[Kdrama] ‘Reply 1994′ episode 5-10 ~ opinion ~

When I started watching “Reply 1994”, I told myself that this time I won’t get attached to a couple/character, however my hard work of trying to surpass my attachment to one character, or more like wanting my favorite to end up with the girl, didn’t work, and yes, ladies and gentlemen ….I’m in team Chilbong.

As how almost to perfection Trash aka oppa-ya may seem, I want Chilbong to be the husband.  Honestly for me, stuff like buying Na Jung her favorite marshmallow from Japan didn’t make me waver for Trash nor do I think he did a romantic thing for Na Jung just by buying that stuff. I mean, how many of you yelled at your siblings for eating your snacks resulting to your siblings buying another pack of the exact same snack happened? I just don’t see that as a romantic thing.

Trash knew about Na Jung’s feeling for him since way before Yoon Jin’s drunken incident, even before Na Jung tried to confess on the 1st April, he then acted/took her confession as an April Fool’s day joke. He also seems to have feeling for her, but somehow tries to surpass those feelings and act just as an older brother.

I still don’t get why he is trying to surpass those feelings, Trash clearly has feelings for Na Jung, and the only thing I can think of why Trash is trying to surpass his feelings for Na Jung is because he feels guilty to Na Jung’s parents who think of him as their own son and towards Na Jung’s late older brother. So maybe he is currently having an inner conflict with himself in regards of his feelings for Na Jung.

On the other hand seeing how Chilbong watches her from afar and looks happy every time she is in the room, skipping training to hang out with Na Jung and the others, asking her to come and watch his game and well, pretty much everything with Na Jung and Chilbong are just heart pounding moments.

Still, although mostly everything makes Chilbong seem like the husband, I have a feeling that the writer is just teasing us, I mean all those hints going towards him are a little too easy, and makes everything seem fishy.

Although, it’s weird how the writer tries to make Chilbong seem the husband, making us all doubt that it may be true, I want to outline something that may give Chilbong team some hope….or at least to me it sure gives a lot of hopes in thinking that he is indeed the husband. What I want to say is that, along the episodes of the drama, whenever Na Jung narrates, she talks about the love that started when she was 20 ( or the love they started when they were 20 years old )– therefore in episode 10 when Chilbong confesses his love and kisses Na Jung it was a few minutes before 1994 ended, and in Korea that means they were still 20 years old – as we all know (or somehow sense) Na Jung’s crush on Trash is way before her being 20 years old. Thaaadaaa! Chilbong scores!

Also giving Chilbong some big fat points for actually confessing his love to Na Jung in episode 10, not to mention that he had the courage to kiss her, not once but twice, meanwhile Oppa-ya is playing pool with his mates.

From my point of view, Na Jung’s crush on Trash may also be just her infatuation with her older brother’s best friend.

Another thing I don’t understand is Trash and Binggeure’s relationship. Not sure if Binggeure is starting to have feelings for Trash or looks at him as a figure he admires, considering that Binggeure’s relationship with his father isn’t that good. But when they go back into the present time, there was a scene with the two linking hands; also if Binggeure thought of Trash as a figure he respects, then he wouldn’t get shy seeing Trash change his shirt…

One thing is for sure, ‘Reply 1994’ turns half of its viewers into Sherlock Holmes’ and the other half into CSI agents.


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