[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 36 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Yoona is back, finally the only (young) woman who has a strong personality and doesn’t act like the normal week girl from kdramas.

The Romeo and Juliet story is kind of normal in dramas, mostly overly used, but Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun are at a whole new level.

Dok Hee calls Soon Sang to inform him that the real Yoona is back. When he arrives home, Yoona says she won’t divorce Hyun Soo but Soon San doesn’t seem to care if she and his oldest son will divorce. To make her father in law change his mind about kicking Hyun Soo out, Yoona brings into discussion her family who may not be happy when they will hear about the divorce and also will stop giving money to Soon Sang for his company.

But Soon Sang still doesn’t care and says that he already gave up on Yoona family’s financial support when he already decided to kick Hyun Soo out.  After Soon Sang leaves the room, Dok Hee tells Yoona that they don’t need her family’s financial support anymore because Soon Sang plans to marry Hyun Tae with Mina, the daughter of a mogul.

Later, Soon Sang chances his mind about making Hyun Joon the vice-president of the jewelry company thinking that it will be better if Hyun Tae will marry Mina and also Yoona and Hyun Soo stay married, that way he can take money from both daughter in laws’ family and his company will grow even bigger.

Yoona goes to Hyun Soo’s apartment but she finds out that he already changed the passwords for the door. Just after a while, Hyun Soo comes back home.  He tries to chase her away from his apartment but Yoona doesn’t want to live since…..legally that’s still her house and he still is her husband.

Yoona starts asking Hyun Soo about Mong Hee and why he changed so much just for a woman because she didn’t knew him like that. When he tells Yoona that Mong Hee was a street vender, she immediately jumps to conclusions that Mong Hee is a gold digger. Upon hearing that Hyun Soo gets irritated with Yoona’s attitude and starts telling her, his feeling for Mong Hee and how Mong Hee cares for him and makes him happy. Yoona tells him to stop talking about the other girl but Hyun Soo doesn’t stop and talks even more about Mong Hee.

Hyun Soo: When I see a good thing, I want to share it with her. When I eat tasty food I want to buy it for her (…) just thinking about her makes my heart weak and I laugh to myself. I can’t stand her watching other men and I get nervous and jealous.

Later, out of jealousy anger Yoona says that she got curious about Mong Hee and that she wants to meet her, however Hyun Soo ‘advices’ his –still- wife not to get near Mong Hee.

Knowing that the day Soon Sang may come and take Hyun Tae away from her, and thinking that she may not have a chance to say her good bye when that day will come, Mong Hyun wants to say it when Hyun Tae was still with her. Even so Hyun Tae doesn’t want to listen. The next morning, Hyun Tae enjoys breakfast with Mong Hyun’s family.

Hyun Soo meets up with Mong Hee, he tells her about Yoona’s return and that she doesn’t want to divorce anymore. Mong Hee says that it may be better that way since if he doesn’t divorce; Soon Sang will allow Hyun Soo back into the family; besides her family doesn’t approve of her relationship with Hyun Soo.

Yoona tries to prepare dinner for her husband but she isn’t too good. When Hyun Soo comes home, trying to convince Yoona to divorce, he takes all the blame on himself regarding their broken marriage. Even so, Yoona tells him that she also did some thinking when she was on her trip, and came with the conclusion that her way of acting towards Hyun Soo was because she wanted some attention from him. Because Yoona still didn’t want to divorce, and with Mong Hee back into their conversation, Yoona fires up and –pretty much- confesses her feeling to Hyun Soo.

Yoona: You always treated me awkwardly and pushed me away. Even mortified me (…) I said all those horrid words and acted that way because I love you, don’t you get it?

Hyun Joon and Sung Eun meet up to put in order their divorce. Hyun Joon uses the chance to tell Sung Eun to come at the main house and take back the things she left there. Although Sung Eun asked Hyun Joon to tell her when his mother isn’t home so she could go and take her stuff back, arriving at the main house, Sung Eun meets her mother in law. Dok Hee tells Sung Eun that she may come back into the house (as Hyun Joon’s wife also) only if she will come with a plan for the new jewelries.

