[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 47 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

After watching this episode, it hit me; this weekend, “I summon you gold” will end. I’m already feeling empty just thinking about it end since I was used with the drama to air every week.

Anyway, back to the story: in episode 47, Hyun Joon’s accident was like a slap for Dok Hee to finally wake up and realize what’s important and what’s not.

Hyun Joon is rushed to the hospital, and when the whole family arrive Soon Sang finds out that Hyun Joon got into the accident while trying to stop Dok Hee from killing herself together with Hyun Soo.

During a calmer moment, Hyun Soo tells Yoona that Hyun Joon tried to save him. Hyun Soo feels even more guilty knowing that all this time he focused only on his thought of overtopping Soon Sang, and never gave a second thought when he used to call Dok Hee ‘that woman’ in front of Hyun Joon. Yoona also confesses that when Hyun Soo went to Italy and she moved into the main house Hyun Joon was the one who helped her. Also when Yoona was trying to give up sleeping sedatives, Hyun Joon stayed with her. Seeing Hyun Soo devastated, Yoona consoles him.

After a while, Hyun Soo goes to see how Dok Hee is doing. The step mother asks him to pray to God for Hyun Joon thinking that God won’t hear her.

Hyun Soo: Did you hate me that much? To the point where you wanted to kill me?

Following Dok Hee’s apology towards Hyun Soo, he asks her to get some rest but she refuses because she wanted to stay near Hyun Joon.

Yoona and Sung Eun talk about how Dok Hee , now, looks as a normal mother, begging for the life of her son. Mong Hee’s adoptive family also finds out about Hyun Joon’s accident but Mong Hee tells only to Byung Ho the real reason behind Hyun Joon’s accident.

Shim Dok is still acting harsh towards Min Jung. During breakfast, because Min Jung was missing from the table, the paternal mother tells Shim Dok to bring the girl to the table. After Mong Gyu succeeded to make Min Jung go and eat, Shim Dok tells Byung Ho to have a talk after they eat. Shim Dok asks Byung Ho to make the paternal mother move out – mostly because the parental mother is on Min Jung’s side, but Byung Ho refuses saying that his mother doesn’t have a place to live after she sold her apartment to they could pay their loan. Annoyed Shim Dok takes out divorce papers and throws them to Byung Ho. The maternal grandmother decides to leave with Shim Dok, but the whole serious situation turns into a funny one, since the two had nowhere to go and were wearing their home clothes.

Young Ae brings food for Dok Hee. Hyun Tae’s mother tells Dok Hee that after she found out about Hyun Joon’s accident, she realized that he is also her son and prays for him to get better. Dok Hee asks Young Ae that if she were to beg for forgiveness to Hyun Soo’s mother, Hyun Joon may wake up.

Shim Dok and the maternal grandmother go to a luxurious hotel and enjoy their time there.

Young Ae goes to take Hyun Soo’s mother to the hospital so that Dok Hee could apologize for what she did in the past. While in the car, Hyun Soo’s mother tells Young Ae that she would like to see Hyun Tae as well, since she haven’t seen him for so many years.

At the hospital, both Young Ae and Dok Hee drop on their knees to apologize to Hyun Soo’s mother. Hyun Soo’s mother says that she doesn’t care about the past anymore, but she also wants Hyun Joon to wake up; although Dok Hee wanted to kill Hyun Soo, Hyun Joon was the one who saved the life of her son.

While enjoying the luxurious hotel, the maternal grandmother tries to make Shim Dok change her mind in regards of Min Jung.

Soon Sang tells Hyun Soo to come back at the company and also when he comes back, they will use Mong Hee’s design, thinking that Hyun Joon will be happy when he will wake up.

Mong Hee confesses to her twin sister that she feels like Shim Dok is drifting apart from her. Yoona decides to go and talk with Shim Dok about it.

Mong Hyun sees Dok Hee packing her stuff and rushes to Hyun Tae to make the step mother change her mind. When he enters the room, Dok Hee gives him all of her jewelry as an apology for all the things she did to Mong Hyun. Eventually Dok Hee burst out crying, and Hyun Tae consoles her.

Back at the hospital Hyun Tae sees Hyun Joon waking up. Unfortunately Hyun Joon loses his conscious a few seconds after he wakes up.

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