[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 37 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


After hearing from Yoona that her father may give more money for the jewelry company if Yoona will also work there, Soon Sang accepts his daughter in law plan and let’s her work in the company as a planning manager. Of course she isn’t much of a help…..all she does is eat chocolate bars and do her nails.  Hyun Joon comes to ‘congratulate’ Yoona, he also stings her when he turns the conversation towards Hyun Soo and Mong Hee telling her that she won’t get Hyun Soo back since his older brother is in love with Mong Hee.

While Hyun Joon was introducing the design team to Yoona, she finds out that Mong Hee also works at the company as a designer. Later Yoona asks Sung Eun for details on Mong Hee and without hesitation, Sung Eun gives Yoona, Mong Hee’s phone number.

Soon Sang, Dok Hee and Young Ae are still trying to get Hyun Tae out of his room. When he finally comes out, because he couldn’t hold back anymore, Hyun Tae finally overflows and tells Soon Sang that he never felt like a human but when he was with Mong Hyun and her family he felt for the first time the warmth of a family. Hyun Tae tells his father about all the hardships he had to endure because of Dok Hee, all his childhood. Because it was already time to meet Mina’s father, Soon Sang goes alone without taking Hyun Tae.

After the whole incident and because she now knows her son’s hardships during his childhood, Young Ae shouts at Dok Hee for torturing Hyun Tae just because he was the son of another woman. Young Ae also tells Dok Hee that all the hardships Hyun Joon is currently facing are a punishment for Dok Hee as a result for how she treated Hyun Tae and Hyun Soo in the past.

Because Soon Sang didn’t come with Hyun Tae at the meeting, Mina’s father doesn’t want to listen to Soon Sang but Soon Sang tells him that he will get his attention with the new jewelry his company will produce. Although Soon Sang used big words, Mina’s father still doesn’t want to talk with him.

Hyun Tae thinks a lot of the current state of his relationship with Sung Eun. Afterwards he meets Sung Eun and asks her to return at the main house as his wife. She accepts only under one condition, if Hyun Joon agrees to let Aram, her daughter, live with them.

Soon Sang returns from the meeting with Mina’s father and give Hyun Tae the big news, he can return to Mong Hyun and her family. Hearing that, Hyun Tae rushes out of the door to meet Mong Hyun. Annoyed, Dok Hee tells Soon Sang to stop pretending to be a good father all of a sudden because at this rate he will even give Hyun Soo and Yoona the jewelry company, but Soon Sang doesn’t denies the possibility of giving Hyun Soo the company.

Hyun Tae returns to Mong Hyun and her family. Seeing their son in law back, the whole family decides to celebrate his return.

Sung Eun goes to Sang Chul to ask him if she could take Aram, and raise her. Goes without saying that Sang Chul refuses, but Sung Eun tells him that he raised Aram until now and that he also needs to live his life since he is still young, this way, it won’t be a burden for Aram when she will grow up.

When Dok Hee hears about Sung Eun’s return, she vehemently refuses, however she gets shocked when she hears Hyun Joon that he was just letting her know about Sung Eun’s return and that he wasn’t asking for approval.

While Mong Hyun’s family was celebrating Hyun Tae’s return, Min Jung appears at their house with rice cakes. She pretty much invites herself to the mini party. Although Shim Dok tries to get rid of her, Min Jung doesn’t get herself be scared of –maybe- her future mother in law.  Hyun Tae tries to convince Mong Gyu to marry Min Jung, confused why Hyun Tae shows so much concern over his future marriage, he asks him why the sudden concern. It turns out that Hyun Tae wanted Mong Gyu to marry Min Jung so that he and Mong Hyun to finally get their own room. Later, Hyun Tae kind of forces Mong Gyu to walk Min Jung when she leaves.

Now that Hyun Tae is back as her son in law, Shim Dok accepts to return to work at the jewelry company. Next day, Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun continue their plan to make Mong Gyu marry Min Jung.

Yoona is still debating whether to call Mong Hee of not, but in the end decides to face Mong Hee and goes directly to the designers’ office.  There, Yoona gets shocked at the fact that she and Mong Hee look exactly the same.

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