[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 49 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Honestly, at this point I have no idea what to think of this drama, somehow I liked it but at the same time I feel like I have wasted my time with it.

Don’t expect a detailed recap because most of their conversation are as if all the characters were best friends for ever since the beginning of the drama.

One thing that keeps bugging: wasn’t Mong Hee the main characters? After episodes 25-27 I think, if I remember correctly, Mong Hee was put aside, and the writer decided to focus more on Hyun Soo and his family members’ story.

Also, I still think, they could’ve done so much with Sang Chul…

Hyun Soo’s mother visits Dok Hee in the country side, and tells her that she won’t move into the main house (Soon Sang’s house) and that Dok Hee should move back there. Later, Hyun Soo’s mother goes to visit Soon Sang. He asks her to move with him since that house was her place to begin with, but she refuses saying that even if Hyun Soo is his son, he should also think about Hyun Joon and Hyun Tae.

Hyun Soo is officially made the CEO of the jewelry company – there isn’t much to say about the party; “congratulations” fly from everywhere towards Hyun Soo. Meanwhile Young Ae visits Dok Hee, they drink wine, talk about their sons and so on – those two act like best friends, no one would’ve guessed that for 47-48 episodes, Young Ae and Dok Hee were enemies.

Shim Dok is still acting harsh towards Min Jung, she even blames Min Jung for her divorce of Byung Ho. Min Jung can’t take it anymore, and decides to leave. The girl tells Shim Dok that she will raise alone her soon to be born baby. While Min Jung was packing her stuff, the two grandmothers try to pursue Shim Dok in regards of Min Jung. The paternal grandmother goes to Mong Gyu and tells him to use his last chance and beg for forgiveness from his mother so that Min Jung won’t have to leave.  When Min Jung came down after packing her stuff, the grandmothers take out Shim Dok from the kitchen then Mong Gyu goes on his knees and begs for forgiveness from Shim Dok AND BOOOOM  Shim Dok doesn’t want Min Jung to leave anymore.

Yoona asks Hyun Soo’s mother to move in with them in their apartment.

Warning! You may get a heart attack from reading the following sentence: Shim Dok and the two grandmothers talk about sending Min Jung to University and also pay for her studies. Yes, Shim Dok changed to 180⁰, y’all want to punch her right, or is it just me?  Byung Ho and Shim Dok won’t divorce anymore, now they act all lovey-dovey.

While eating and enjoying their time in the country side, Dok Hee tells Hyun Joon and Sung Eun to move back into the main house, after all it will be better for Aram as well since the girl will have to go to school.

Mong Hee asks Yoona for some money to buy the paternal grandmother another apartment because the grandmother sold her own apartment a while back so that her parents could pay their loan.

Yoona visits Dok Hee and tries to convince her to move back into the main house. At first Dok Hee doesn’t want to but eventually Yoona succeeds and Dok Hee moves back. When Soon Sang comes back home, he and Dok Hee go back to their normal lives, as if the recent incidents didn’t even happen, actually they act a little more lovely now than before.

Hyun Soo’s mother moves in with Hyun Soo and Yoona as for Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun, they move with Young Ae.



  1. God I so regret watching this drama. This one has no redemption what so ever! I just stopped watching it and just read your recaps. Thank you for not putting me through the hell of watching the last few episodes!

    1. You can’t even imagine how I regret going through this drama, more over….recapping it OTL

      Thank you so much for reading, at least I know my effort and time weren’t in vain.

      1. Oh no! Not in Vain never! You have taken the fall for all of us. Kudos for suffering on our behalf.

      2. Thank you for your comment~ ^ ^

    2. lovey dovey · · Reply

      hahah. me too!after epi 40 i just lost interest with this drama and just read the recap..

  2. i just finished the last episode an i am truly so sad, because it was an interesting story line, like i dont understand why monghee was put to the side, like why in the last episode if she was not gonna end up with park H, could they not introduce a love line

    1. I hopped the writer would’ve at least put Mong Hee with Sang Chul, but leaving her like that + the writer didn’t showed much interest towards Mong Hee since Yoona appeared

  3. lovey dovey · · Reply

    based on the ending, i guess yoona shud be the main character instead of mong hee. at least, no one will hurt with the ending.haha. i love both but as u said, at least pair mong hee with someone n do not let her hurt and seems lonely at the end. huhu. btw tq for ur effort to write the recap.:)

    1. At least they shouldn’t have made Mong Hee look at Yoona-Hyun Soo couple from behind at the end…..to be honest it made her look pitiful orz

      Thank you for reading ^^

      1. lovey dovey · ·

        yesss true!

        hihi. looking forward to next drama on next weekendd. ^^

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