[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 32 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


This episode was the process (?) for all the characters to sharpen their claws and in the next episodes, I suppose we’ll see them attacking each other…….or something like that. But hey, that’s what will make ‘I summon you Gold’ even more exciting.

After Soon Sang called Shim Dok into his office to tell her to send Hyun Tae back home, Shim Dok is finally shouting all her anger on Soon Sang, telling him that if he wants Hyun Tae back, then he should be the one to go to her house and take Hyun Tae. Shim Dok tells the boss, her true feelings regarding the whole issue with Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun, also that she was disappointed by Soon Sang, because he was a person she trusted but he went and agreed with Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun’s divorce so that he will make Hyun Tae marry Mina and with that marriage the jewelry company will grow thanks to Mina’s father.

Moreover Shim Dok’s anger is justified by the fact that she sacrificed herself in the past for the company. (To put it simple she was the one to do all the work when their store wasn’t as big as it is in the present)

Shim Dok: I may come from nothing, but never imagined you’d betray and throw me out after sacrificing my youth to work for you.

After Shim Dok’s blow up, she hands Soon Sang her resignation letter.

When she goes outside of Soon Sang’s office, Shim Dok thinks to herself that she will never give back her son-in-law. For a moment, Soon Sang remembers the times when the company wasn’t so big and Shim Dok was the one doing pretty much everything in that store.

Mong Gyu and Min Jung continue to sell accessories on the streets. Unfortunately, because Min Jung overworked herself, she falls ill and faints on the street. Shocked Mong Gyu rushes with her to the hospital. After she was treated at the hospital, Mong Gyu scolds Min Jung for overworking and for not resting properly.

Min Jung: If I did (rest) every time I felt tired, I might’ve starved (…) It’s nice to have someone next to me when I’m sick.

Min Jung confesses to Mong Gyu that because she doesn’t have a family she has to earn money by herself. When Mong Gyu asks her why she isn’t calling her friends when she is sick, she tells him that she doesn’t have any friends, since no one will want to be friend with someone poor like her. Hearing her story, Mong Gyu takes Min Jung’s hand and tries to comfort her. (He is more mature than his mother thinks, to be honest)

Dok Hee and Hyun Joon meet up to discuss about Sung Eun and Hyun Soo.  Hyun Joon tells his mother that it will be better if he goes to the Japanese branch for a while, but Dok Hee doesn’t want to let him, and tells Hyun Joon that if he goes to Japan, Hyun Soo may have a bigger chance to overtake the jewelry company and afterwards he may go to find his mother. Dok Hee reveals that she is behind Hyun Soo’s mother’s supposed ‘cheating incident’ – Dok Hee was the one to hire someone to make Hyun Soo’s mother seem like she cheated on Soon Sang, when in fact she didn’t cheat. Although shocked at his mother’s sudden confession, Hyun Joon still wants to divorce Sung Eun and go to the Japanese branch of the jewelry company.

After the meeting with Hyun Joon, Dok Hee goes to the company. There she sees Mong Hee but she thinks it’s Yoona and goes to Hyun Soo to ask him where Yoon is, but Hyun Soo tells her that Yoona is at home, making Dok Hee think something is suspicious. Therefore, Dok Hee asks for the CVs of the company’s employees. Among the files, Dok Hee sees Mong Hee’s CV and she starts thinking that all along Mong Hee was in fact acting as Yoona to help Hyun Soo.

Hyun Tae is now working at the chicken restaurant of Mong Hyun’s uncle. Before going home the uncle gives Hyun Tae his pay and also tries to warn Hyun Tae to be careful because after a few years of marriage, wives don’t remain cute as in the beginning of the marriage but change and grow obsessed with money.

With his wife in mind, Hyun Tae goes to a jewelry store to buy Mong Hyun a ring with the money he earned by working for the first time.

Dok Hee asks Sung Eun about Mong Hee, how she got hired into the company and so on. Sung Eun tries to cover up for Mong Hee and Hyun Soo but Dok Hee with her evil mind understands everything eventually.

Hyun Tae happy like a puppy give Mong Hyun the ring thinking that she will be happy to receive it, but actually happened the opposite, Mong Hyun got angry with him for spending money thoughtless when they have to gather money to buy a place of their own. After being scolded by his wife for wasting money, Hyun Tae sulks. To make up, Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae to re-start everything and give her the ring once again. Joyful, Hyun Tae offers the ring again, but after Mong Hyun acted all happy like he wanted to, she jokes and tells him to go and return the ring and take back the money he spend on it.

Now that Dok Hee knows Sung Eun’s past and Hyun Soo who used Mong Hee as Yoona, she feel powerful and tries to threaten Sung Eun, but the daughter in law doesn’t seem impressed by the witch.

