[Kdrama] ‘Empress Ki’ ep 1-8 & ‘Pretty Boy’ ep 1-2 ~ opinion ~

I like ‘Pretty Boy’ – although it’s somehow embarrassing to admit it, but yes I did enjoy the first two episodes. I wasn’t really expecting anything from this drama and didn’t even wanted to watch it, but since I had nothing to do, nor any new episodes of the currently airing dramas that I watch, I decided to try it out, and it turned to be okay.

Of course ‘Pretty Boy’ it isn’t a drama that can be taken seriously, or at least I don’t take it seriously. That’s not because it’s from a comic book, but rather because of the story itself, I mean a ‘pretty boy’ that can seduce any woman just by breathing….really? Yeah Yeah I know this is supposed to be a fantasy or whatever, but come on he ain’t no Won Bin. Not to mention that all of the director’s works are about pretty boys stuff….


Dokgo Ma-Te is a pretty boy who can seduce any woman….actually he is more like a gigolo, seduces women for their money. He is the hidden, illegitimate son of a giant chaebol.  One day, Hong Yoo Ra, ex-wife of Dokgo Ma-Te’s half brother, comes to find Dokgo Ma-Te, she gives him the mission to seduce other women.

Kim Bo Tong….well, all we know about her is that she a 25-26 years old woman and is infatuated with Ma Te, she loves everything about him, from his pinky toe until the air he breathes. Bo Tong is in love with Ma Te since her high school days, when Ma Te and his mother came to visit Bo Tong’s mother – their mothers were good friends.

I wouldn’t say “Pretty Boy” (seems) is a good drama, however is definitely better than ‘Marry him Marry’ or ‘Marry him if you dare/Mirae’s choice’.

To be honest, Jang Keun Suk isn’t a bad actor, he is actually really good, however he needs to step out of his bubble and take other roles and not these kind of roles where he acts only as a pretty boy. He needs to put his talent into other stuff and stop with the prettiness.

By the way, they need to fire or at least have a serious discussion with the stylist of this drama, those clothes are horrible.

Empress Ki (episode 1-8)

I love it.

Everything from writing, cast/acting and directing, everything! This is coming from a person that isn’t really fond of historical dramas, be it Korean, Japanese or Chinese historical dramas.

Actually I don’t like something about ‘Empress Ki’ and that is the character Wang Yoo … I did some fast-forwarding activities while he was on screen – hey I like even the negative characters, but ‘Mr perfect king’ Wang Yoo bores me so much compared to the other (more complex) characters.

Also, even if Seung Nyang is somehow the main character, and the drama revolves around her, I’m more looking forward to Ta Hwan and Tanasili as key characters, although they act like brats they are definitely something to look forward to in terms of development.


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