Soon Sang sends his bodyguards to take Hyun Tae back. Resigned with the situation, Hyun Tae jumps into his father’s car. Because her uncle told her about Soon Sang coming to pick up Hyun Tae, Mong Hyun runs after the car. Later the whole family finds out about Hyun Tae being taken back by his father. Mong Gyu tells Mong Hyun that Hyun Tae didn’t take back his things, and among his clothes, Mong Hyun finds a letter her husband wrote for her.

A few days later, Yoona asks Dok Hee for the contacts of the girl Hyun Soo loves. When Hyun Soo appears, although, Dok Hee doesn’t give Yoona the contacts, she says Mong Hee’s name out loud and acts like she did a mistake, knowing that even with having only the name, Yoona will find Mong Hee.

After dinner, Yoona tells Soon Sang that she wants to move into the main house and that she also wants to work at the company because if she will work there, her father may double his financial support for Soon Sang’s company.  Hearing that, Soon Sang accepts immediately Yoona’s proposal.

Random thoughts:

To be honest, I want Yoona and Hyun Soo to clean the misunderstanding between them and remain married. As Yoona said in this episode, the way she acted towards Hyun Soo in the past was because she wanted to get his attention but he always pushed her away. Hyun Soo was way too concerned with the way his father acted towards him and always pushed Yoona away.

I do think he loves Yoona and he is just confused since Mong Hee was the only one to show some concern for him, moreover Mong Hee was the only one who made Hyun Soo open himself to the world but that doesn’t mean …love.

Not to mention that these two still call themselfs by the names as still married couple, they don’t call each other by their names, Yoona, Hyun Soo but ‘honey’ (they use a Korean term married couple in Korea use). Really wish they will stay together. Hope Yoona and Hyun Soo just need to talk things over and honestly tell each other their true feelings.



  1. i am thinking the same thing. The fact that she came back so early i think means they are going to get back together and i think Monghee is better with Sangchul actually… even though he was an idiot in the past, they fit better together.

    I did notice though that when he is with Yoona his voice changes, it is all whinny and stupid and not like a mature adult at all, but when he is with Monghee, he feels less like the unfortunate one so he is more confident with himself.

    It is just like he said about needing more affection rather than being talked down to. once she starts doing that, as well as providing him with a solid and powerful in road to take over the company and find his mother, he’s going to get back with her for sure. With Monghee it is more like mutual pity. she pretty much said so herself when she tried to explain their feelings to her mother.

    1. I also want Mong Hee to end up with Sang Chul, they do seem to have more chemistry together than Mong Hee with Hyun Soo. And as Hyun Soo even said to Mong Hee at some point, when he will divorce Yoona, the two of them will be like 2 hurt pigeons. Mong Hee and Hyun Soo look like rather two friends to me than lovers.

      I think Hyun Soo couldn’t truly open up to Yoona because Soon Sang was the one to force him to marry Yoona, and since Hyun Soo was so concerned thinking that his father hates him because his mother cheated in the past, he couldn’t actually give any attention to his wife, hence Yoona’s attitude; She also didn’t truly open up to Hyun Soo mostly because she was rebelling against her adoptive parents, but in ep 36 she does tell Hyun Soo she loves him.

      Both Yoona and Hyun Soo lack affection from their families and therefore the two didn’t knew how to show their feelings. To be honest Hyun Soo seems confused with his ‘love’ for Mong Hee given her cheerful/warm personality and also because she has the same face as Yoona. Also every time they were together, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo, he always talked about his wife.

  2. Personally prefer Hyun Soo and Mong Hee but I hate the idea of Yoona being left alone because she’s such a great character. Nngh, where’s the happy ending to all of this, I wonder. If there is one…

    1. Yoona needs some understanding from the people around her. I also hope she will have a happy ending, there are still a lot of episodes left of this drama so maybe things will go in a better direction XD

      1. I hope so. X)

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