[Kdrama] ‘Adolescence Medley’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

To the person who keeps taking my Adolescence Medley recaps and translated it into her/his language (you know who you are therefore I won’t mention your blog or nickname), please be respectful and at least credit me as the original writer of the recap. I do not mind taking my recaps, reposting or translating into your language but if you don’t give me credits as the original writer of that recap, then I do mindPlease understand that writing a recap isn’t easy as pouring a glass of water, it actually take me hours to write and put the screen caps, so do take notice when copying someone else’s recap (I’m not talking only about my posts but about everyone who writes recaps).

In the present time – while surfing on the Namil High School internet café, Jung Woo receives a phone call from Dok Won who tells him that the grandpa from the store in their childhood town passed away.

Back into the past/childhood time – because Ah Young told Jung Woo that the song he prepared for the National Singing Contest won’t be good enough to capture the heart of the audience; Jung Woo goes with Dok Won to karaoke to practice for the contest.

To get revenge on Yok Ho, Won Il tells the Rainbow gang (I’m so not going to comment on the name of this gang ….rainbow? seriously? Badass what can I say…) about Yuk Ho’s soon entrance into the professional boxing field therefore because Yuk Ho won’t be able to fight them back the Rainbow gang can beat him. Young Bok tries to convince Won Il to stop with his plan since it wasn’t right what he wanted to do but Won Il doesn’t want to listen. After a while Yuk Ho appears to give back Young Bok the manga he borrowed from Young Bok’s younger sibling.

Coming back from the karaoke, Dok Won and Jung Woo witness the Rainbow gang beating Yuk Ho. Remembering that Yuk Ho’s professional boxing match is coming soon, Dok Won jumps into the fight to cover Yuk Ho. Young Bok gets annoyed with Won Il’s plan and jumps to save Yuk Ho.

The fight lasts some time, and then Jung Woo also decides to take a ‘weapon’ but Won Il sees him and goes towards him.  Won Il laughs at the idea of Jung Woo wanting to save Yuk Ho and asks the him if he knows what’s between Yuk Ho and Ah Young.

Won Il: They pretend not to know each other at school but do you know what between your girl and him?

Dok Won, Young Bok and Yuk Ho notices Jung Woo but because Jung Woo was too scared of Young Bok, he runs away, living the other 3 being beat up by the Rainbow gang.

After finishing her homework, Ah Young sees her mother crying while gazing at a picture of Ah Young’s older brother.

Later, being left by the Rainbow gang, Young Bok asks Dok Won why he joined the fight, but Dok Won lies and says that he was doing a delivery and saw the fight. But since Young Bok and Yuk Ho already saw Jung Woo running away, Young Bok asks Dok Won what happened with his friend (Jung Woo), however Dok Won doesn’t answer and acts like he doesn’t know.

Next day at school, the air between Dok Won and Jung Woo is rather awkward, and it gets even more awkward when another classmate starts talking about the Rainbow gang beating Yuk Ho. Jung Woo tries to start a conversation regarding what happened that day but Dok Ho avoids it. Later on, Young Bok comes to bring Dok Ho some medicine for the bruises as a thank you for joining to save Yuk Ho. While Young Bok was giving the medicine to Dok Won Jung Woo and Ah Young appears. When Young Bok sees Jung Woo, he starts calling him a coward. Ah Young asks what happened but no one answers – Dok Won continues to avoid Jung Woo.

In the school’s yard, Won Il sees Jung Woo and goes towards him. Jung Woo asks Won Il to tell him about Ah Young and Yuk Ho’s relationship but Won Il doesn’t want to tell. When Won Il wanted to hit Jung Woo, Yuk Ho appears and lashes on Won Il, threatening him not to dare to say Ah Young’s name again.

Yuk Ho: Won Il, I don’t care if you sold me to Rainbow gang, but if you mention her name again I’ll kill you for real.

Ah Young was looking at her brother’s picture that was put in the school’s hallway – Yuk Ho comes and asks her to take a walk with him, but Jung Woo sees the two together. Ah Young and Yuk Ho goes on the school’s roof top. There, Yuk Ho asks Ah Young if Won Il is still bothering her but she says that he wasn’t bother her. After a few minutes, AH Young updates Yuk Ho about her transfer to Seoul.