Hyun Joon calls Sung Eun and tells her to meet up at a restaurant. Sung Eun runs happily to meet Hyun Joon thinking that they finally have a date after a long time. When she arrives at the restaurant, Hyun Joon tells her tha he wants to divorce, but Sung Eun doesn’t want to accept it. He gets irritated and starts shouting that he feels disgusted with her for lying about her past and for having a child with another man.  Sung Eun changes her attitude towards him and starts insulting Hyun Joon telling him that he has no right to say he wants a divorce when his father started liking him thanks to her. Hyun Joon looks dumbfounded after Sung Eun’s change of attitude asking her if she is the same person he shared a bed with all those years. (I thought she actually loves Hyun Joon because she seemed so happy after he called her but I don’t think it’s the case anymore)

At the main house, Hyun Soo , Dok Hee and Sung Eun sit down to talk. Sung Eun tells Dok Hee that Hyun Joon wants to divorce, but surprisingly Dok Hee agrees to their divorce. Sung Eun is shocked and goes to confront Dok Hee for agreeing with the divorce, but the mother in law shows an I-don’t-care-if-its-the-end-of-me-you-are-going-down-with-me kind of attitude and doesn’t give in to Sung Eun’s threats. As a last resort, Sung Eun drops on her knees and begs Dok Hee to forgive her.

While working alone in the office on the new product plan, Mong Hee can’t helps herself but to stare at Sang Chul, then Mong Hee asks him if he wants to go out to drink some coffee. When they get up, they see Hyun Soo who was standing at the door looking at them. Feeling as a third wheel, Hyun Soo gives them the food he brought and leaves the room but Mong Hee runs after him, leaving Sang Chul wonder about the relationship between Mong Hee and Hyun Soo.

Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo to stay and eat with her and Sang Chul, but refuses saying he got another schedule. After Hyun Soo left, Sang Chul gives Mong Hee a coffees and stars asking her straight forward if she and Hyun Soo are in a relationship. When Mong Hee replays that she and Hyun Soo aren’t in a relationship, Sang Chul seemed relieved.

Sang Chul: Are you two dating?

Mong Hee: No.

Sang Chul: Why not? He seems like a nice person.

Mong Hee: He is married.

Sang Chul: Really? He seemed to care for you a lot.

Mong Hee: Can you tell?

Sang Chul: I’m not stupid.

Hyun Tae is still experiences family life with the two grannies, Mong Hyun and his in-laws. When the grannies get childish over a game, he tries to divide himself in favor of both grandmothers. At some point the paternal grandmother gets angry with the other grandmother and says she wants to quit the game but Hyun tae says he will buy ice cream for her so she won’t get upset, but Mong Hyun pinches her husband so he will pay attention to money and not start again spending on useless things. In the end the family goes to karaoke…………where Shim Dok paid for everything.

Another day, the patrol comes on the street where Mong Gyu was selling accessories. When one of the patrol people wanted to confiscate his products, out of nowhere Hyun Tae appears and helps Mong Gyu run away. Feeling happy, the two decided to go drink………… in broad daylight! After drinking, Hyun Tae and Mong Gyu arrives home drunk, and because they were loud in front of the house’s gate, Shim Dok hears them and tries to scold the drunkards but with no results, but in return they both kissed Shim Dok on the cheek.

Soon Sang call for a family meeting to make a plan about how to bring Hyun Tae back home, but it seemed like everyone are just a bunch of useless people.

Hyun Soo can’t go because he already paid a get well visit some time ago for Shim Dok.

Hyun Joon can’t go because of his personality.

Sung Eun can’t go because Mong Hyun’s family doesn’t like her. They won’t even open the door.

‘Yoona’ can’t go because she may create a bigger problem given her personality.

Dok Hee can’t go because she thinks that Soon Sang has to go and take Hyun Tae back, after all Shim Dok challenged him to go.

As a last resort  Soon Sang ………………..starts praying to God, his father and grandfather.

To see if her thoughts about Hyun Soo and Mong Hee had a plan so that Mong Hee will act as Yoona, Dok Hee puts a trap for the two. When they were just the 3 of them, Hyun Soo asks Dok Hee where his mother is and if she doesn’t tells him, he may tell everything to his father.

But Dok Hee plays her card well, and tells Hyun Soo that he has no right to tell her anything about being a liar when he is also one and turns her head towards ‘Yoona’ and says:

Dok Hee: Who will believe a liar like you? Am I wrong, Ms Jung Mong Hee?


  1. gingko! · · Reply

    Would anyone know the cute duet that Hyun Tae and Mong Gyu did in the karaoke??
    really loved that bit!

    1. The song is called “Hawaiian Couple” by Humming Urban Stereo

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