[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 25 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

After Hyun Soo tells his father that he and Yoona will get a divorce, Soon Sang shouts at Hyun Soo and asks him why are they getting a divorce when lately the two of them started to get along – or so it seemed (but that was only Mong Hee acting like Yoona, the real Yoona, before disappearing she left Hyun Soo the divorce papers). Before telling the truth to his father, Hyun Joon enters the room and the whole conversation about the divorce dries out.

Mong Hee is now working as a jewelry designer under Sung Eun – actually she works as a designer only with the name since Mong Hee makes only coffee for now, mostly because Sung Eun wants so;  after all Sung Eun is the team leader. Sung Eun tells Mong Hee that she truly wants Mong Hee to become a real designer but Mong Hee doesn’t seem so sure of Sung Eun sincerity.

Mong Hee: Are you planning on giving me petty errands and then kick me out?

Although it looked like Mong Hee hit the nail, and Sung Eun was giving her petty errands with the thought of kicking her out afterwards, Sung Eun gets angry and tells Mong Hee that for now she is just a rookie employee therefore she has to start from scratch because no one will become a jewelry designer all of a sudden without starting from zero.

The girl from Mong Gyu’s work place tell him that the boss of the cosmetic shop decided to move the shop in another location so they will have to find new work places.

Hyun Soo sees Mong Hee being angry because Sung Eun makes her do only petty jobs so he encourages Mong Hee saying that her strong points are her resistance and determination. Using those she can definitely become a jewelry designer.

Back at the office, Mong Hee shows her determination and tries to learn from the other members of the design team, but Sung Eun doesn’t even let her listen to their meeting and tells Mong Hee to go make them some coffee (again! Sung Eun too much coffee isn’t good you know? So stop bullying Mong Hee!!…..at least change it to juice).  When Mong Hee goes to make the coffees, she puts a lot of syrup in Sung Eun’s coffee.

DADAAAA DAAAAMMM!! Mong Hee and Sung Eun ex-boyfriend appears.

Because Hyun Joon was curious what his wife is hiding from him, he gets her past investigated that’s how he also finds out that Sung Eun actually had a child 5 years before they got married. The girl now lives with Sung Eun’s (and Mong Hee) former boyfriend, Ji Sang Chul.

Hyun Joon goes to Sang Chul’s flower shop with the pretext of wanting to buy flowers for his wife. While in the store, the little girl, names Ah Ram also appears.

After finding out that Mina is actually rich, Young Ae is nicer to Mina, she even lets Mina stay in her house and buys the food the girl likes.  Dok Hee and Young Ae meet up and Dok Hee is still trying to convince Young Ae that it will be better if Hyun Tae divorces Mong Hyun and marries Mina. Young Ae still tries to act like she isn’t interested since Mong Hyun is Hyun Tae’s wife, but Dok Hee doesn’t believe the ‘I care for my daughter in law’ act.

Dok Hee notices Young Ae who lately avoids Mong Hyun so with the pretext of wanting to go shopping, the witch asks Young Ae to give her a ride. When they arrive at the main house, Dok Hee tells Young Ae that she will call the housekeeper lady to take the groceries from the car, but in fact she calls Mong Hyun.

Hyun Joon, Sung Eun, Hyun Soo and ‘Yoona go out for lunch.  Sung Eun, Hyun Soo and ‘Yoona try to convince Hyun Joon that all of Yoona’s talk from the past in regards of ‘what he thinks of a woman’s past’ or ‘what he thinks if a woman had a child and is hiding the child from her husband’ were just random talks of Yoona and that she and Sung Eun didn’t know each other before marring into the Park family. Of course, since Hyun Joon already found out the truth about Sung Eun’s past, he acts nonchalant during lunch.

After lunch Hyun Soo asks Mong Hee if Sung Eun really had a child with the man from the past, but Mong Hee doesn’t want to answer. Hyun Soo tells her that they are using Sung Eun and her past for their own good at the moment, but at some point they still have to tell the truth to Hyun Joon, after all he has the right to know everything.

Dok Hee tells Mong Hyun to take the groceries from the car. When Mong Hyun goes outside for the groceries, Young Ae sees her and tries to hide, but Mong Hyun notices her mother in law who was trying to hide from her.

Hyun Joon goes back to Sang Chul’s flower shop. Hyun Joon tells Sang Chul that he wants to recruit him as a craftsman for the jewelry company. Sang Chul doesn’t accept his offer since he will rather spend his time with his daughter.

Hyun Tae goes to his mother’s apartment to kick Mina out, but Mina tells him that she will leave when Young Ae will tell her to. Annoyed, Hyun Tae questions his mother why she still didn’t kick Mina out; because her head was filled with Mina being filthy rich, Young Ae suggests Hyun Tae to give Mong Hyun some money and divorce her then marry Mina. Hearing what his mother just said, Hyun Tae shouts at his mother for even thinking that and rushes out of the house.

Hyun Tae takes Mong Hyun out for some fresh air. Being outside and without any pressure from other people, the two finally can talk; Mong Hyun confesses to Hyun Tae that she doesn’t resent Young Ae, but rather understands her. The young married couple go to a bar where Mong Hyun used to play the piano……………..and she plays some piano song lalala dididi daaa~.

Sang Chul goes to deliver the flowers Hyun Joon ordered. He finds out that the person who he was supposed to deliver the flower to was Sung Eun, shocked he runs. But on the hallway he also meets Mong Hee.

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