[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 44 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I don’t get it!!

As I said it when “Five Fingers” was airing, the rich father is always the problem, or the one who makes the problems in Korean dramas. Soon Sang feels so wronged whenever the discussion about Hyun Soo’s mother comes up,  thinking that she cheated during their marriage, although she didn’t, BUT!!!! While he was married with Hyun Soo’s mother, Dok Hee and Young Ae already were his mistress’. Are you kidding me? This old **** acts like his ex-wife destroyed his life when she cheated (I repeat even though she didn’t) and the poor woman was kicked out of the house while her son, Hyun Soo went through Hell during his childhood just because he was the son of that ‘cheating’ woman.

By the way, wasn’t Mong Hee supposed to be the main character? Somehow along the way, she become just a filling character.

The recap:

After Hyun Soo’s mother figured out that the customer who lately bought her expensive gifts is actually her son, the two have a heartbreaking moment. So he won’t worry his mother, Hyun Soo doesn’t tell anything about how Dok Hee treated him during his childhood or that Soon Sang always vented his anger on him. Hyun Soo promises his mother that he will do everything he can so that her name can be cleared of any misunderstandings.

Because is Jong Hoon’s 100th days since birth, the family talk about how to celebrate it, they also discus Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun’s move back to Soon Sang’s house.

Hyun Soo finds out from Hyun Joon that the ones responsible for the banks refusal to give money for his new company are Dok Hee and Sung Eun. Angered by what he just found out, Hyun Soo goes raging to the main house.  Nonchalantly Dok Hee says:

Dok Hee: There are no rules in business, so how can it be a foul play?

Irritated by her attitude, Hyun Soo hits the flower pots Dok Hee was working on but Soon Sang hears the noise and comes out of his room. Soon Sang tells his son to kneel down to Dok Hee and apologize but Hyun Soo refuses. Yoona runs after Hyun Soo and makes her financial support offer again but he rejects her offer saying that there must be a bank that will support his and his employees’ ideas.

Hyun Joon clearly treats Aram as his own daughter, but Sung Eun still lets herself threatened by Dok Hee. Hyun Joon tells Sung Eun to stop interfering into Hyun Soo’s work, however she says that all the stuff she is doing are because now, as a mother, understands Dok Hee. On the other hand, Hyun Soo says that Aram won’t be grateful to Sung Eun when she will grow up, as how he isn’t grateful to Dok Hee for all the (bad) things she did while using the excuse that everything is for him.

Hyun Soo visits his mother again. She asks him how he found out about her cheating incident.. Once again, so that his mother won’t worry, he doesn’t say that Dok Hee was the one who told him about her cheating at the fragile age; however Hyun Soo tells her that it was actually the grandmother who told him before she died, and that the cheating wasn’t true.

Given his recent health state, Soon Sang goes to the hospital for a checkup. At home, while he was trying to rest, Hwang Jong Pal keeps making calls to Dok Hee. So that Soon Sang won’t find anything, Dok Hee doesn’t want to answer the phone. Eventually she goes outside and takes Jong Pal’s call. The two meet up, and when Jong Pal asks for more money so that he won’t reveal the truth, Dok Hee refuses saying that she would rather find someone to kill him for that money.

Yoona tells Dok Hee that a package arrived for her. When Dok Hee hears that the sender is Hwang Jong Pal, she seems anxious.  It seems that Hwang Jong Pal recorded Dok Hee and Young Ae when the two mistresses told him to go to Soon Sang and lie that he and Hyun Soo’s mother had an affair while Soon Sang wasn’t home.

Oh goodie, the writer is turning Shim Dok into an alcoholic. Are you serious? Your son is marring a commoner not a monster. Maybe before turning him into a prince when you couldn’t even afford it, you should’ve taught him about preservatives.

Young Ae finds out from Soon Sang that he plans to leave the jewelry company to Hyun Joon. Worried, Young Ae goes to Dok Hee. Dok Hee tells Young Ae that when Hyun Joon will take over the company, they will also give Hyun Tae the second position in the company but with the condition that Young Ae has to take all the blame if Soon Sang is to find about what they did in the past. When Yoona appears, the two stop talking, making Yoona suspicious of them.

Later she meets Hyun Soo and tells him about the package Dok Hee received from a man named Hwang Jong Pal. They come to the conclusion that in the package Hwang Jong Pal must have sent evidence that will make Dok Hee give him more money.

After thinking if it’s okay to take all the blame from the past on her shoulders, Young Ae goes to visit Hyun Soo’s mother.  Hyun Soo’s mother finds out from Young Ae that Dok Hee treated Hyun Soo harsh during his childhood. Annoyed to find that, Hyun Soo’s mother calls Dok hee and asks to meet up. When they meet, the mother asks clarifications from Dok Hee. After their conversation ended, the two women are seen by Soon Sang who was strolling the streets to take a break.

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