[Kdrama] My open letter to ‘Heartless City’ writer

WARNING! It may contain SPOILERS! Do not read this post if you haven’t watched until episode 10 of ‘Cruel City’.

Really don’t read this post!!! What’s the point of spoiling yourself all the fun? wouldn’t it be awesome if you see what happenes in episode 10 and then read my post, yeah I think so too, therefore go and watch episode 10, then read this post.

Dear Yoo Sung Yul,

You are a genius! Thank you for this awesome drama.


유성열작가님은천재이에요! 이 멋진 드라마 주셔서 감사합니다.

Seriously, this drama is perfect!!

I didn’t really pay much attention at the first seconds of episode 1, when it said ‘undercover’ but now I understand – pretty much everyone in this drama is undercover.

When they said that the Doctor’s Son/ Shi Hyun was an undercover agent my jaw dropped, but in episode 10 when it was found out that Safari/ Moon Duk Bae is also an undercover agent my whole face dropped…. Actually, I kind of suspected Safari to be a cop then I thought ‘He couldn’t also be undercover right?’ – a few episodes later BADABIM BADABUM he reveals his undercover identity.  Even so, smells fishy that he said it so ‘openly’ – I mean if he is undercover, why reveal it so easily?

By the way is it just me or Choi Moo Sung’s (Safari) acting style reminds of Sung Dong Il’s acting – don’t know why but he reminds me so much of Dong Il.

Now, knowing that almost half of the characters are undercover, I pray for Soo to also be an undercover cop because this way he may have a chance for a happy ending – pretty please, let him live!!!



  1. do yall know lee jong suk\

  2. do u know him

    1. Yes, I know him

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