[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 42 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I really want to understand where the writer wants to go with the story but as of now, I have no idea. The characters are going nuts and I’m going nuts with them as well.

Yoona is still my favorite character but I also started to like Hyun Joon and Mong Gyu; these two characters definitely matured a lot, but that wasn’t thanks to their families, especially their mothers. Mong Gyu is starting to act like a man and stopped being a brat thanks to Min Jung, as for Hyun Joon, he didn’t go crazy because of his mother and her way of dealing with different things – let’s pray he won’t go crazy by the end of the drama because with that kind of mother, everyone will go…

Also, what’s happening with Sung Eun? I understand she wants to protect Aram, but by stealing Mong Hee’s project, she won’t protect her daughter. I mean she used to be a pretty strong woman, on top of that she got a husband that wants to protect her and Aram, and went over the fact that Aram isn’t his child, but Sung Eun still lets herself be threatened by Dok Hee.

The recap:

After receiving a message on his phone with the location of his mother, Hyun Soo goes to find her. Annoyed seeing his mother having to suffer, Hyun Soo goes directly to the main house to tell Dok Hee that he knows what she did to his mother in the past, and that his mother never cheated on Soon Sang but in fact Dok Hee and Hwang Jong Pal planned it to make Hyun Soo’s mother look like she actually cheated.

Scared that truth may be revealed, Dok Hee meets Hwang Jong Pal to give him some money so that he will keep his mouth shut. But before leaving the restaurant where she meet up with Jong Pal, Dok Hee meets a wife of another rich man. The other madam asks Dok Hee if the rumors about Sung Eun having a daughter with another man are true….it seems that the high class society aka the rich and always ready to gossip about another rich found out about Sung Eun having a child before marrying Hyun Joon, thing that annoys Dok Hee even more since people may look down on Hyun Joon. When Dok Hee arrives home, she acts cold towards Aram and Sung Eun.

Shim Dok reached puberty and runs away from home after finding out that her beloved Mong Gyu wants to marry a commoner, more over an orphan…..why is she even acting like this seriously, was she expecting Mong Gyu to marry some princess, when their family is also a middle class family.

To put pressure on Dok Hee, Jong Pal – after all he wants more money – he keeps making prank calls to Dok Hee. The next day, Dok Hee takes Sung Eun for a ride, and tells Sung Eun that if she wants Aram to lead a happy life, she should steal Mong Hee’s project.

Some more parts of Shim Dok while she runs away from home, acting like her life is the most miserable in the whole world, after all Mong Gyu wants to marry that commoner ….Min Jung.

After Mong Hee finished her project, Sung Eun tells the whole design team that it will be nice to celebrate so she invites them to dinner. Sung Eun tells them to leave first because she had to return to the office with the pretext that she forgot her wallet. In fact she returns to steal Mong Hee’s project.

Mong Hee knows that Sung Eun may be the one who stole her project. She tells about her intuition to Yoona and Hyun Soo.

Because Hyun Joon saw Sung Eun steal the project, at home, he tries to pursuit Sung Eun to return the project. He also tries to buy more time for Mong Hee and Hyun Soo to make another project.

Soon Sang finds out about Sung Eun stealing the project and knows that Dok Hee is the one who made her steal it. But when he asks Sung Eun if Dok Hee threatened her, Sung Eun tries to cover up for Dok Hee saying that it’s a misunderstanding.

Hyun Soo and Yoona talk about their divorce. He asks her what she plans to do when their divorce will be finished – Yoona tells about her plans of staying with Mong Hee until her sister will marry then she will go back to America.

After Sung Eun and Mong Hee make their presentations, because Soon Sang was thinking of choosing Mong Hee’s project, Dok Hee thinks that the only way of making Soon Sang giving up on that project therefore making Hyun Soo loose, she decides to tell Soon Sang that Hyun Soo found his mother. Soon Sang gets angry, but Hyun Soo tries to tell his father that his real mother was made to look like she cheated, but because he doesn’t have evidence, Soon Sang gets angrier. Seeing that his father doesn’t believe him, Hyun Soo tells Soon Sang that by law he is the only one who has a right in the jewelry company and that he will take Soon Sang down from the top.

In the end Soon Sang chooses Sung Eun’s project.

Later Hyun Soo goes to see his mother, and although she doesn’t recognize him, Hyun Soo cries while eating the steamed buns he bought from his mother’s shop.


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