[Jdrama] ‘Neko Zamurai’ ep 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

A drama about (mostly) a cat, well, I’m sold!

As I said in a previous post, I don’t really like historical dramas be it Korean, Japanese or Chinese, I’m more intro the modern dramas, but I’m a cat lover and a drama about a cat it’s a must watch – or at least for me.

Now, now! Don’t imagine that the whole drama it’s about a big white cat, no, it’s about the cat and her new owner, a poor samurai who can’t do anything else but wave his sword, and that leads him to almost being kicked out of the house since he can’t work anything else- he doesn’t have money to pay his rent.

In the first episode, the samurai, Madarame Kyutaro, receives a request from a servant. The servant tells Madarame that his master who was a workaholic turned into an adult-child-like after taking a cat into the house. After telling the samurai the whole story about his master and the ‘demonic’ cat, the servant asks Madarame to come at night and kill the cat. Still, although at first glance, the samurai is seen as a scary person, mostly because of his always-glaring-face, he refuses the job ….after all a ‘demonic cat’ is a ‘demonic cat’.

Seeing that the samurai refused, the servant assures Madarame that if he kills the cat, he will give a big reward, just hearing the word money, Madarame accepts and so he goes at night to kill the cat.

There aren’t a lot of character information in the first episode, except that the samurai is poor however good swords master, and although he is seen as a scary person on the surface, the mighty samurai is actually a pure and kind soul.

I like a lot the fact that the viewers can hear Madarame’s thoughts, which are rather funny, considering his scary appearance.

All in all, ‘Neko Zamurai’ seems like a fun drama, with a new theme. For now I’m looking forward to find more about Madarame’s life story and the other characters who haven’t been yet introduced to the viewer.



  1. I haven’t been following JDramas for ages, and thanks for writing about this! Seems funny enough for me to check it out, thanks!

    1. Hope you enjoy it ^ ^ I personally liked this drama so far – it’s definitely something different

      1. Definitely looks likes it. I like quirky dramas =p

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