[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 46 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is probably the best so far for the fans of Yoona-Hyun Soo fans and for the haters of Dok Hee. It’s like “yeah finally Dok Hee is getting what she deserves” – don’t judge me, I bet you all wanted to pull Dok Hee’s hair, but thanks to Young Ae we all got our wish.

While the family was in the middle of the meeting, another package from Hwang Jong Pal arrives. It was the original recording made by Hwang Jong Pal when Dok Hee and Young Ae went to search for him and made the plan to make Hyun Soo’s mother look like a cheater.

Yoona could play only a few seconds of the recording because Dok Hee took it right away and broke the recorder, but at the same time Hyun Soo appears with the same recording and played it until the end – eventually everyone found out that Youn Ae and Dok Hee framed Hyun Soo’s mother to look like she cheated on Soon Sang with Hwang Jong Pal.

Although the truth was finally out, Dok Hee continues to keep her head straight up but given the situation and what he just found out, Soon Sang faints and is rushed to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Dok Hee tells Sung Eun and Hyun Joon to remain calm because Soon Sang already made a will in which Hyun Joon is the direct heir of the jewelry company, and pretty much wishing Soon Sang to die. Annoyed after hearing his mother’s comment, Hyun Joon shouts at Dok Hee to stop with her atittude.

Hyun Soo goes to his mother to tell her the good news, that her name was finally cleared. When Yoona returns home from the hospital and sees Dok Hee eating in the kitchen. Yoona asks how she can eat in this kind of situation, with Soon Sang in the hospital. To irritate Dok Hee, Yoona also tells her that when Soon Sang opened his eyes, the first person he asked for and wanted to see was Hyun Soo’s mother.

Hyun Soo’s mother visits Soon Sang at the hospital. Soon Sang tells the mother that although he wants to apologize he knows he has no right to ask for forgiveness. The mother asks Soon Sang why he didn’t believe her when the whole cheating incident happened, but gave 100% trust in what Hwang Jong Pal said. Soon Snag says that maybe because he already had 2 mistresses and a child (Hyun Joon) with one of them, he thought that she cheated on him for revenge.

Dok Hee who clearly has an inferiority complex goes to Mong Hyun and starts asking if she is now pleased/happy with her situation and that she may be kicked out of the house.

When Hyun Joon arrives home he asks his mother to go with him and see an apartment but Dok Hee refuses to leave. Sung Eun hears about moving to an apartment and comes into the living room to support Dok Hee leaving Hyun Joon dumbfounded.

Hyun Joon: This wasn’t your place to begin with.

Byung Ho tells Shim Dok that as the head of the house he decided to bring Mong Gyu and Min Jung to move in their house, and of course Shim Dok makes a fuss about it.

Hyun Soo brings his mother to visit the main house. Entering again in the house after so many years the mother feels nostalgic. However she faces Dok Hee who still hasn’t moved out and continues to act like she is the woman of the house. Soon Sang comes of out his room and tells Dok Hee to leave the house already but Dok Hee starts threatening Soon Sang telling him that the company won’t work without Hyun Joon, because if she has to leave she will also take her son away. To the surprise of Dok Hee, Hyun Joon asks Soon Sang for a little more time until they find a place to live in. Hyun Joon drops on his knees and apologizes to Hyun Soo’s mother for what Dok Hee did to her in the past.

Hyun Soo’s mother: You’ve become a proper man. Get along with Hyun Soo from now on, that’s al that matters.

Hyun Joon: Don’t worry, I’ll give you my word.

Min Jung and Mong Gyu move into Mong Gyu’s parents’ house, however the Shim Dok and the maternal mother act cold towards Min Jung.

Encouraged by Mong Hee, Yoona goes to Hyun Soo mother’s shop. But when she arrives at the shop, she can’t introduce herself as Hyun Soo’s wife thinking that the mother will have a bad impression of her, after all she is an expert at making people think bad about her. On her way back home, Yoona meets Hyun Soo and he tells her that since she was there she should meet his mother. Trying to make a good impression, Yoona is rather clumsy in front of Hyun Soo’s mother.

Hyun Soo tells his father that it will be better to give the jewelry company to Hyun Joon since he already established a new company and wants to make it grow.

Hyun Soo: What I truly wanted was your warmth (…) Ever since I was little, you treated me differently from Hyun Joon and Hyun Tae no matter what I did. I wanted you to love me as your son and be a kid around you.

Soon Sang: You were my wound.

After apologizing to Hyun Soo, Soon Sang tells him that it will be better if he takes over the company since Hyun Joon said that he will work hard for the company no matter who is the owner of the company. Hyun Soo says that he will make a decision after discussing it with Hyun Joon.

Hyun Soo tells Hyun Joon to take over the company but Hyun Joon refuses saying that he will work hard for it and that now for him it doesn’t matter who takes over the company, all he wants is to have at least one peaceful day. Dok Hee hears their conversation, of course she doesn’t agree with her son giving up the company. After Hyun Soo leaves, Dok Hee tells Hyun Joon that she is even able to die for him.

Because Hyun Joon and Hyun Soo settled to tell what they decided to their father, the next day, Dok Hee waits for Hyun Soo at the company when he came to pick up Hyun Joon. She lies to Hyun Soo that Hyun Joon is busy and will go Soon Sang later. Hyun Soo goes first to Soon Sang but Dok Hee tells him to take her as well saying that she had something to discuss with Hyun Soo and it will be better to talk on their way towards Soon Sang.

In the office, Hyun Joon realizes what his mother wanted to say a night before and goes after Hyun Soo’s car.  In the car, Dok Hee pulls Hyun Soo’s wheel trying to make an accident, Hyun Joon catches from behind and tries to stop it. In the middles of all that mess, Hyun Joon’s car falls over the road.


  1. thank you so much for your great recap!

    1. Thank you for reading ^ ^

  2. I had written a comment on episode 50’s recap about what happened between MonHee and Hyun Soo. After reading these recaps, I think this drama just got too bizarre to even try to understand. As for the dad Sang Soon, what an asshole. Like he had not one but two mistresses yet when the wife supposedly cheated, he acted like she killed his parents- like really??!!! Maybe it’s a cultural difference, but too ridiculous. Thanks for writing these recaps! Glad I didn’t waste time with this.

    1. Hi there! Actually around episode 25, the writer and the production team changed so the story kind of changed as well. The story was going more into the side of Hyun Soo falling for her but I suppose they wanted to keep him married with Yoona.

      The mistress theme is always present in family dramas, so I also suppose it is a cultural thing or just a way to make the father be more annoying and anger the viewers, they need to have one of these factors to bring more angry viewers to follow the story and see what happens next.

      Thank you for reading and for the comments~ ^^

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