[Jdrama] ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Although I’m with the recaps at episode 2, episode 5 that aired last Sunday recorded 31,9% ratings at its highest moment.  Seems that “Hanzawa Naoki” keeps growing in ratings!

After refusing to take all the blame on himself during the investigation made by the higher ups, when Hanzawa comes back at the Osaka Nishi branch, Ejima and Asano shout at him for ‘rebelling’ during the investigation. But Hanzawa tells them that he doesn’t want to take the blame just because higher ups try to put all the blame on the Osaka Nishi branch – especially on him; Naoki also tells them that he will find Higashida and will take the 500 million yen back.

Now that Takeshita accepted to work with Hanzawa in finding Higashida, while the two were looking at register papers, they find out that 200 million yen vanished since the transaction was 500 million but on the registers appeared 700 million. Hanzawa comes to the conclusion that Higashida made a planned bankruptcy so he could profit from the fraud.

Coming back from Tokyo after the investigation made by the head office, Hanzawa receives moral support from his wife, Hana.

Kurosaki’s investigation team finds out about Higashida withdrawing 50 million a year before.  At the same time, Hanzawa also finds out about Higashida transfer to their bank made from Higashi Asia Resort. Thinking that Higashida may have used the 50 million to buy a property, Naoki prepares to go an pay a visit to the people from Higashi Asia Resort. But Ejima doesn’t want to let Hanzawa go to Higashi Asia Resort and with the pretext of giving him lots of papers that had to be prepared by the end of the day.

While trying to finish the papers from Ejima’ Hanzawa receives a call from Takeshita who informs him that he found another person who was cheated by Higashida. When Naoki meets the other person found by Takeshita, he shows him the 50 million yen receipt and asks the other person if he heard anything from Higashida about buying proprieties overseas. But strangely, the other person says that he didn’t hear anything from Higashida about buying a vacation house.

Hanzawa goes to Higashi Asia Resort but when he starts asking about Higashida, the employee asks him to leave and never come back.  After Naoki leaves, it’s revealed that the employee was actually in contact with Higashida, and she got paid by him not to say anything to Hanzawa.

It is also revealed that the guy Takeshita found was also collaborating with Higashida. Kurosaki finds out from his investigation team that Higashida had a personal account at Osaka Nishi branch.

At the main office, one of the two people who put pressure on Hansawa to take the blame on himself, asks Ohwada to punish Hanzawa for his attitude during the investigation meeting, but it seems that Ohwada doesn’t actually want to punish Naoki because he finds him rather interesting.

The Osaka Regional Taxation team comes again at Osaka Nishi branch. When they were shouting the accounts they want to see, Hanzawa thinks that Kurosaki may found out about Higashida’s personal account at their bank. To buy some time for Hanzawa to take the papers of Higashida’s account before Kurosaki, when Nakanishi is asked to show the Osaka Regional Taxation team where they keep the papers of the accounts, he takes the investigation team on the long way through the bank. Fortunately, Hanzawa makes in time to take the papers before Kurosaki.

Tomari calls Hanzawa to tell him that Ohwada took a liking on him and if Hanzawa recovers at least the 50 million, Ohwada may help him.

Hanzawa gives all the papers from the bank about Osaka Stee and Higashida to the guy found by Takeshita. Because the guy was collaborating with Higashida, he hires someone to make it seem like the papers were stolen from him.

At night, while the guy was trying to burn the papers about Osaka Steel and Higashida, Hanzawa and Takeshita appears and tell him that they actually knew about his collaboration with Higashida and that the papers he was trying to burn were fake. Hanzawa threatens he will tell the police about the planned bankruptcy if he doesn’t say where Higashida is. The guy says that he doesn’t know where Higashida is and that he know only about the house Higashida wanted to buy in Hawaii.

Tomari calls Hanzawa to tell him that Kurosaki threatened the branch Director and that Kurosaki ended up taking the house from Hawaii under investigation.


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