[Kdrama] 3 weeks into ‘Good Doctor’; ‘Two Weeks’ & ‘Master’s sun’ ~ opinion ~

This month a rather strong variety of dramas has started. Before the airing of these 3 dramas, the first that caught my eyes was ‘Master’s sun’ – I must say, I’m not a big fan of Hong sisters drama, most of their dramas (all) have a somehow cheesy and mushy kind of stories. Despise all the fantasy-like stuff that the Hongs normally like to write about, the dialogues definitely are well build, giving goose bumps to the viewer.

The only thing that I don’t like about the script, is the Hongs try hard in regards of the comical scenes, like for example they build Tae Yi Ryung’s character/dialogues based on a skit from a popular show, and honestly I didn’t thought of it as being funny but more like the writers were afraid not to fail when it comes to the comical acts, so they used that popular skit. Moreover, I can’t say ‘Master’s Sun’ is an original work, since it’s just the Korean version of ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

As for the acting, I don’t have much to say, since So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin have great acting skills as for Seo In Guk he already showed his talent, moreover with his diversity when it comes to taking roles, that surely gives extra points. But I can’t say the same for L (from the idol group Infinite) and Han Bo Reum ( also plays Mina in I summon you gold) who play teen version of Joong Won (So Ji Sub’s character) respectively Cha Hee Joo, Joong Won’s first love, the two fail to give any emotion …. pretty much they lack acting talent.

~ Master’s Sun ~

Anticipation after seeing the trailers/preview: High!

Opinion after watching 6 episodes:  Definitely a good drama to enjoy watching it.

Recommended (after 6 episodes): Yes!

Moving on, another drama that I waited for, after seeing the previews, is ‘Two Weeks’. This drama is my favorite out of the 3, of course based on the 6 episodes that aired so far. From my point of view, ‘Two weeks’ is one of those dramas that makes you wish the next week to come faster so you could see what happens next. It’s just it never fails to keep me on the edge of my chair.

Until now, I watched 5 out of the 7 dramas that So Hyun Kyung has written so far (including Two Weeks as well), and liked each drama.

Honestly I don’t understand why it has lower rating points than the other two dramas (‘Master’s Sun’ and ‘Good Doctor’), the camera work is good, all the actors give a great performance – especially Lee Jun Ki and Lee Chae Mi (the little girl that plays Lee Jun Ki’s daughter in the drama), the script is smartly written, the show pumps adrenaline …. seriously I don’t understand why.

~ Two Weeks ~

Anticipation after seeing the trailers/preview: The only thing that made me anticipate this drama after seeing the preview was Lee Jun Ki as one of the cast, I mean the preview didn’t give much about the story.

Opinion after watching 6 episodes:  Just great!

Recommended (after 6 episodes): Definitely!

The third drama, ‘Good Doctor’ gave a very good first impression after watching the first episode but as the show progressed, they gradually moved away from the fact that Joo Won plays a character with autism disorder. I was looking forward to see how they will make the story and how Park Shi Ohn/ Park Shi Won (Joo Won’s character) will make it through the whole drama. Not to mention that it was a good chance to teach the public/viewers about autism, but they failed miserably to do so until now. I understand it’s a medical drama, but they focus so much on the patient’s story and the political stuff behind the higher up of the hospital that they lost track of the fact that Park Shi Won is a surgeon with autism.

I loved Kim Jae Bum’s ‘The God’s Quiz’ series, but he is failing to show ‘Good Doctor’ as what it was supposed to be about, Park Shi Won. The writer moved so fast away from Shi Won and focuses on everything except the main character. Yes, he does show how the society sees people with autism but he forgot to actually show the character with the disorder.

The scrip/writing lacks a lot and it seems not to follow the plot, the acting is good and I give lots of points to the director for using young actors and not idols, but all in all, for me ‘Good Doctor’ is a disappointment, still I will keep watching it, maybe they will come back on the original track.

~ Good Doctor ~

Anticipation after seeing the trailers/preview: High;

Opinion after watching 6 episodes:  Let’s just say it isn’t that great at the moment;

Recommended (after 6 episodes): I’m not sure if I want to recommend it to other people. It’s a so-so drama but mostly because something is missing.


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  1. por fin alguien que piensa igual que yo!!!! estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo. ♥~~~♥

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