[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 26 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

With Sang Chul finally entering the scene, I thought the drama was going to get even better, but noooo they decide to bring some newbie cameramen – sorry I’m still angry about the sloppy camerawork of episode 25 and 26…..and probably I will get angry with the future episodes as well.

After Sung Chul sees Sung Eun he runs out, but on the hallway he also meets Mong Hee, shocked he asks Mong Hee is she and Sung Eun work there together – rude dude he runs away. I seriously don’t get it why he is so scared (?) of Mong Hee – I mean, dude weren’t you the one who cheat on her with another woman and even had a child. He acts like Mong Hee or Sung Eun will eat him up at any moment.

Sung Eun goes into Hyun Joon’s office, he tells Sung Eun that the respective flower shop was recommended to him by a friend (yeah it was actually the detective who investigated Sung Eun’s past). Sung Eun doesn’t say much – she was still shocked after meeting Sung Chul. When Hyun Joon tells her he wasn’t to hire the florist for the company’s events, Sung Eun tries to not show her shock and agrees with her husband.  Hyun Joon asks Sung Eun if she has anything more to say to him (maybe take the chance to tell him the truth) but Sung Eun doesn’t take the chance and just thanks him for the flowers.

Dok Hee tells Mong Hyun that she will go to Young Ae’s house to visit Mina; Mong Hyun tries to stop her but Dok he is still sour since Mong Hyun let Young Ae stand next to her in the wedding photo and pretty much because Mong Hyun didn’t listen to her all this time.

Sung Eun asks Mong Hee if she is the one who told Hyun Joon about Sung Chul, but she eventually understands that Mong Hee wouldn’t do that since Hyun Soo and Mong Hee’s fate are in her hands. Mong Hee asks Sung Eun if she ever saw her child but Sung Eun doesn’t seem pleased with the question and tells Mong Hee she has no intention to see the child until her own death. Mong Hee tries to convince Sung Eun that it will be better if she tells Hyun Joon the whole truth now before it’s too late however Sung Eun didn’t even want to hear about something like that and leaves.

Dok Hee goes to visit Mina at Young Ae house.  Young Ae warns Dok Hee that Mina is a rather ‘free-spirit’; when Mina appears Dok Hee refers to Hyun Tae as ‘our Hyun Tae’ thing which makes Mina stop Dok Hee from talking to tell her:

Mina: Since when has he become OUR Hyun Tae?

Although Dok Hee wanted to help Mina get marries with Hyun Tae, Mina didn’t appear too fond of the witch’s help and tells Dok Hee up front that since Hyun Tae hates her hence she also hates Dok Hee.

Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae about Dok Hee going to Young Ae’s house to visit Mina; since the only person who may stop Dok Hee is Soon Sang, Hyun Tae runs to his father to tell what Dok Hee is up to.

Sung Eun goes to the address of the florist that Hyun Joon gave to her – when she finds the flower shop, Sung Eun sees Ah Ram playing in the garden.

Hyun Soo asks Mong Hee who the man from the morning was; eventually Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo that the man was actually Ji Sang Chul, her boyfriend from her University days who cheated on her. Before parting ways, Hyun Soo offers Mong Hee a ride home however Mong Hee doesn’t accept and tells him that she wants to take a walk alone.

Soon Sang fights with Dok Hee in front of Mong Hyun, after the in-laws leave Mong Hyun falls on the ground and cries; Hyun Tae appears and consoles her – this scene was so random and out of place….

Soon Sang meets with Young Ae to tell her to kick Mina out; Young Ae lies to Soon Sang telling him that she wants to kick Mina out but Dok Hee threatened with ‘exiling’ her in Florida. Soon Sang goes to Dok Hee to asks for some explanations then Dok Hee goes to Young Ae to ask her why she lied to Soon Sang. Noticed a small mistake the staff (?) did, Young Ae tells Soon Sang that Dok Hee threatened her with sending her in Florida, Soon Sang shouts at Dok Hee to threatening Young Ae with sending her in Sri Lanka but when Dok Hee goes back to Young Ae she asks Young Ae why she lied to Soon Sang about the threat with sending her to Florida…. Random….

Mong Hyun calls Mina and tells her to meet up to talk about Hyun Tae.

Sung Eun offers Sang Chul money to move his flower shop somewhere else,  also not to tell Hyun Joon about their past or to accept Hyun Joon’s offer to work for the Park family’s jewelry company. Sang Chul refuses the money and tells her that he has no intention in accepting Hyun Joon’s work offer.

Sung Eun:  If it keeps getting complicated, we will all suffer. It will be bad for the child as well.

Sang Chul: Are you worried about her now?

Sung Eun:  No, I’m looking out for me.

Sang Chul: That’s all you can say after seeing your daughter in 5 years?

Angry, Sung Eun shouts at him that she should’ve left Ah Ram at the orphanage and should’ve never taken the child from there, annoyed Sang Chul tells her to take the money back and never come back there.

Sang Chul: You really don’t care about the child even a little?

Sung Eun: I gave her up 5 years ago.

After the whole incident with Sung Eun, Sang Chul spends some time with his daughter, when Hyun Joon also appears to scout Sang Chul for the company, Sang Chul vehemently refuses Hyun Joon’s proposal, still Hyun Joon leaves him the documents and information of the company.

There is another scene of Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae, where Hyun Tae tells her to believe in him and some other bla bla bla, soon I will start skipping their parts, they just make want to throw a glass of cold water at them, maybe this way they’ll wake up from their stupidity, especially Mong Hyun.

Hyun Joon and Hyun Soo meet and Hyun Joon tells Hyun Soo if he takes him for a fool. Although he wanted to leave aside Dok Hee’s hate for Hyun Soo and Hyun Tae, Hyun Joon wanted to treat them as brothers, but now he feels like a fool.

Hyun Joon: It’s tough because I’m your brother, but you have no choice but to get me. Is that it? Can I take it as you officially challenging me?

Hyun Soo: I have no choice. It’s too late for me now to back off.

Honestly every line in this episode was so random and out of place – don’t even want to mention the camerawork which was shaky shaky shaky during the whole time, to make everything seem more intense, but it wasn’t intense or at least from my point of view, it was rather annoying to watch.

Lack of Mong Hee in this episode…

This drama was so good before the –new- staff started to do a half-assed work and ruin everything from script to camerawork and editing. Oh well, I will still keep watching it since I’m curious about what’s going to happen with Hyun Soo and Mong Hee when Yoona will appear and also why Sang Chul acts like Sung Eun and Mong Hee will eat him when he was the one to cheat on Mong Hee with Sung Eun.

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