[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 22 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

After Sung Eun found out about Mong Hee pretending to me Yoona; Mong Hee tries to threaten Sung Eun with revealing the truth about her past to Hyun Joon.  Unfortunately, Sung Eun doesn’t fall into the trap and tells Mong Hee that she really loves Hyun Joon therefore, if revealing the truth may bring Hyun Joon to the top, she will sacrifice herself. Sung Eun also says that if Mong Hee really loved Jin Sang Chul ( Mong Hee’s boyfriend from University that Sung Eun ‘stole’), she wouldn’t have let him go to another woman.

Mong Hee gives in and asks Sung Eun what she has to do so that the truth about her acting as Yoona won’t be revealed. Sung Eun tells Mong Hee that if she really cares about Hyun Soo and if she doesn’t want the truth about her and Hyun Soo’s plan to be revealed, Mong Hee has to disappear without saying a thing about Sung Eun’s past or her hidden child.

Mong Gyu still acts as a brat at work, he is pretty offensive with customers; when the girl from work (who bullied him in the other episode) scolds him for acting rude towards customers, he gets angry and decides to quit working at the cosmetic store. (To be honest, I would also be pretty pissed if I would’ve graduated Korea University and ended up working in a cosmetic store….part time)

Mong Hyun and her mother meet; because the mother kept asking her about Hyun Tae and about the other members of the Park family, Mong Hyun finally reveals to her mother her true feeling regarding living and being married to Hyun Tae, she also tells how hard is it because Dok Hee keeps having a threatening attitude towards her.

Shim Dok drives Mong Hyun home. Before parting ways, the two hug one another and Hyun Tae sees the scene.

Now, that she knows Mong Hee and Hyun Soo’s secret, Sung Eun acts with a superior attitude when she meets Hyun Soo at the jewelry store. Although Hyun Soo senses Sung Eun acting arrogant, he doesn’t know exactly why she acts like that, but still tells her to stop interfering in his business and focus on her own stuff.

Mong Hee continues working on the street, selling accessories.

After seeing Mong Hyun and her mother in the afternoon, Hyun Tae tries to cheer up/lift the mood of his wife; when he finally succeeds to make her smile, Mina, the mistress calls. He refuses to answer the call, but Mong Hyun advises Hyun Tae to answer since he can’t hide forever. Hyun Tae pulls the #1 thing you must do when you don’t want to answer the phone in kdrama land: take out the battery of your phone, and voilà the phone stopped ringing.

Mong Hyun: Just answer and talk to her. Ignoring will make it worse.

Following her meeting with Mong Hyun, Shim Dok acts like a rebellious kid refusing to eat and pretty much doing nothing while whining about how life is sooo bad. Honestly what kind of mother is she?!? To be honest Shim Dok is more disgusting than Dok Hee. She acts like she did everything for her children and how she loves them equally, but come on Shim Dok did nothing for Mong Hee. While Mong Hyun and Mong Gyu wore branded clothes and went to musical schools respectively Korea University, Mong Hee had to give up everything and work to pay for the younger siblings’ school.  Rather than acting like a brat, how about you try doing something for Mong Hee as well? Huh!!!

Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae to eat food, but he refuses because he thinks that the whole situation created recently is out of his fault. He also says that because Mina may be having a hard time, which is also a reason why he doesn’t deserve to eat.

Out of anger, because Hyun Tae doesn’t answer his phone, Mina moves into Young Ae’s house. Young Ae tries to kick Mina out but with no results.

Soon Sang tells Hyun Soo to be present as well at the design winners’ ceremony. After thinking again and again, Mong Hee is determine to go at the ceremony and take her prize, but when she arrives at the entrance she hesitates and because of Sung Eun who threatened her to reveal the truth, Mong Hee decide that it will be better to give up.

Young Ae calls Hyun Tae and tells him to kick Mina out of her house. Hyun Tae rushes to his mother home and tries to take Mina out, but she sticks like a leech on him. Knowing that her husband is with Mina, Mong Hyun can’t focus on anything, Dok Hee sees Mong Hyun being unsettled and asks her what happened, but Mong Hyun doesn’t tell anything.

After the winners’ ceremony, Sung Eun put a trap for Hyun Soo. Because he wasn’t preset at the ceremony, Hyun Soo was rather nervous about knowing what happened, if Mong Hee went there.

Sung Eun: Aren’t you curious about the contest winner whose info you found?

Hyun Soo, who didn’t know Mong Hee and Sung Eun were University colleagues, he falls into the trap, and asks Sung Eun if she wasn’t shocked after seeing Mong Hee who resembles Yoona. Since Hyun Soo actually said Mong Hee’s name out laud, Sung Eun continues to ask Hyun Soo why should she be shocked and if he knew Jung Mong Hee.

Sung Eun: You know Jung Mong Hee? You already say how much those two look alike? But she never came.

Angry, because Mong Hee didn’t went to the ceremony, Hyun Soo rushes to meet her. He sees her still selling accessories on the street.

Hyun Soo: I told you I don’t want you to suffer because of me.

To make Hyun Soo continue with his plan of finding his mother, Mong Hee tries to act cold towards Hyun Soo and tells him to stay out of her life. She also tells him to go and find his wife, since she may want to come back.

Mong Hee: I will be phased out of your life without a scratch, and you can go on with your life as if this never happened. Thank you for appreciating someone like me up to now.

Dok Hee tells Sung Eun her thoughts about Hyun Tae’s mistress that maybe is living in Young Ae’s house. Sung Eun, who sees Mong Hyun worried, decide that it’s a good moment to bully her a little.

Hyun Tae returns home; Mong Hyun tries to ask him if he could kick Mina out of Young Ae’s house, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Hyun Soo does some stalking action on Mong Hee – that’s a serious mental disease dude….somehow the two end up on a bench in a park smiling at each other.

Hyun Joon continues to try finding out about Sung Eun’s past, but since his wife refuses to say anything, he goes to his brother to ask if Yoona and Sung Eun knew each other before marring into the family. Hyun Soo tells that he didn’t hear anything from Yoona.

After Hyun Joon leaves, Hyun Soo gives is a second thought and realizes that Sung Eun is the woman from Mong Hee’s past who gave her the scar from the past… Hyun Soo runs to Mong Hee to ask her if it’s true what he found out.


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