[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 43 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

‘I summon you Gold’ is getting so weird and so kdrama makjang that it hurts my eyes and brain. We are slowly heading towards the end of this 50 episodes drama but the writer decides to turn everything into a big crap.

We are getting to see a little glimpse of Sang Chul together with Mong Hee; to be honest they could’ve done so much more with this character, he could’ve been a key character but nope the writer gives him some disease…. Fine!

But there were some parts that I liked from this episode, like for example the moments between Hyun Soo and his mother, also the ones between Yoona and Hyun Soo.

The recap:

Yoona can’t accept the fact that Sung Eun’s project got chosen. Yoona tells Dok Hee that she shouldn’t celebrate because Mong Hee’s project could’ve bring profit to the company and Sung Eun’s project isn’t as good as Mong Hee’s. She also tells Dok Hee that Soon Sang choose Sung Eun over Mong Hee because of the recent conflict between him and Hyun Soo.

Sung Eun goes to Mong Hee to rub the winning of the contest in her face, after all, now, Sung Eun’s designs will be sold in the whole country, whereas Mong Hee’s designs will rot away.

Hyun Soo tells Hyun Joon about his plan of building a new jewelry business to go against his father, then Hyun Soo asks Hyun Joon if he can be on his side. But Hyun Joon refuses, saying that he has the mind of a business man, since that is the way Soon Sang raised him.

After finding his mother, Hyun Soo goes by her steamed bun shop often to buy large portions of steamed buns and mandu. Later he goes to meet up with Mong Hee and asks her if she wants to work with him on his new jewelry company. Hyun Soo then confesses to Mong Hee that the reason why he went to Italy was to learn more about jewelry and find talented designers and craftsman.

Mong Hee visits Sang Chul; after talking a little about their past, Sang Chul leaves his (verbal) will with her;

Sang Chul: I want to become a tree when I die.

Mong Hee: Are you asking for a natural burial?

Shim Dok returns home, and while Hyun Tae was talking with the grandmothers, Shim Dok finds out from their conversation that Min Jung is pregnant with Mong Gyu. At the jewelry company, Hyun Joon tries to convince Soon Sang to forgive Hyun Soo, but given his stubborn personality, Soon Sang doesn’t even want to hear about it.

Hyun Soo continues to visit his mother’s shop to give her all kind of gifts and buying large portions of mandu from her. At first she doesn’t want to take the expensive gifts from her customer, since she still doesn’t know that Hyun Soo is her son, but eventually he leaves the gifts to her.

Apart from Shim Dok, considering Min Jung’s pregnancy the whole family accepts the marriage between her and Mong Gyu. Shim Dok throws a fuss because she still doesn’t want her little price to marry a commoner….. oh God! Seeing that his mother won’t accept the marriage, Mong Gyu decides to leave home and move in with Min Jung to take care of her and their soon to be born baby.

Before leaving home, Mong Gyu and Mong Hyun have a heart to heart talk where Mong Gyu tells his sister that growing in age makes him understand their father. The father hears their conversation, and when Mong Gyu leaves, he gives his son all the money he got from being a substitute driver so that Mong Gyu can have a good start in life with Min Jung.

Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo that from her point of view he and Yoona love each other and they should give their marriage another chance. Afterwards Hyun Soo meets up with Yoona to talk about their divorce. Yoona offers to support financially his new jewelry company, but he refuses telling her that she should stop involving money in their relationship.

Yoona:You want me out of your life that much?

Hyun Soo: I’m not fully healed yet (…) but when I see you, I still get unknowingly anxious, I don’t know why.

After shouting at each other in the middles of a restaurant in broad daylight, the two start having a rather elementary school kind of conversation, something like “you are getting mad when I’m trying to be nice to you”.

Yoona goes to Mong Hee’s apartment. Mong Hee tells her sister that when she was abroad, Hyun Soo was concerned over her and the way he worried about Yoona made Mong Hee jealous.

Dok Hee visits Hyun Soo mother’s shop. To make her move her shop, Dok Hee offers some money, saying that it will better if she moves because Hyun Soo is starting to search for her and if Soon Sang will find out, Hyun Soo will be disowned. The mother refuses the money, telling Dok Hee that even if she needs to move, she won’t need her money. While Dok Hee was going towards her car, Hyun Soo, who was coming to visit his mother, sees the witch.

The whole family goes to the grandfather’s memorials. After the ceremony, Dok Hee and Hyun Soo have a rather tough conversation after hearing that Hyun Soo is still refusing to refer to her as ‘mother’ and not ‘Madam Jung Dok Hee’. Hearing all that fuss, Soon Sang gets out of the car and tells Hyun Soo to apologize to Dok Hee, but Hyun Soo bitterly refuses. Seeing Hyun Soo’s attitude, Soon Sang slaps him.

At home, Dok Hee tells Sung Eun to find details about the bank that wants to work with Hyun Soo. Later Hyun Soon finds out from Mong Hee that the bank they were supposed to work with, doesn’t want to fund their company anymore.

Hyun Soo goes to visit his mother’s shop again. While eating, the mother gets curious about his name and birthday; when he was leaving, the mother runs after him and asks him if he is indeed Hyun Soo.


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