[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 23 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I liked Mong Hyun from the beginning but she’s starting to piss me off – even before marrying Hyun Tae, he told her about Mina; but honestly she is becoming such a sissy (sorry for the word but it’s true) – all Mong Hyun does in this episode is whine to Hyun Tae; pretty much saying “it’s her or me” or “when are you going to break up with her?!?!” kind of stuff.  I do understand Mong Hyun a little bit; just a little bit, after all she is his wife, but even so, she should stop whining in regards of Mina, after all her marriage with Hyun Tae was arranged by their parents.

Now that Hyun Soo found out about Sung Eun being the woman who made Mong Hee suffer in the past, he tries to convince Mong Hee to accept the prize from the design contest because this way she will have a fare fight with Sung Eun. Mong Hee refuses and tells Hyun Soo that Sung Eun found out about their plan and how Mong Hee acted as Yoona.

Mong Hee: As long as I disappear, she will stay quiet about what you and I did.

Shim Dok keeps acting like a brat, and although she refuses to go to work she still scolds Mong Gyu when he says something about wanting to quit his part time job at the cosmetic shop. Being scolded by his mother, Mong Gyu returns to work, there the girl (whose name I don’t know), scolds him as well for not coming to work, fortunately thanks to her who covered him when the boss asked about, Mong Gyu keeps his job.

Soon Sang is concerned about why Shim Dok still hasn’t come back to work; after talking with Hyun Soo, they decide that it will be better if Hyun Soo goes and pay her a visit.

Young Ae thinks Mina grow up in a poor environment and that now she is after Hyun Tae’s money. Young Ae decides to give Mina money, maybe this way she will leave her house and also leave Hyun Tae alone. Mong Hee whines to Hyun Tae about how he changed after Mina moved in his mother’s house. She puts pressure on her husband to kick Mina out.

While Mina enjoys her ice cream, Young Ae names different sums of money (big sums), but Mina doesn’t seem interested; although Young names bigger and bigger sums of money, Mina still doesn’t care about it.

Hyun Tae takes Mong Hyun out. He tells her about his past 5 years with Mina, ups and downs and some more bla bla. Mong Hyun gets jealous and whines some more.

Mong Hyun: Do you want me to hate you?

Hyun Tae: Are you serious right now? You don’t know how I feel; I’ve very happy being with you, I’ve said that you’re a blessing to me.

Hyun Soo goes to visit Shim Dok as his father told him, with flowers and a fruit basket. The paternal grandmother acts rather sly with him since he is the son of a CEO, but the maternal grandmother gets angry with him because of Mong Hyun’s situation, and throws the fruit basket which he brought (poor Hyun Soo, his only fault is that he is the older brother of Hyun Tae…). Fortunately, Mong Hee comes home and saves him.

Hyun Tae tells Mong Hee that he is jealous of her for having a family where everyone cares for each other. He also tries to pursue Mong Hee into accepting the prize from the contest. She gets irritated and leaves the restaurant/café (?). Hyun Soo follows her; Mong Hee tries to control her anger, and while talking calm to Hyun Soo attempts to make him understand she can’t accept the prize since that means him giving up searching for his mother. Besides, Mong Hee tells him that they can’t meet from now one because their contract ended. Hyun Soo doesn’t seem to ‘think’ the same as her and tells her that he wants to meet Mong Hee from now on as well.

Hyun Soo: Do I need a right to want to see someone? All I want is to see you, I want you to smile like you used to so I can smile along too. I don’t expect a lot or want anything special; it’s nice to drink tea together occasionally and see you happy. Am I being too greedy?

To be honest, I don’t think he realized what he just said but yeah whatever, I’ll continue my fangirling over them until he realizes the stuff he says.

Mong Hyun wants to go to her mother in law’s house but smelling that something may happen at Young Ae’s house, Dok Hee tells Mong Hyun that she also wants to go visit Young Ae. Because Mina is still there, and it will be bad if Dok Hee found out about her, Mong Hyun tries to convince Dok Hee not to go to Young Ae.

Dok Hee acts as if she won’t go to Young Ae and tells Mong Hyun that since she already changes clothes, she will go shopping. Of course it was a lie and Dok Hee goes straight to Young Ae’s house. There, the witch finds Hyun Tae hiding Mina in the closet.

Hyun Soo and Sung Eun threaten each other with revealing their respective secrets. After talking in a somewhat aggressive manner, they end up making pact. Sung Eun will have to not say anything about Mong Hee acting as Yoona and also hire Mong Hee at the jewelry shop as for Hyun Soo and Mong Hee, they have to act in front of Hyun Joon in favor of Sung Eun, saying that ‘Yoona’ and Sung Eun never meet before their got married.

After drinking (too much), Sung Eun goes home. Hyun Joon sees her and they have another fight in regards of her past and her not wanting to say anything about it.

Hyun Soo goes and tells Mong Hee about his pact with Sung Eun, but Mong Hee doesn’t want to accept working in the jewelry store and tells Hyun Soo to stay out of her life. When she wanted to leave, Hyun Soo does the zomg-don’t leave-back-hug- move and I went kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


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