[Jdrama] ‘Otto no Kanojo’ ep 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

“Otto no Kanojo” is a currently airing rom-com Japanese drama.

As how we all noticed, body swapping/soul changing dramas are raising in popularity within the drama land, and Japan is no exception when it comes to it. Although, the subject is overly used, “Otto no Kanojo” has a rather new theme for body swapping – a housewife changes body with (what she believes) her husband’s girlfriend.

Komatsubara Hishiko (played by Suzuki Sawa) is a typical Japanese housewife – one day she notices a change in her husband and decides to follow him around. To her surprise Hishiko sees her husband, Komatsubara Mugitaro (played by Tanabe Seiichi), entering Yamagishi Hoshimi’s apartment (played by Kawaguchi Haruna), a 20 years woman.  What she doesn’t know is that, Mugitaro together with another work colleague, Ishiguro Yasushi (played by Furukawa Yuki), are helping Hoshimi study to become a full time/contract employee, and that there is no cheating involved.

After seeing her husband entering Hoshimi’s apartment, Hishiko decides to meet up with Hoshimi in a park. Because their conversation was getting louder, the two disturbed the ‘beauty-sleep’ of a witch, and so the witch swaps their bodies.

Because both Hoshimi and Hishiko have different personalities, one is loud and straight forward where’s the other one with a much calmer and shy personality, the two start getting into all kind of funny situations which may make the two female to understand each other’s situation and life.

Although I saw just one episode until now, not to mention (again) the overly used subject, I’m actually getting interested into this drama.  I’m looking forward to see how Hoshimi and Hishiko will start to understand each other, and if the body swapping will actually affect Hoshiki (who is currently in Hoshimi’s body)’s relationship with her husband.


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