[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 41 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Hyun Soo returns to Korea from his (study) journey to Italy and goes straight to the jewelry company. There he pays a visit to everyone, rather than visiting them, he is more like “hi…..bye” Shim Dok, Sung Eun and Mong Hee, Hyun Joon and Soon Sang. When he goes into Soon Sang’s office to announce his return, Soon Sang doesn’t show any interest.

While the two grandmothers were bathing Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae’s son, Hyun Tae watches fascinated. The new parents want to name their first born as Jung Hoon but the two grannies keep on calling the baby Swan Moo.

Hyun Soo goes to the main house. When he enters the gate, he is greeted by Aram – because he didn’t meet Aram until now, he thought his father and the other family members moved somewhere else and another family moved into their house. But luckily Yoona appears.(after spending so much time with Yoona, Aram seems to have taken a lot from her personality).  Hyun Soo is dumbfounded seeing Yoona’s change into a housewife from the fierce woman she used to be. In the house, whenever Aram goes to Dok Hee, the witch gives the cold shoulder to the girl.

Hyun Soo and Dok Hee go to the garden. While discussing, Hyun Soo tells Dok Hee that during his trip to Italy, he meet a man named Hwang Jong Pal. Dok Hee tries to act like she doesn’t know anyone with that name, but Hyun Soo tells her that he gave her phone number to that man and that she must’ve had already received a call. Trying to remain calm, Dok Hee tells Hyun Soo that it’s time for him to leave since she is busy; of course Hyun Soo doesn’t believe that his step mother doesn’t know Hwang Jong Pal.

After the conversation with Dok Hee, Hyun Soo goes into the kitchen to speak with Yoona. Seeing her change as a housewife, Hyun Soo asks her if she waited for his return.

Yoona: If you ask for a divorce now, I have no strength to fight it.

Later, Hyun Soo goes back to the jewelry company to wait for Mong Hee. When she gets off work, the two of them go together to a bar/coffee shop to talk. Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee that he may be able to find his real mother. He is also happy to hear from Mong Hee that Hyun Joon kept his promise and helped her continue her new product plan.

Dok Hee tells Hyun Joon that Hyun Soo met Hwang Jong Pal and that soon he may also find his real mother. The next day, Hyun Joon goes to Hyun Tae’s work place. There the two brothers who seem to have a more friendly bond than before, brag about their kids – Hyun Tae brags about his new born and Hyun Joon brags about Aram. A few minutes later, Hyun Joon decides to tell Hyun Tae the truth about Dok Hee and Young Ae’s involvement in the incident when Hyun Soo’s real mother was kicked out of the house.

When Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae go to visit Young Ae with their son, Hyun Tae asks Young Ae if it’s true what Hyun Joon told him. Young Ae confirms her involvement into that incident, angered by his mother’s actions from the past, Hyun Tae shouts at her saying that her past actions may even affect Jung Hoon (his new born son)’s life when Soon Sang will find out the truth.

Yoona and Shim Dok coincidently meet at Mong Hee’s apartment when both of them went to leave Mong Hee some food. After talking for a while, Yoona asks Shim Dok to tell her about her birth mother. A while later, Yoona asks Shim Dok if she can also call her ‘mother’.

In the mists of the conversation, Yoona confesses to Shim Dok her thoughts of divorcing Hyun Soo. Another day, Yoona comes to visit Mong Hee. While she was looking at Mong Hee’s childhood photos, she tells Mong Hee that she thought about divorcing Hyun Soo.

During dinner, because Aram wasn’t at the table, Soon Sang asks where she is. He then finds out that Dok Hee doesn’t want to eat together at the same table with Aram. Annoyed, Soon Sang tells Sung Eun to bring Aram so that the girl could eat. The girl seems to be affected because of the way Dok Hee acts towards her, but when Sung Eun take Aram to visit Sung Eun, so she won’t worry her father, Aram tells him that she is happy at the main house.

Mong Gyu informs his family about his decision to marry Min Jung, although the family tries to help him, Shim Dok still doesn’t want her son to marry with a uneducated-orphan, therefore she meets Min Jung to tell her to leave Mong Gyu. Unfortunately for Shim Dok, her plan of scarring Min Jung doesn’t work because Mong Gyu appears.

Mong Gyu: You raised me like I was rich when we couldn’t even afford it so how can I go out into society and fit in? I couldn’t even function like a decent person until I met Min Jung.

Yoona decides to give Hyun Soo the divorce thinking that it will be hard for them to stay together since she is Mong Hee’s twin sister, the woman he loved. She also apologizes to Hyun Soo, for not staying alongside him when he needed support.

Yoona: Mong Hee is my sister that I love, and you are the man I love.

Hwang Jong Pal threatens Dok Hee to reveal the truth to Soon Sang and asks her to give an amount of money to shut his mouth, but Dok Hee doesn’t give in thinking that even if she will give him money now, he will come back and ask for more.

My thoughts on this episode:

Is it just me or is the staff rushing everything now on the last 10 episodes. To be honest, rather than ‘giving’ Sang Chul some disease just so that they can make Aram go to the main house, they should’ve used him more. It would’ve been better if Sang Chul was used to make Hyun Soo jealous,I mean it was a good start when he worked at the jewelry company but now they decided to make him sick…? At this point I have no idea where the writer is trying to go with the story. After the staff was changed, during eps 25-26, I think that after ep 28 the story was starting to evolve into something better but now it’s a mess…a big mess!



  1. I’m quite disappointed the fact that they didn’t show Aram gets to know that Sang Eun IS her mother , the moment Aram moves into the mansion and Dok Hee’s reaction. That would be a moment. But pitiful those were never shown

    1. I also would’ve liked to see more moments between Aram and her mother but unfortunately the writer rushed everything at the end.

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