[Jdrama] ‘Summer nude’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m not a fan of Karina, Yamashita or Erika Toda and neither a fan of puppy-love-kind of dramas but to be honest, from the teasers it seemed like a good summer drama therefore …..I’m watching it!

After seeing episode 1, I’ll definitely continue watching it~

Going to make a character introduction before the actual recap:

Mikuri‎ya Asahi (by Yamashita Tomohisa ) – is a photographer; his girlfriend, Kazumi Ichikura (Masami Nagasawa), left him but Asahi is still waiting for her;

Chiyohara Natsuki ‎ (by Karina) –is a chef, in the first episode during her wedding ceremony the husband-to-be run away;

Taniyama Hanae (by Toda Erika) – Asahi’s former classmate; she has an unrequited love for him for about 10 years (?).

Takashi Yaino and Hikari Kirihata are Asahi and Hanae’s friends

Setsuko Shimojima and Kenji Shimojima – married couple; Natsuki, Asahi, Hanae, Takashi and Hikari will work at the beach restaurant owned by the married couple, after the wife gives birth.

Asahi is the photographer at Natsuki’s wedding. While Asahi was making photos and message recordings of the guest at the wedding for the new married couple, he witnesses when the husband leaves the wedding and Natsuki running after the husband with some stick with fire. Natsuki sees Asahi who was making photos of the moments when her husband leaves her, and annoyed she punched Asahi in the stomach.

Asahi and Hanae go to Kenji’s bar. As their conversation was about Kenji’s wife who just gave birth, Kenji remembers that Hanae wasn’t present at their wedding so he shows her a recording of Asahi from the wedding. Because Asahi knew what it was recorded he leaves the bar and Hanae continues to watch the video. In the recording, after some moments of Kenji and his wife’s beach wedding, Hanae sees a conversation of Asahi with his former girlfriend, Kazumi Ichikura, where Asahi tells Kazumi that she is precious to him.

Knowing that Hanae loves Asahi, Kenji apologizes to Hanae for showing her the recording saying that he forgot about the conversation between Asahi and Kazumi was recorded there.

When Asahi arrives at work, his boss tells him that even though Natsuki’s husband left her during the wedding they still have to ask the payment for the photos.

Because her husband left during their wedding, Natsuki isn’t leaving her house. At some point her mother tells her that she has to do something else and stop staying at home doing nothing. Natsuki goes to her work place to give back the wedding-money to her colleagues from her former workplace – she gave up working as a chef before marriage; when she arrives at the restaurant, Natsuki wants to work again there, but her colleagues from the restaurant told her that the boss already found someone else to fill up.

Natsuki receives the photos from her wedding together with a letter from Asahi. In the letter Asahi apologizes to Natsuki that considering the events from the wedding he still has to ask for the payment of his work, he also tells Natsuki that he wishes for her to find happiness.

While everyone was at Kenji’s bar talking about how he will open the summer bar/restaurant without his wife, Asahi receives a call from Natsuki. She thanks him for his letter, after thinking for a little moment, knowing that Natsuki is a chef; Asahi asks her if she can help at Kenji’s bar for a day.

The next day, Natsuki arrives from Tokyo. At Kenji’s bar, while he was thanking Natsuki for helloing him the whole summer, Natsuki tell Kenji that she heard from Asahi that she has to help only for one day. Annoyed Natsuki leaves the bar and everyone follows her. Kenji even begs her to help with the bar for the summer since his wife just gave birth, even so Natsuki doesn’t want to help them.

While in the way to drive Natsuki to the station so she can go back to Tokyo, Asahi tells her that because of her temper her husband left her during the wedding. Irritated Natsuki gets out of the car and decides to walk until the station. Until Natsuki arrived, the station closed, but Asahi comes after her and tells her to get in his car. Although Natsuki thought Asahi will drive her to Tokyo, he actually takes her back to Kenji’s bar. She asks him why she drove her there since he was supposed to take her to Tokyo but Asahi tells her that he took her to Tokyo. ( Kenji’s bar is named Minatoku – in Tokyo there is also a ward named Minato-ku – he made a joke I suppose…..)

Since Natsuki couldn’t go back home, she will spend the night at Hanae’s house. During their walk to Hanae’s home, Natsuki finds out that Hanae likes Asahi. Hanae also tells Natsuki about Asahi’s former girlfriend who left him a few years ago.

When Asahi was returning home, he sees Natsuki on the beach; Natsuki asks Asahi if he can do a favor for her – to throw her wedding ring in the sea. Just at the moment when Asahi was throwing the ring away, Natsuki changes her mind and tells him not to throw it.

The next morning, Hanae takes Natsuki to visit Kenji’s wife. After the visit at the hospital, Natsuki changes her mind and accepts to work at Kenji’s restaurant for the summer.

Now that Natsuki accepted to work as a chef at Kenji’s place, everyone goes and helps Kenji put the restaurant on the beach in order. After the work was done, Asahi and Natsuki end up playing in the water. Hanae sees the two playing by themselves, Hikari notices Hanae as well while she was watching Asahi and Natsuki.

At night, Hanae asks Natsuki if she can watch the DVD Asahi gave her – because Natsuki thought Asahi put the video of her and her husband that was supposed to play at her wedding, she lets Hanae watch it but refuses to watch it herself.  Hanae plays the DVD and after a while she calls for Natsuki and tells her that may have cut everything from the video with the husband and let only the pictures and messages form Natsuki’s friends.

After watching the video, Natsuki goes with Hanae on the beach to throw in the sea her wedding ring.


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