[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Before actually starting the recap, I have to say that just from the first episode, I already LOVE this drama – yeah yeah, I may rush, but whatever I love it!

To make it clear from the beginning, Jae Min and Mi Joo are already a couple – as how most of the dramas use the first episode to introduce the characters of the drama, in “Will you love and give it away?” they don’t do that, more like the story is just progressing, showing the daily lifes of the characters.

Although Mi Joo and Jae Min are already a couple, neither of them told about their relationship to their families nor their friends – it’s more like a secret relationship, that’s mostly because Jae Min can’t find a job and for now he works only as part time, and when he will be a full time employee, they want to ‘reveal’ the relationship.

The recap:

The drama starts with Jae Min, who works part time at an errand-company (eg: if someone wants ice cream – or other things, that person will call the errand company, and Jae Min will go to buy the ice cream and then deliver it to the person who called), this time, he was hired to bring flowers and propose while singing to a girl, in place of his customer. At the restaurant where that girl was, Mi Joo and her rich friends were also present but when Mi Joo sees Jae Min with the flowers she hides from him. Jae Min proceeds to do what he was hired for, however while he was singing his voice cracked, leading to the girl getting annoyed and rushing out of the restaurant.

Since he was hired for doing the marriage proposal, he chases the girl out and tries one more time. Everyone from the restaurant, including Mi Joo and her friends, watch the embarrassing moment. In the end the girl didn’t accept the proposal and left and Jae Min ends up being scolded by the client in public. Although the client was still scolding him, Jae Min sees Mi Joo and calls her name, but she acts like she doesn’t know him and rushes into the restaurant’s bathroom.

Hiding in the bathroom, Mi Joo who gets a call from her friends, she lies to them that she doesn’t know that guy (Jae Min) who called her name, and maybe they heard wrong.

Jae Min finds her, and asks Mi Joo why she avoided/pretended not to see him, but she tries to escape the question saying that she had an urgent business to the bathroom. Eventually she admits ignoring him because she couldn’t introduce him to her friends as her boyfriend – after all Jae Min was proposing to another girl (although he did just what his client asked for).

Mi Joo: How could I tell my friends the guy who is proposing to someone else is my boyfriend?

The two start teasing each other about why neither of them introduced each other to their families and friends, they reconcile fast and Jae Min shoots towards Mi Joo imaginary hearts……………….in the middle of the street.

Yeon Hee (Mi Joo’s step mother) returns home after visiting Mi Joo but gets annoyed with her husband (Mi Joo’s father) – they start having a very much normal married couple fight – to be honest I like they, their funny with those little fights.

The whole family of Jae Min goes to support Jae Min’s niece at her concert. Jae Min and his second oldest sister Yoo Ra, start bickering in the hallway, but the oldest sister Yoo Jin stops them. After the concert, the whole family was supposed to go and eat together, however because of Yoo Ra’s refusal, she and Jae Min get in another fight. In the end Yoo Jin, her husband and their daughter eat without the others.

Jae Min’s father goes to buy side dishes from the shop of Mi Joo’s mother. Home the father starts talking with Jae Min about Yoo Ra, but the conversation doesn’t evolve. Yoo Jin also, calls Yoo Ra to talk about Jae Min but Yoo Ra gets irritated and hangs up the phone.

While Mi Joo was changing her clothes, Jae Min calls her, however her mother answers the phone, when the mother asks who is it, he panics and hangs up. Then the mother tells Mi Joo that she got a call and answered it since the caller’s name was a female’s name (that’s because Mi Joo wrote a female name and not his) but the one who called was a male – Mi Joo tries to escape her mother’s question saying that they are just close friends.

Before going to sleep, the father asks Jae Min what is he going to do with his life, Jae Min gets annoyed and tells his father that he is working hard at his part time and also that he is searching for a proper full time job, in fact the next day he is supposed to go for a job interview.

Jae Min calls Mi Joo again, and tells her about his job interview he has the next day – their conversations are so cute, they are cute and I melted under my desk.

Next day, unfortunately, Jae Min doesn’t get the job. He tells Mi Jo about it during lunch, she scolds him (a little) for his attitude – and I melt again under my desk. After lunch, Jae Min tells Mi Joo that slowly they will tell everyone about their relationship – since he can’t face her mother for now because he has no proper job. Mi Joo tries to make him jealous telling him that the night before, her mother told her about a blind date, she continues with her acting as if she will go to the blind date while Jae Min gets angry and tells her not to go – 3rd time melding under my desk.

At night, while Ha Kyung was waiting for a substitute driver, being drunk she thinks that another dude was her substitute driver and enters the car with him; however that guy wanted to rape Ha Kyung. Luckily, the real substitute driver, Jae Min appears and saves her. After the whole incident, at the police station, Ha Kyung’s father gives Jae Min his business card.

During the bachelorette pajama party of one of Mi Joo’s rich friends, at a high class hotel, because her friends keep talking about her not having a boyfriend nor being a permanent employee, Mi Joo gets angry and leaves. At the same time, Jae Min who got a call to bring papingsu (sweetened red bean paste and shaved ice) at the same hotel where Mi Joo was with her friends. On her way out, Jae Min sees Mi Joo, at the same time his client opens the door (the client was a girl who just came out of the shower) – both misunderstand each other, thinking that Mi Joo came at the hotel with another guy and Jae Min with another girl. Mi Joo gets angry and rushes out, Jae Min follows and eventually the two explain themselves.

On the way to Mi Joo’s apartment, Jae Min asks her if he can stay the night, but Mi Joo who was still annoyed after what her friends said, she vents her anger on Jae Min asking him what does he think of her, if he just wants to sleep with her, she is 30 years old and she also wants to marry and other stuff. Both of them get angry, in the mist of the fight, Mi Joo tells him that she wants to break up.

The next morning, Jae Min comes at Mi Joo apartments and asks her to marry him.



  1. I watched this drama without any subs because the two main leads caught my interest. I thought it was going to be the usual parents marry first and the step siblings fall in love after. Guess I was wrong, haha. Thanks for the recap! 😀

    1. I thought the same thing, however the plot/synopsis is a little misleading XD

      Thank you for reading and for the comment ^ ^

  2. Thanks for the re-cap. I found this drama here when I was reading another re-cap and was intrigued. It does look promising so here’s to hoping it stays on a good trajectory. Again I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate the time you put in!

    1. Thank you for the comment and for reading my recaps (^o^)/

      Yes, the drama has a promising start, hope it stays this way. ^ ^

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