Jung Woo musters up his courage and goes to confront Yuk Ho about the relationship between him and Ah Young.

Yuk Ho: I’m not sure if you deserve to know.

Jung Woo continues to ask Yuk Ho to tell him what’s the relationship he has with Ah Young, but visible irritated, Yuk Ho tells Jung Woo that he shouldn’t ask but rather think about how well he knows Ah Young. Out of the blue, Jung Woo shouts at Yuk Ho that they shouldn’t delay their fight anymore.

After class, Yuk Ho comes to take Jung Woo out for their fight. The two go into the school’s yard. Yuk Ho tells Jung Woo that he doesn’t want to fight him since he may get expelled from school but since the whole school was watching, he ‘invites’ Jung Woo to the boxing club in the weekend to have their fight.

Jung Woo decide to also ask Ah Young what’s her relationship with Brown Bear, but Ah Young gets annoyed with him for referring to Yuk Ho as Brown Bear. She also tells Jung Woo that Yuk Ho isn’t such a bad person as everyone says.

When Jung Woo was heading home, he passes by Dok Won mother’s restaurant, and since it was raining Dok Won offers to give Jung Woo a ride on his bike.  While they were passing a bridge, the two see Grandpa (the one that they were talking about in the beginning of the episode, also Yuk Ho’s grandfather), trying to save Young Bok and his younger sister who fell into the river when the bridge crashed because of the heavy rain. They successfully save Young Bok from the river, but they couldn’t reach Young Bok’s younger sister, and Dok Won decides to jump into the river to save her.

Next day, Jung Woo sees Ah Young and Yuk Ho heading together to school. At school, Young Bok gives Jung Woo and Dok Won a bag of snacks as a thank you for saving him and his younger sister from the river.

Later, Jung Woo pays a visit to the grandpa to see how he was doing. In the grandpa’s house, he sees a picture of Yuk Ho and another boy. When he remembers that the other boy was the same one as the picture Ah Young normally watches in the school’s hallway, Jung Woo asks the grandpa about the boy. It turns out that the other boys was Ah Young’s older brother who helped Yuk Ho change his life, and also the one who made Yuk Ho go into boxing. Unfortunately, Ah Young’s older brother died when the same bridge from their town crashed and he tried to save a kid from drowning. When Yuk Ho comes home, he sees a bag of cereals and asks his grandfather about it – the grandpa says that Jung Woo brought that bag and gave it to him.

Back into the present time, Dok Won, Young Bok, Jung Woo and Yuk Ho meet at the grandpa’s funeral. The 4 of them seem to have remained friends even after high school ended. Young Bok’s wife was waiting twins,  Dok Ho took over his mother’s store. Young Bok asks Jung Woo if he has a girlfriend, but Jung Woo replays that he doesn’t have since he is busy with work. Yuk Ho, ask Jung Woo if he has news about Ah Young, but they doesn’t know if Jung Woo replays or not because the story goes back into their high school days.

Back into their past days, the day for Yuk Ho and Jung Woo’s fight arrived. Yuk Ho pretty much beats the crap out of Jung Woo. After remembering Ah Young older brother’s words about what he wishes from Ah Young’s future boyfriend, Yuk Ho deliberately tries to push Jung Woo even more.

Ah Young’s older brother: You know what I hate the most? Someone who is all just talk. I don’t want her to meet someone like that.

Seeing Ah Young who was watching the game, and also remembering how Dok Won always works hard, Jung Woo doesn’t give up during the match and the episode ends when Jung Woo and Yuk Ho punched each other at the same time.

And some other screen caps:


  1. I like that we got an eyeful of Yuk Kho in this episode ;P

    1. It would’ve been perfect if they would’ve shown more of Yuk Ho and Ah Young older brother’s friendship XD (bromance lover…….guilty)

      1. Oh I so agree! Her brother was cute too! And they’re both not jailbait, so I feel fine perving at them 😉

      2. True that ^ ^

  2. on episode 3.. at 3:29.. whats is the title of that song?

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