[Kdrama] ‘Adolescence Medley’ episode 2~ review/recap/opinion ~

I love this drama.

Let’s hope the agencies of these actors will go into a massive promotion for them because these kids are good actors, even better than some actors who have a long career behind them. All the actors from this drama are really natural in front of the camera while portraying their characters; looking forward to see more of them in the future ( having the same “mommy feelings” I had for the White Christmas actors  ).

Jung Woo sees Yuk Ho and because of the panic he started to hiccup, but comes back to reality when he finally notices Ah Young who was calling him. Ah Young asks him if he was going to eat and eventually Jung Woo follows Ah Young to a restaurant. On their way to the restaurant, Ah Young asks Jung Woo if he feels embarrassed for all the attention he is receiving lately, but he doesn’t answer and asks her if she isn’t feeling any embarrassment since she also receive attention from everyone, but Ah Young says that she is used to it and although she tries to act cool…..she stumbles a little while walking.

When they arrive in town to eat their lunch, some random guy starts talking with Jung Woo. It seems that because it’s a country town everyone found out about him going to the National Singing Contest…. thing that doesn’t seem  to be on his liking since Jung Woo wants to preserve his ……. privacy.

Ah Young enters in a restaurant and Jung Woo follows her. Inside, Jung Woo finds out that the owner of that restaurant is actually Dok Won’s mother. Because the mother seem a rather talkative person, Jung Woo notices that Dok Won’s mother may be the one who told the whole town about his participation at the National Singing Contest.

The lunch of the two was somehow silent and filled with awkwardness also Jung Woo sees that Ah Young likes to dip the bloody sausage in the sauce from the doppoki plate, and that is another thing that Jung Woo doesn’t seem to like. After their lunch, they return to school, but their way back was also silent and filled with awkwardness. When they arrive at the front gate of the school, Ah Young tells Jung Woo to meet her the next day at the pine tree (so they’ll come together to school). But Jong Woo doesn’t understand why and says that he won’t go.

The next day, keeps his promise and doesn’t go to meet Ah Young at the pine tree.

The two bullies come into the class room. Dok Won gives Young Bok a bag filled with chips but Young Bok doesn’t like the flavor of the chips and starts to hit Dok Won with the bag. Jung Woo, although scared,  he thinks in his mind that it’s the right moment to “attack” and jumps angrily out of his chair while glaring at Young Bok. The two start glaring at each other but before one of them hit the other, the bell ring. After the incident both seemed to be scared of one another, Jung Woo picks up his chair while sighing out of relief that he wasn’t beat up and Young Bok leaves the class room with his hand trembling (because he apparently was scared of Jung Woo).

On his way home, Jung Woo sees a boxing school/academy (?) and enters. The administrator gives him the papers he has to fill so he could take boxing classes. After finishing the papers, Yuk Ho comes in, because Jung Woo didn’t want to be seen by Yuk Ho, he runs away but the Brown Bear sees the papers Jung Woo filled to participate in boxing classes.

Rushing out of the boxing school, Jung Woo sees Ah Young at the bus stations. She asks him why he didn’t come at the meeting point ( at the pine tree) that morning, but Jung Woo apologizes saying that he over slept.

On their way home, Ah Young asks Jung Woo why he asked her out. Shocked at her sudden question, he starts to stutter. At first Jung Woo didn’t want to say why he asked her out, but Ah Young asks him to be honest with her because it’s important for her; then Jung Woo puts his boxing gloves on her ears and says that it’s a secret, eventually he kisses Ah Young.

Next morning, Jung Woo waits for Ah Young at the pine tree, but because she didn’t come, he decides to go to school. When he arrives at school, he sees Ah Young smiling with another guy. During class, Dok Won tells Jung Woo that the guy Ah Young was talking to is the school president.

Hyun Jin , who considers Ah Young as her rival, tries to flirt with Jung Woo and also tells him that if he needs help for the National Singing Contest to not hesitate in asking her. But Jung Woo doesn’t pay any attention to Hyun Jin because he sees Ah Young talking with the school president again. Ah Young also notices Jung Woo talking with Hyun Jin.

After school ended, Jung Woo thought Ah Young was leaving with the school president and runs after them. But in the end it seems that he was wrong and the people he thought as being Ah Young and the school president were actually other classmates. Ah Young appears and he seems rather confused but happy that she didn’t go with the other guy.

