[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 34 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


I started to feel some sympathy towards Sung Eun. I do understand Hyun Joon feels betrayed by his wife, but he acts like the world will explode at any moment, I mean with a one-on-one talk everything can be resolved…..well, but if that was to happen we wouldn’t had ‘action’ right? Anyway, I’m starting to feel sorry for everyone in this drama except for the natural witch Dok Hee, Shim Dok, Young Ae and Soon Sang.

After hearing Dok Hee’s proposal, Hyun Soo is troubled because he doesn’t want to play Dok Hee’s games anymore.

While working on the new product project, Mong Hee remembers when Hyun Soo told her that if he will tell the truth to his father (about Mong Hee acting as Yoona), Soon Sang may kick him out. Worried, she rushes to Hyun Soo’s apartment. Hyun Soo appears and the two have one of the cheesiest moments in kdrama land, she starts crying, he tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of anything because they will have each other.

During dinner, the paternal grandmother says that it will be good if Mong Gyu marries Min Jung because given the girl’s personality, at least Mong Gyu won’t starve. But the Shim Dok and the maternal grandmother still don’t want Mong Gyu to marry Min Jung. Out of the blue, Hyun Tae says that the family should vote if Mong Gyu and Min Jung should marry or not. The father, Mong Hyun, Hyun Tae and the paternal grandmother voted in favour of Ming Jung and only Shim Dok and the maternal grandmother voted against her.

Mong Gyu scolds Min Jung for embarrassing him in front of his family saying that she shouldn’t have acted the way she did, after all it’s not like they will actually marry, but Min Jung seems to be of another opinion. Seeing Min Jung’s attitude, Mong  Gyu acts her if she likes him but Min Jung says that he should stop nagging her because when he will get older he will also get nagged a lot (referring that wives scold their husbands a lot as they age).

Mong Gyu: You want to age with me?

Min Jung: You can’t predict the future.

Hyun Joon goes to the design team’s office to inform them that a new team leader will come soon. After he leaves, Mong Hee follows him and asks Hyun Joon that even If he and Sung Eun have personal problems, he shouldn’t take away her job, then Hyun Joon tells her not to interfere.

Sung Eun receives a phone call from Aram. Since Aram missed Sung Eun, Sang Chul asked Mong Hee to give him Sung Eun’s phone number so that Aram could talk with her. Over the phone, Aram asks her mother to visit her and play together since they have a lot of flower pots at the flower shop.

Hyun Joon still acts like the world is going to explode and goes to a(hostess) club in Kangnam to get drunk and to play with “Kangnam unnies”. When he arrives home, both Soon Sang and Dok Hee scold Hyun Joon for the way he was acting. Soon Sang tells his son that they made Sung Eun leave the house because Hyun Joon couldn’t live under the same roof with her after being lied by her, and now that she is gone he should revise his attitude.

Another day, Hyun Soo comes at the main house to tell Dok Hee if he agrees with her proposal. But, surprisingly Hyun Soo decides not to accept the witch’s proposal (to give her the new product plan that Mong Hee was making and Dok Hee will tell him where his mother is).

Hyun Soo: I’ll get what I need from you without sacrificing what I care about.

Dok Hee tries to threaten Hyun Soo saying that she is the only one who knows where his mother is and if he won’t agree with her plan, he will never find his mother. Even so, Hyun Soo doesn’t let himself threatened by Dok Hee and tells his father that a girl who looked exactly like Yoona acted as Yoona all along. At first Soon Sang, has no idea what’s going on, but after a while he finally understands and kicks Hyun Soo out of the house. But before leaving, Soon Sang asks Hyun Soo that although he is his son, he always was scared of the hate Hyun Soo hide behind his sad eyes, his mother was kicked out of the house. This old dude kicks everyone out when they don’t do what he wants huh? Dok Hee follows Hyun Soo to laugh in his face that now Hyun Joon will get the company. Hyun Soo tells Dok Hee that she shouldn’t be so happy because she isn’t the final winner.

Hyun Soo: There is justice in this world. Regardless of how crazy it is.

Byung Ho and Shim Dok goes to meet Soon Sang and Dok Hee to talk about Hyun Tae. Soon Sang tells them to give back his son (he doesn’t want Hyun Tae back out of fatherly love, but because he wants to marry Hyun Tae with Mina, and so Soon Sang can get money from Mina’s father). Byung Ho, who is one of the sane people out of this show, if not the only sane person, tells Soon Sang that he shouldn’t use his 3 sons for money.

Byun Ho: Aren’t you using your 3 sons to expand your company? I think you are trying to make up for your personal flaws through the company. You are using your sons for your own desires. But you convince yourself that it’s all for them.

After hearing Byung Ho, Dok Hee fires up saying that he shouldn’t dare to say something like that because, although Byung Ho and Shim Dok act like they are close with their children, they shouldn’t have let Mong Hee commit adultery. Dok Hee also says that Mong Hee cheated everyone when she acted as Yoona. Shim Dok tries to defend her daughter saying that even though      Mong Hee and Hyun Soo lived together for a while, the two aren’t in a romantic relationship. But Dok Hee continues, and tells that Hyun Soo will soon divorce Yoona for Mong Hee.

Shim Dok calls Mong Hee and tells her to come straight home. When she arrives home, Shim Dok starts shouting at Mong Hee for involving herself with a married man. The two start shouting at each other, at some point into the fired up discussion, Mong Hee tells her parents that Hyun Soo will divorce for her and then he won’t be a married man anymore so what’s the problem.

Mong Hee: Why I can’t like someone? Why I can’t give my heart to a man who cares a lot for me? (…) He’s very lonely and I’m the only person he relies on. I’m all he has in this world.

Because the other members of the family where listening at the conversation, Hyun Tae finally finds out that Mong Hee acted as Yoona all along. After everything calmed down, the paternal mother tells Shim Dok that the only way to make Mong Hee forget Hyun Soo is if she will go to an arranged date.

Sung Eun pays a visit to Aram and while she was playing with her daughter, Sang Chul sees Hyun Joon who was looking from afar and goes towards him. Sang Chul tells Hyun Joon that it was the first time Sang Eun went to pay a visit to Aram because the girl missed her and that there isn’t anything between him and Sung Eun. He also tries to tell Hyun Joon that Sung Eun still has feeling for him, but Hyun Joon doesn’t want to believe so.

At night, Hyun Soo receives a phone call from Dok Hee telling him that Soon Sang wants to have a talk with him. Hyun Soo goes to the main office where his father asks him again if he will still divorce Yoona. When Hyun Soo says that he will stick with his first decision, divorcing Yoona, Soon Sang tells Hyun Joon that from that instant he will be the second in charge at the company and the first, direct, successor.

And dudududum!!! Yoona is coming back! Finally!!!

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