[Kdrama] ‘The Wang Family’ episode 1-2 ~ character introduction/opinion ~

This post is me writing about another Korean family drama with 50 episodes.

I can’t really say a lot about “The King’s Family” (also known as “Royal Family” or “The Wang Family”) but as I saw on other sites, some people may be confused about the actual story behind this show. Rest assured everyone, it’s not a story about 3 daughters but in fact it’s about 4 daughters and a son…..actually I’ve saw 2 episodes and one of the daughters doesn’t really speak, heck she had no lines until now, she’s more of a rebel I suppose.

Wang Bong and Lee Ang Geum are the father respectively the mother of the 4 daughters and a son of “The King’s Family”.

Wang Soo Bak is the oldest daughter of the family. She married Ko Min Joong, a wealthy man liked by her mother because he always give the mother in law expensive gifts, but eventually Ko Min Joong’s business goes bankrupt and looses everything.

Wang Ho Bak is the second daughter who married Heo Se Dal at a young age after she got pregnant with him. Because she married before her older sister, the mother treated her like garbage (yep), after all what will the people think when they will find out about the younger sister marring before the older one….ah man…. Ho Bak has to suffer not only because of her mother, but because of her husband who does nothing but plays games the whole day.

Wang Gwang Bak – the third daughter, she gets in trouble after the mother finds out about Gwang Bak quitting her teaching job to pursue a long time dream of becoming a writer.

The forth daughter is Wang Hae Bak I have no idea what to writer about her, she has no lines so far.

Wang Dae Bak is the youngest member of the family, and the only boy among all those sisters. After meeting Choi Sang Nam, Dae Bak wants to quit school. When his sister, Gwang Bak finds out about his intention to quit school, thinking that it’s Choi Sang Nam’s fault, she goes straight to Sang Nam to drag him to the police station.

Choi Sang Nam has a rather nonchalant attitude, and before going to the police station, he takes Gwang Bak to eat, since he eats at the same hour every day. When they arrive at the police station, before entering Sang Nam starts telling Gwang Bak about how Dae Bak is at a frail age and he should be treated with more calm and understanding. He also tells the sister that Dae Bak’s main problem is that he has no dream to pursue. Hearing all that, Gwang Bak changes her mind and doesn’t want to report Sang Nam anymore – that was actually his plan from the beginning, to make the sister change her mind about reporting him. To be honest, there was no need to report him, but hey Sang Nam and Gwang Bak had to meet somehow + bet they’ll fall in love with each other, pretty soon.

Wang Don is Wang Bong (the father of all those children)’s younger brother and good friend with Heo Se Dal (the second daughter’s husband), the two just play games the whole day and pretty much laze around.

I was somehow skeptical about starting to watch this drama, considering that there aren’t any of the actors or actresses I like but even so, the drama started to grow on me. Don’t know for how long I will watch it since 2 of the dramas that I’m looking forward to, “Will You Love and Give It Away?” and “Passionate Love” will start soon but as of now, “The King’s Family” is a good watch if you want to laugh, it’s a good hideout from all the heavy-plot currently airing dramas.

The writer, Moon Young Nam, of “The King’s Family” also wrote “Live in Style” and “Three brothers”, as for the producer, Moon Bo Hyun, he produced “Smile, Dong Hae” and hit family drama “My Daughter Seo Young”.

Maybe I will start to recap this drama, but not to sure.

Some teasers:



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