[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 24 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

After Hyun Soo told Mong Hee about his bet with Sung Eun that it may be a chance for her to finally become a jewelry designer, Mong Hee gives it a second thought. When she arrives home, Mong Hee decides to tell Shim Dok about the opportunity she was given to work as a designer. Unfortunately, the second Shim Dok finds out that Mong Hee will be working at Soon Sang’s company, she opposes Mong Hee’s idea of working at that company. But Mong Hee doesn’t understand why her mother is vehemently opposing and leaves the room.

Hyun Soo looks at the divorce papers he received from Yoona.

While Dok Hee and Sung Eun were talking about Hyun Tae’s girlfriend who was now living in Young Ae’s house, Hyun Joon appears. He tells the other two what he found out from a friend of his about Mina being actually the daughter of an important company’s CEO and that CEO’s mistress who also happened to be the director of an important hotel chain.

Young Ae is still trying to bribe Mina with money to leave her house and Hyun Tae alone. But Mina doesn’t seem interested in Young Ae’s money, when she says that Hyun Tae was actually the one spending her money all this time, Young Ae gets curious about Mina, and then the girl confesses she actually is the only daughter of an important CEO and his mistress. After hearing about Mina’s background, Young Ae “miraculously” changes the way she acts with Mina – she’s actually nicer…..”miraculously”.

The paternal grandmother is now acting like a brat by saying ‘I can’t eat this or this, I can’t do this, ah I feel sick’. She also criticizes Shim Dok’s cooking.

Sung Eun tells Hyun Joon that she made dinner plans with Hyun Soo and Yoona, there he can ask Yoona everything he is curious about. Hyun Joon gets angry saying Sung Eun embarrassed him by making that dinner plan. In addition, Hyun Joon tells his wife that he won’t believe anything because he thinks both Yoona and Sung Eun made a plan to cover Sung Eun’s past.

Byeong Hoo takes Mong Hee out for dinner. Mong Hee confesses to her father her true feeling about having to always give up her dream in the favor of her siblings.

When they arrive home, Byeong Hoo and Shim Dok go outside the house to talk about Mong Hee. Because Mong Hee always had to suffer, give up University, sell accessories on the street, Byeong Hoo scolds Shim Dok for not letting Mong Hee work at Park family’s company. But Shim Dok, still opposes, since she is afraid that Mong Hee may find out about her adoption.

Since the father is the only sane person from the Jung family, or so I believe also because he feels sorry for Mong Hee who always had to give up her dreams for her younger siblings, Byeong Hoo tells Mong Hee that he approves of her working as a jewelry designer at Soon Sang’s company, but she has to keep it a secret from Shim Dok.

Young Ae nags Hyun Tae because he didn’t told her that Mina is actually filthy rich. She tells her son her idea of him divorcing Mong Hyun and marry Mina. Hyun Tae gets angry and tells Young Ae that he won’t divorce Mong Hyun.

When Young Ae visits the main house, she doesn’t want to meet Mong Hyun. Dok Hee also implies to Young Ae about Hyun Tae divorcing Mong Hyun to marry Mina but Young Ae acts like she doesn’t care about how rich Mina is.

Mong Hee and Hyun Soo meet up; she tells him that she will accept working as a designer at his father’s company. But she also tells Hyun Soo that they shouldn’t talk when they are at work and keep everything a secret form her mother. After Mong Hee leaves, Hyun Soo says (without noticing, maybe…):

 Hyun Soo: Thank you for showing me your bright smile again.

Dok Hee continues her bulling on Mong Hyun. The step-mother-in-law tells Mong Hyun about Young Ae who lately seem not to want to meet her. Also to make Mong Hyun feel inferior in regards of her family’s background, Dok Hee tells Mong Hyun about Mina’s rich parents. Since Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae don’t have children, the witch implies to the young bride that maybe it will be better for her to divorce Hyun Tae so he could marry Mina.

Dok Hee: You have no children so there’s no excuse. Besides, I’m sure you know how much they love each other (…) You still don’t get it? You don’t belong in this scene.

Mong Hyun asks Hyun Tae why he didn’t tell her about Mina’s parents. Then she begins to whine some more about Hyun Tae not kicking Mina out of Young Ae’s house. Mong Hyun tells him she doesn’t have much time and he should kick the mistress out of his mother’s house. Hyun Tae takes notice when Mong Hyun says she doesn’t have much time, and understands that maybe Dok Hee is behind Mong Hyun’s urge to leave.

Hyun Tae rushes to Dok Hee. The witch also tries to convince Hyun Tae to divorce Mong Hyun and marry Mina, but Hyun Tae understands Dok Hee’s plan: if he marries Mina, since his mother is the second in their family, he and Young Ae will be treated as trash in Mina’s family as well. Hyun Tae threatens Dok Hee to stop putting stupid things in Mong Hyun head.

Hyun Tae: I may still have feeling for Mina, but Jung Mong Hyun is my wife now!

Hyun Soo is still trying to find his wife, he calls her best friend, but the friend refuses to tell him anything about where Yoona is currently.

Mong Hee is finally working as a jewelry designer – well for now she is a jewelry designer just with the name. Whenever Hyun Soo sees her, he wants to talk with her, but Mong Hee reminds him every time not to talk with her when they are at work.

Hyun Soo goes to his father and tells him that he and Yoona will divorce.


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