[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 38 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Leaving aside the shock she received after seeing how much Mong Hee looks like her, Yoona is now suspecting Mong Hee that she may be her twin sister. But Mong Hee says she is sure about being the biological daughter of Shim Dok and Byung Ho. Changing the subject, Yoona asks Mong Hee to stop working at the jewelry company since the 3 of them, Yoona, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo can’t work in the same place.

Back into her office, Yoona is still confused in regards of her big resemblance with Mong Hee ad decides to call her adoptive parents to ask them if they know if she had a twin. The adoptive parents confirm Yoona’s suspicions.

Hyun Soo meets up with Mong Hee. She tells him that she wants to quit working at the company, however Hyun Soo tries to change her mind. Although Mong Hee tells him that Yoona told her to quit working at the company, Hyun Soo still doesn’t want her to quit at the same time remembering Mong Hee that he gave up on his mother to protect her and her dream of becoming a jewelry designer.

While working, Yoona comes into the deign department and asks Mong Hee to follow her. Later, at a restaurant, Yoona is still confused/shocked with the resemblance between them and tells Mong Hee that she would like to meet her parents.  Still, Mong Hee refuses and tells Yoona to let her parents alone.

When Yoona arrives home, Hyun Soo scolds her for meeting Mong Hee. Although scolded by Hyun Soo, Yoona decides to confess to him that she suspects Mong Hee to be her twin sister; she even got the confirmation of having a twin from her adoptive parents.

Yoona: Even if it’s true, I won’t tell her. Accepting the fact that yout parents adopted you is harder than you think. I know from experience, and I don’t want to put that on her (…) you know very well how lonely I was not knowing my roots (…) you know better than anyone else how lonely I am!

Upon her sudden outburst, Yoona asks Hyun Soo to help her meets Mong Hee’s parents to see if what she suspects is true.

Shim Dok tells Byung Ho she saw Yoona at the company – the two decided that it may be better to reveal the truth to Mong Hee, that she is adopted.

Now that Hyun Tae is free from Soon Sang, Young Ae visits her son and asks him to move into her house with Mong Hyun. She also asks Hyun Tae to help her have a talk with Mong Hyun to talk out the recent incidents; however Hyun Tae doesn’t want to help his mother telling her that she should solve her problems on her own.

Shim Dok confesses to Hyun Soo that Mong Hee is adopted. Knowing from his wife who also suffered a lot after finding out that she was adopted, Hyun Soo asks Shim Dok not to reveal the truth to Mong Hee. He also promised Shim Dok that he will leave Mong Hee.

Hyun Soo: That’s why you acted like that with her? You made her believe sacrificing for her family meant happiness.

Thinking Mong Hee may be her twin; Yoona visits the design office more often. At some point Yoona tells Sung Eun not to dare to bully Mong Hee, because if she does do anything to Mong Hee, she will take care of Sung Eun. Everyone is rather confused at Yoona’s sudden interest in Mong Hee, including Sung Eun.

The following days, Yoona keeps going to Mong Hee’s office, giving her gifs and asking if she wants to eat something and other nice things making Mong Hee a little uncomfortable.

Yoona: You are nice, you grew up well.

When Mong Hee comes to return Yoona’s gift, Yoona tells her that if she has any hardships, on any kind, to come at her and she will help her. Yoona’s nice behavior around her, makes Mong Hee think that Yoona is a rather strange person.

Sung Eun is being yelled at by Dok Hee (well, that’s all she know to do). Dok Hee tells Sung Eun that she will never accept her coming into the house with Aram. Young Ae and Mong Hyun meet up and talk out all the recent incidents that happened.

During a family meeting, Hyun Soo couldn’t hold it anymore and tells his father that Dok Hee is the one who made his mother look like she cheated. Soon Sang gets angry and doesn’t want to listen since Hyun Soo didn’t have any evidence.

Later, Hyun Soo calls Hyun Joon and asks him to meet up. When Hyun Joon arrives, Hyun Soo tells his brother to protect Mong Hee. Hyun Joon tries to comfort his older brother, and at the same time tells him that when he found out the truth about Sung Eun and started drinking, after a while he realized that he is the only one who can protect the person he loves. Because Hyun Soo got drunk, Hyun Joon gives him a ride home. At the apartment after putting Hyun Soo into his bedroom, Hyun Joon sees a plane ticket to Rome.

Next morning, Yoona tries to cook breakfast for Hyun Soo but when she goes into his bedroom, she sees that he already packed his things and left. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was meeting Mong Hee. Mong Hee notices that the date was a ‘good bye’ from Hyun Soo, even so she doesn’t want to stop him from leaving and promises him that she will become a real designer.

While the family was having dinner, Hyun Joon calls Mong Hee to tell her about Hyun Soo’s leave to Rome.  Shocked at the news of Hyun Soo leaving oversea, Mong Hee wants to follow and stop him. But Shim Dok hears all the conversation and stops Mong Hee. This disgusting person (yeah I said it, she is damn disgusting as a person), thinks that it’s the best moment to reveal the truth to Mong Hee, that she is adopted.

My thoughts on this episode:

Yoona is such a nice person, compared to how they portrayed her as being Satan; she is indeed a sweet person. You wouldn’t expect her to be the (funny) cherry on top of the cake (drama).

Knowing from experience how much a person can suffer after finding out about being adopted, Yoona doesn’t want to let Mong Hee go through the same thing. Despise Yoona not wanting her twin sister to suffer, as I said above the disgusting person Shim Dok who always acts like the best mother in the whole world decides to tell Mong Hee the truth at a rather inappropriate moment.

Honestly I hate Shim Dok more than Dok Hee. Shim Dok acts like she cares for Mong Hee, in fact more like she lied to herself that she loves Mong Hee, she ended up actually believing her own lie. Shim Dok goes everywhere shouting that Mong Hee is her daughter, and how she will never hurt Mong Hee but in the end Mong Hee was the one who suffered the most. While the other siblings were wearing branded clothes and going to prestigious schools, Mong Hee had to give up her dream for her siblings.

From my point of view, Shim Dok has an inferiority complex on Mong Hee, since the daughter was the one who actually supported the siblings. Whenever Shim Dok and Mong Hee had a fight, Shim Dok always said stuff like “Aaa you are now rebelling/acting like this because you brought more money than me” to Mong Hee.


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