Ah Young apologizes to Jung Woo for ignoring him the whole day. She confessed that she was embarrassed to talk with him. He asks why she felt that way but his question embarrasses Ah Young even more, only after a few seconds he remembers that yesterday he kissed her.

Young Bok blabbers about Jung Woo while Wonil was training at the boxing club. Later, Yuk Ho appears. When Young Bok starts talking about Wonil liking Ah Young, some tension seems to appear between Yuk Ho and Wonil but in the end Wonil leaves. Before leaving Wonil tells Yuk Ho:

Wonil: I heard you’re training to go pro. Your personal life is important, but remember that you are also part of a group.

Because yesterday Jung Woo says something about wanting a bike, the next day Ah Young brings a bike. But it seems that Jung Woo doesn’t know how to write bikes therefore, Ah Young has to write it while Jung Woo just sits on the back.

At school the girls from the class room where making some “witch chants” that in their mind were actually true. One of the girls asks Ah Young if she wants to find out if she and Jung Woo are soul mates. Ah Young accepts but when they were supposed to see the result, Dok Won falls and interrupts the game.  Since Dok Won broke the paper the girls were using to make the chants, one of the girls says that because the paper was ripped, Ah Young may face jinx.

Although AH Young tried not to show that she was actually scared of the “chants”, during their self study time, she gets scared when she sees another classmate (who was searching for her pencil under the desk). Out of shock or just simply overworking herself Ah Young has a nosebleed and goes to the bathroom. In the bathroom she gets scared by another classmate and runs out and bumps into Jung Woo who came to see if she was okay.

After school, because it was night, Ah Young calls Jung Woo and asks him if he can go with her at the school to pick up some notes she left there.  In the mean time, Young Bok and Wonil got some soju and cigarettes packs to put them into Dok Won’s desk so the teacher will find it the next morning and punish Dok Won.

At school, Ah Young and Jung Woo get scared of Young Bok ad Wonil and vice-versa. Ah Young and Jung Woo jump out the window but she hurts her leg. The bullies got caught by the school staff.

On their way back home, Jung Woo carries Ah Young on his back. She asks him if from there onwards he can call her by her name and not as “class president”. Actually A Young wanted to go back to school to take back the paper on which the girls did the chants, but on the way back home, the paper falls off Ah Young’s pocket…. and a bug lands on the paper on the O part and not the X part meaning that Ah Young and Jung Woo are soul mates.

Arriving home, Ah Young sees flowers on a table, and asks her mother if she can also go to visit her brother but the mother says that it will just take her mind from studies so she shouldn’t go.

While Dok Won was going to do a delivers, Yuk Ho who was training bums into him but compared to how people from the school fear Yuk Ho, he seems rather nice and apologizes to Dok Won for bumping into him.

The next day, Jung Woo and Ah Young meet to go together at school but Ah Young looks rather irritated. She eventually scolds him for not preparing for the singing contest. Later, Jung Woo accepts Hyun Jin’s help with for the singing contest. Because the practice for the contest took too long, Ah Young falls asleep. When the practice ends she sees Jung Woo with an umbrella and asks him from where he got it since in the morning he didn’t had one and he says Hyun Jin gave him an extra umbrella she had.

On the way home, Ah Young tells Jung Woo to sing for her the songs he prepared for the contest. When he starts singing, AH Young remembers some moments when a guy (probably her brother) who played her that song in the boxing school. When Jung Woo finishes the song, Ah Young tells him to choose another song since he didn’t touch the listener’s heart.

Too bad this drama has only 4 episodes….


  1. I wasn’t planning to watch this but it happened to be on TV while I was channel surfing, and I was hooked! I totally agree with you, all the young actors are awesome ;P

    1. Thank you for the comment, glad you like the drama, hopped it would’ve been longer or at least 8 episodes ;_;

  2. diiankyu · · Reply

    i love this drama too..
    the lead actor is superb cute..
    i thought it gonna better if they made this into a ‘real’ drama with 16 episodes.. 😀

    1. True, it would’ve been awesome if it was longer but we should thank -even- for these 4 episodes since other special dramas have only 1 episode OTL

  3. linda noh · · Reply

    sis I couldn’t find your review/recap PUBERTY MEDLEY episode 4..dying to read/know the ending..plz post it here..tqvm!

    1. I will post it soon ^ ^

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