Ma Te making/telling Bo Tong to do all kind of jobs for him.

As I said above, until now I didn’t like Lee Jang Woo, no particular reason, is just I couldn’t get to like him. He is indeed one of the actors from the younger generation who can act, but I couldn’t bring myself to like him. However…..I’m starting to like him now!  – Saw all of the dramas he appeared in, but just now I’m starting to like Jang Woo – huh!? It did take me some years.


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