[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

It doesn’t seem like this was only the second episode, it seemed more like it was the 10th episode; for now the writer knows how to blend everything and the acting its definitely great.

My only problem so far is Jae Min second sister, Yoo Ra. She keeps acting like a brat thinking that her father betrayed her mother, when she is actually dating a married man. Huh? Talking about second standards …

The recap:

After thinking about it all night, the next morning, Jae Min goes to Mi Joo’s apartment to propose to her, however she doesn’t take him seriously. Mi Joo tells him that this isn’t the way he should propose and also that he isn’t in a situation where marriage will be okay (considering that he doesn’t have a job). Jae Min assures Mi Joo that whatever happens he will take responsibility. Before leaving, he also tells Mi Joo he will go to his father and tell him about them and their plan of marrying each other.

In the morning, Ha Kyung sees the effect of last night’s incident, her bruised eye, she starts screaming and everyone in the family rushes to her bedroom. During breakfast, the mother decides that it will be better for Ha Kyung to have a bodyguard.

When Jae Min arrives home, he tells his father about his plans of marrying. Dumbfounded, the father asks Jae Min if he got the girl pregnant, because otherwise he wouldn’t be in a situation to think of marriage (again, because he doesn’t have a full time job, only part time). The two start fighting and Jae Min tells his father that although the father betrayed his mother, he doesn’t want to be like that and wants to marry someone he loves and take responsibility of that person until the end. Hearing that, the father slaps Jae Min.

Seeing that her mother is still having problems with her back and waist, Eun Joo tells her mother that she will get her paycheck and that the mother should use it to get a check up at the hospital. Before leaving to work, Eun Joo sees her father doing aerobics ….again (that’s all he did in those 2 episodes). She tells Ho Sub to help her mother since she is sick, however he just goes back to his aerobics thinking that he shouldn’t get angry with Eun Joo…….he shouldn’t get stressed (he is just an useless husband).

Jae Min’s father meets up with his eldest daughter, Yoo Jin, and tells her about Jae Min’s plan of marrying. Yoo Jin is a little shocked hearing that since no one knew Jae Min had a girlfriend, and asks the father if her brother is marrying because he let that girl pregnant. In the end, Yoo Jin assures the father that she will speak with Jae Min about his plan of marrying. Meanwhile, Jae Min is making preparations to propose properly to Mi Joo, buying her a ring and making restaurant reservations. After the preparations, he sends Mi Joo a message in which he tells her to meet at 6 because he has something important to tell her.

Later he meets with his sister Yoo Jin. As soon as he arrives, she asks Jae Min how many moths the girl is pregnant. Eventually Jae Min explains to Yoo Jin that his girlfriend isn’t pregnant but wants to marry her now since he is afraid that later he may regret not doing so. After hearing Jae Min, Yoo Jin tells him to bring his girlfriend for dinner during the weekend so that the family could meet her and see what kind of girl she is.

Yoo Jin calls Yoo Ra to tell to come to their father’s house during the weekend because Jae Min will introduce the girlfriend he wants to marry to the family, but Yoo Ra refuses saying that she doesn’t care what Jae Min wants to do.

Since, after Ha Kyung’s incident a night before, her father gave Jae Min his business card, Jae Min goes to pay him a visit, thinking he could get a job. Ha Kyung’s parents were actually doing an ‘audition’ to find Hae Kyung a bodyguard. At first they doesn’t recognize Jae Min, eventually Jae Min receives to job to be Ha Kyung’s bodyguard. When she finds out that her parents hired a bodyguard for her, Hae Kyung doesn’t seem too pleased, however Jae Min is in 7th Heave, after all now he has a full time job.

Because the employees of the bank where Mi Joo works at, have to do a promotion campaign, she calls Jae Min to tell him that she won’t make it when they were supposed to meet. But Jae Min insists to meet saying that he has something important to tell her.

Sung Hoon tries to have a date with his wife, but the wife doesn’t want to because she couldn’t eat at the restaurant while Yoona, their daughter was at home. He complains to his wife that all she thinks of are the kids, in the end they still have dinner at home with Yoona.

Mi Joo arrives first at the restaurant. Because Ha Kyung’s work, Jae Min made Mi Joo wait for an hour at the restaurant. After work Ha Kyung was supposed to go to her friend’s party and while she was preparing herself, Jae Min had to wait for her since he couldn’t go home because he had to drive Ha Kyung back home when her friend’s party will end, after all he is her bodyguard. After making him wait even more, Ha Kyung remembers that her bodyguard was still waiting and calls to tell him that she won’t go to the party anymore since the bruise from her eye hadn’t vanished.

Having to wait for Jae Min for hours, Mi Joo leaves the restaurant and goes to her mother’s apartment. Jae Min arrives at the restaurant after she left, and then rushes to Mi Joo’s apartment, but because she wasn’t there, she decides to wait for her.

While at her mother’s apartment, the mother feels that something is wrong with Mi Joo however when she asks her daughter about it, Mi Joo doesn’t tell the mother what’s wrong with her. Before leaving home, the mother asks Mi Joo if she wants to move back with her at least until Mi Joo will marry.

When she arrives at her apartment, Jae Min who was still waiting for her, apologizes and tells Mi Joo the good news, that he found a full time job and that now they could marry, on the other hand, Mi Joo tells him that she wants to break up.


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