[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 45 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Yes, things are finally falling in the right way and soon Dok Hee will get what she deserves aka nothing.

Leaving aside the shock of meeting for the first time after more than 20 years Soon Sang and Hyun Soo’s mother go to a quieter place to talk. The father asks her to stop meeting Hyun Soo because his resentment for Soon Sang is already too high and if she continues to meet Hyun Soo the hate will grow even more.

The mother says that she doesn’t care what happens from now on, but it’s outraged by how Soon Sang and Dok Hee told a boy (Hyun Soo) that his mother was a cheater. At home Soon Sang asks Dok Hee if she indeed didn’t frame Hyun Soo’s mother to look like a cheater; Dok Hee puts an act in front of Soon Sang as if she is actually innocent and everyone just likes to put the blame on her. Soon Sang gives her one last chance to confess if she did had to do with it, but Dok Hee continues with her act.

When Dok Hee comes of the room, Yooan tells her that the man names Hwang Jong Pal send a Chuseok (the most important holiday in Korea) gift. Frightened to look into the box, Dok Hee refuses to open it but without notice Yoona opens it – in the box were only high quality mushrooms and a thank you card.

Being the last time working at Mong Hyun uncle’s chicken restaurant since Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae will move again into Soon Sang’s house, both Hyun Tae and the uncle have a hard time parting ways.

Yoona asks Soon Sang if he knows a man named Hwang Jong Pal because he sent a Chuseok gift; although Soon Sang knows the man, he tells Yoona says that he doesn’t know that man. Soon Sang goes straight to Dok Hee to ask her again if she doesn’t have anything to do with Hyun Soo’s mother incident from the past. However Dok Hee tells him that the one who send the gift is another Hwang Jong Pal.

Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae move back into the main house where Soon Sang seems to enjoy having a lively house now that his grandson is also in the house (Hyun Tae’s son). Compared to Soon Sang, Dok Hee seems rather annoyed with so many people in the house, saying that is too noisy. Soon Sang gets even happier hearing Hyun Tae desire to work at the jewelry company, now that he has a child to rise, and again Dok Hee doesn’t look pleased.

Dok Hee meets up with Hwang Jong Pal and tells him that if he puts all the blame on Young Ae, she will give him even more money. At the same time, at Young Ae’s house, Hyun Tae tries to convince his mother to tell the truth now rather than later.

Hyun Soo spends some time with his mother eating, watching photo albums from the past. At some point Hyun Soo tells his mother about his wife Yoona, and about the time when they were separated and he shared feeling with his wife’s twin sister.

Hwang Jong Pal calls Young Ae to ask to meet up.

Hyun Soo finally found a bank that wants to work with them and goes to Mong Hee to tell her the good news. The two start referring to each other as brother in law and sister in law. A few minutes later Yoona appears at their office with lunch. The 3 eat together and Yoona is surprised to hear Mong Hee referring to Hyun Soo as brother in law.

After lunch, Yoona tells Hyun Soo about the things happening at the main house like Hwang Jong Pal sending gifts to Dok Hee, she also tells Hyun Soo that when she asked Soon Sang if he know who Hwang Jong Pal is, Soon Sang acted like he didn’t knew. On their way back, Yoona enters a kids clothing shop to buy a dress for Aram, making Hyun Soo surprised seeing Yoona acting nice towards others.

Hyun Joon tries to tell his father to bring Hyun Soo back but Soon Sang still doesn’t want to. After talking about the possibility of his mother being behind Hyun Soo’s mother cheating incident, Hwang Jong Pal comes to the office to speak with Soon Sang. Hearing that Hwang Jong Pal came to see Soon Sang, Hyun Joon goes to his mother to tell her, but Dok Hee seems strangely unaffected after hearing that Hwang Jong Pal went to visit Soon Sang.

Shim Dok is still acting like she is the one who suffers the most in this world and asks Min Jung to meet. When they meet, Shim Dok tells Min Jung to take care of herself during the pregnancy because when the baby will be born she will take him away. Min Jung tries to beg Shim Dok not to separate her from her baby but with no results.

Min Jung: Is Mong Gyu that much better than me?

Mong Gyu comes furiously into the house to ask his mother why she told Min Jung that she will take the baby away. Shim Dok acts like she did nothing wrong but everyone around her is at fault for the miserable life she is leading…..this woman lost her mind, even Dok Hee looks like a little sheep compared to Shim Dok.

Hwang Jong Pal and Young Ae meet up. He leads the conversation as if only Young Ae was behind Hyun Soo’s mother cheating incident. When Hwang Jong Pal leaves, Soon Sang appears from behind.

Soon Sang calls in for a emergency family meeting. At the main house Young Ae tries to tell everyone that she wasn’t the only one at fault and that Dok Hee told her to find a man they could trust. Even so Dok Hee acts innocent. Angered, on the spurt of the moment Young Ae jumps from the sofa and starts pulling Dok Hee’s hair – oh boy that was so nice to see, it was like what every viewer wanted to do to Dok Hee since the beginning of the drama.

While the family was in the middle of the meeting, another package from Hwang Jong Pal arrives. It was the original recording made by Hwang Jong Pal when Dok Hee and Young Ae went to search for him and made the plan to make Hyun Soo’s mother look like a cheater.

Yoona could play only a few seconds of the recording because Dok Hee took it right away and broke the recorder, but at the same time Hyun Soo appears with the same recording and played it until the end – eventually everyone found out that Youn Ae and Dok Hee framed Hyun Soo’s mother to look like she cheated on Soon Sang with Hwang Jong Pal.


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