[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 35 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Yoona is back!! Finally!

Soon Sang tells everyone that Hyun Joon will be the direct heir of the jewelry company. After Soon Sang and Hyun Joon left the room, Dok Hee starts rubbing the news in Hyun Soo’s face telling him that the only way he can survive is to always stay in her shadow. Annoyed by Dok Hee’s words, Hyun Soo tells her that she isn’t Soon Sang’s wife and that she will always live as his father’s mistress. Fired up because of Hyun Soo, Dok Hee tells him that he is the one who gave up his mother for a mere girl. Hyun Soo tells Dok Hee to watch her words but of course she goes on and on about how Hyun Joon will inherit everything.

When Dok Hee goes to congratulate her son for finally having the direct position as the heir of the company, Hyun Joon brings up Sung Eun, asking what his soon-to-divorce wife will think if she would’ve found out about his new position in the company since Sung Eun always supported/helped him. Dok Hee tells Hyun Joon not to bring Sung Eun up now that they are celebrating, and also tells him to stop thinking about Sung Eun because they throw her away because he wanted so.

Yoona arrives and Korea, and after accommodating in a hotel, she calls Hyun Soo but when he doesn’t want to answer her call.

At the company, Mong Hee scolds Hyun Soo for telling his father the truth. Hyun Soo says that he decided to tell the truth because he didn’t want to see Dok Hee threatening Mong He, but she continues to scold him saying that because now Soon Sang kicked him out, he won’t have a chance to find his mother. But even so, Hyun Soo thinks he did the right thing.

Mong Hee: What about your mother?

Hyun Soo: She will have to wait a little more. I’m making her wait so I can protect someone I love.

Sung Eun spends some time with Aram. She buys toys and shoes for her daughter. When Sung Eun brings Aram back to her father, Sang Chul tells her some things Aram likes do to, eat and so on. But hearing Sang Chul talking about Aram saddens her since she doesn’t know anything about Aram.

Later, Sung Eun meets Hyun Joon;  He tells her about his new position as the vice-president of the jewelry company and she sincerely congratulate him. When Sung Eun starts talking about her time spend with Aram, Hyun Joon asks her if how she also wants to divorce, after spending some time with her daughter.

Sung Eun: Now that I’m not begging for forgiveness, do you want me back?

Hyun Joon says that he could’ve kept her as his wife after finding out about her lie and while she worked as a designer, he could’ve had affairs with other women, impaling that he was the only woman he loved.

Shim Dok decide to do as how the paternal grandmother said, to find a husband for Mong Hee so she would forget about Hyun Soo. But when Shim Dok tells Mong Hee that she should go to blind dates, Mong Hee fires up and the two grandmothers appear. The paternal grandmother tells Mong Hee that she would sell her apartment if needed to pay for Mong Hee’s wedding only not to see Mong Hee with Hyun Soo.

Because Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae took over Mong Hee’s room, Mong Hyun says that it will be better if Mong Hee will come back into her room and Hyun Tae will have to sleep with Mong Gyu. After moving to another room, and because he wasn’t spending the night with his wife, Hyun Tae missed Mong Hyun and sends her messages all night saying that he misses her and other cheesy stuff.

Hyun Soo goes to meet Yoona, but she makes him wait 2 hours for her. When she appears, Yoona asks Hyun Soo if he is now agreeing with the divorce because of a woman. Although Hyun Soo doesn’t answer if it’s because of a woman that he also wants to divorce all of a sudden, Yoona realizes that it’s because of a woman, and tells Hyun Soo that she wants to meet that woman.

Mong Hee informs her family that she wants to move out, but of course the mother and grandmothers make a big deal out of it. Since the family was making a scene, Mong Hee goes outside to take some fresh air, but the father follows and asks her to leave Hyun Soo. Hyun Tae witnesses the whole incident, and later he goes with Mong Hee to a restaurant (family restaurant/ bar – whatever) and apologizes to Mong Hee since she is having a hard time because of him and Mong Hyun. Hyun Tae also tells Mong Hee that he genuinely wants things to turn okay for her and his brother, Hyun Soo.

Now that Hyun Joon will inherit the jewelry company, and because Dok Hee keeps rubbing it in her face, Young Ae goes to Hyun Tae’s workplace to try and make him return home and marry Mina. It doesn’t take long and Hyun Tae just continues his daily routine.

Soon Sang receives a call from Mina’s father asking for another meeting. Since he got another meeting with the CEO, Soon Sang rushes to take Hyun Tae back home, but when he arrives at the chicken restaurant, the uncle calls Shim Dok to inform her about Soon Sang who came to take Hyun Tae back. Hyun Tae runs away from his father and safely arrives at Mong Hyun’s parents’ house. Shim Dok opens the door for him but shuts it in Soon Sang’s face. (watch video from min 1:30)

Yoona arrives at the main house, but for a few moments Dok Hee thinks that it’s still Mong Hee acting as Yoona. Only after a while Dok Hee realizes that it’s the real Yoona. Dok Hee tells Yoona not to act so arrogant now that Hyun Soo will divorce her; however Yoona tells the witch that Hyun Soo won’t divorce her since he needs her so that he will find his mother. On the other hand, Dok Hee says that Hyun Soo already gave up his mother and agreed to divorce Yoona for another woman. Yoona gets irritated when she hears Dok Hee talking about Hyun Soo having another woman.

Yoona: He won’t leave me for his mother’s sake.

Dok Hee: No, he already has. He doesn’t need his mother either. All he needs is her, he must love her very much.

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