[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 27 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Good news, the camerawork is getting better, bad news…..the script/lines are still out of place and kind of random. But, to be honest, I was so angry with Shim Dok in this episode that I barely cared about the staff’s work…

Hyun Joon and Hyun Soo have a meeting with their father where the father tells Hyun Soo to go to Japan and develop their branch there. Socked at the sudden news, Hyun Soo wants to refuse but he is pretty much bushed from behind by Hyun Joon. When they leave their father’s office, Hyun Soo asks his younger brother whose idea was to send him to Japan, if it was their father’s or Hyun Joon’s; of course Hyun Joon admits bluntly that it was his idea.

Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee about Hyun Joon’s plan of sending him to Japan. However, Mong Hee comes with a plan which may prevent Hyun Soo’s leave; Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo to inform his father that he won’t go to Japan because he is currently developing a new product for their jewelry company.


The paternal mother finally gives her money to Mong Hee’s mother and father so that they can pay their loans.

Shim Dok goes to Soon Sang to let him know that she came back to work. Because Shim Dok was now back, working at the jewelry store, Mong Hee has to hide from her mother whenever the two were in the same room/place.

Hyun Joon tells Sung Eun about Hyun Soo’s plan of developing a new product. Hearing that, she gets angry knowing that Mong Hee may be the one to make the design for the new product. Hyun Soo remains cold towards Sung Eun, and tells her that she shouldn’t care too much about the new product, since she must be busy finding a new craftsman. Hyun Joon mentions –again- the florist guy he found which happens to also be a good craftsman (now that he found out about Sung Eun’s past, Hyun Joon seems to tease her by bringing the florist-Sang Chul- every now and then; honestly he seems to be giving her some warning so that she will tell him the truth herself).


Sung Eun goes to Sang Chul’s flower shop where she makes a scene, shouting at him to move to somewhere else so that Hyun Joon won’t find him. Sang Chul is still refusing to move, after all it’s not his problem if Hyun Joon finds out about his and Sung Eun’s past, and about their daughter. Seeing that he doesn’t want to move, Sung Eun tries to beg him but Sang Chul still maintains his position in not moving away his flower shop/house.


Dok Hee makes some home cooking food and tells Mong Hyun to go to Young Ae’s house and give the food to Mina, since Young Ae feeds Mina only with take-out food. Hyun Tae comes at the right moment, and throws the package on the floor.

Hyun Tae meets up with ‘Yoona’ to asks for her help to make Dok Hee and Young Ae stop force him to divorce Mong Hyun.


Yoona and Hyun Soo go to the main house for dinner –‘ Yoona’ asks Dok Hee to have a talk with her after dinner. Later, when ‘Yoona’ and Dok Hee sit to talk, ‘Yoona’ pretty much threatens Dok Hee to live Mong Hyun alone and never mentions Mina again.

Dok Hee: Who are you to tell me what to do?

‘Yoona’: I’m the eldest daughter-in-law.It’s my duty to maintain order and peace in this household.

Dok Hee: What am I then? What am I in your eyes for you to be so rude?

‘Yoona’: Do you have to ask? Frankly, you are not a woman of this house by law.

Hyun Joon comes and tells ‘Yoona’ to stop being disrespectful to his mother.


Mong Hee goes on with her plan to help Hyun Soo develop a new product for the Jewelry Company and goes to do a market research. While doing so, she kind of hurts her legs, and because she doesn’t sleep too much her nose bleeds rather often.

Because Mong Gyu was currently unemployed, Mong Hee decides to give her accessories truck to her younger brother. When she goes to tell her mother about Mong Gyu taking over her truck, the mother gets angry saying that she won’t let her child sell stuff on the streets. Because if he starts selling stuff on the streets, he may not have a chance to marry a good girl. OF COURSE!!!! Mong Hee is feels hurt after hearing her mother’s words, and finally she tells Shim Dok her true feeling, about how because they needed to pay for her younger siblings prestigious schools she had to give up University and sell accessories on the streets.

But the mother still doesn’t understands why Mong Hee got angry and continues with her idea of not letting Mong Gyu sell accessories, after all the boy graduated from Korea University… Madam, do you even realize who paid for your baby boy’s school? Yeah yeah it was Mong Hee, the child you adopted and whose feeling you don’t get.


Afterwards, the maternal grandmother tries to convince Shim Dok to let Mong Gyu take over Mong Hee’s truck.  Mong Hee tells Mong Gyu that if he feels embarrassed to sell on the streets, he should ask a friend to help him. He immediately thinks of the girl who worked with him at the cosmetic clinic/store.

Min Jung accepts to work with Mong Gyu to sell accessories. She does everything without feeling embarrassed, but Mong Gyu is somewhat embarrassed to do that kind of work.


Mina and Mong Hyun finally meet. Mong Hyun says that although, Hyun Tae loves/loved Mina, he choose to marry her therefore Mina should now butt out and leave them alone. Mina is visible annoyed with what Mong Hyun said, but her anger doesn’t last long since Young Ae appears. Actually Young Ae thought she was meeting Mina’s mother but in fact Mina lied to her to come at the place where she and Mong Hyun were meeting. With this Mina tried to show Mong Hyun that now Young Ae is on her side.


Hyun Tae finds out about Mong Hyun and Mina meeting, and he rushed to take Mong Hyun back. After that they go to visit Mong Hyun’s school – which by the way was also paid by Mong Hee.

Young Ae goes to the main house to update Dok Hee on Mina. For a moment Young Ae seems to regret turning her back on Mong Hyun, but Dok Hee reminds to Young Ae what they did to Hyun Soo’s mother in the past, therefore Young Ae shouldn’t act nice now.

Sung Eun stalks Aram for a few days and one day Aram is gone missing. Frightened because his daughter is missing, Sang Chul searches for Aram, but with no results. As a last resort, Sang Chul goes to the jewelry company of the Park family. In the hallway, Hyun Soo sees Sang Chul and asks him not to make a scene there, and that he will call for Sung Eun.


When Sung Eun appears, Sang Chul makes a scene in front of the company and demands to Sung Eun to give back his daughter. Staff of the company, including Hyun Soo and Mong Hee, comes out and see the scene, until some bodyguards take Sung Chul away.


A few days later (I suppose), Hyun Joon comes into the office to introduce the new craftsman – Ji Sang Chul.


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  1. Shim Dok is getting under my skin, she is so obliviously selfish… *facepalm*

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