[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 21 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Hyun Soo is still troubled after taking Mong Hee’s contact information from the company’s jewelry design contest. He decides to visit his grandmother’s grave, although Hyun Soo knows that the contest may be a once in a life time thing for Mong Hee, he also remembers what his grandmother said to him before dying -His grandmother said that maybe Dok Hee is behind his biological mother’s ‘cheating on his father’, and that maybe the step mother is at fault for his real mother being kicked out of the house)

Mong Gyu ( Mong Hee and Mong Hyun’s brother) gets a job at a cosmetic store. There he gets bullied by another employee; she makes Mong Gyu to squeeze all the water from a mop with his hands, to clean even the tiniest spot from the store and so on.

Hyun Soo goes to his father to ask him if he loved his biologic mother, but Soon Sang gets angry with Hyun Soo and refuses to answer.

Hyun Soo: I realized that you hated me so much because you loved mom.

Still irritated after hearing the question about his first wife, Soon Sang tells Hyun Soo that now he is concerned only with the current people around him. Hearing his father reply, Hyun Soo asks him if he is also one of those people (that his father is concerned about), although hesitant at first, Soon Sang gives his eldest son an affirmative reply.  But Soon Sang tells Hyun Soo that if he wants to search for his real mother, he will get disowned.

Hyun Soo: Either I stay under the radar or will get thrown out?

As Hyun Tae was preparing to meet Mong Hyun’s father, she asks him if he wants her to come along; even though he was nervous for meeting his father in law for the first time after finding out about the mistress, Hyun Tae refuses Mong Hyun and tells her that if she comes along, her father may thing that he is trying to hide behind his wife.

Hyun Soo (who lately is very much into stalking Mong Hee) witnesses when the patrol police (?) takes some of her accessories for selling on the street without a license.

Hyun Tae meets Mong Hyun’s father who at the beginning was somehow calm, but when he hears from Hyun Tae that he didn’t break up with his girlfriend, the father in law erupts into anger and tells Hyun Tae give him a ride at the main house so he can take Mong Hyun back.

Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee that he took her contact information from the company’s design contest, but Mong Hee responds by saying that he made the best choice in taking it, since this way they won’t be exposed. Seeing Mong Hee giving up her dream of becoming a designer, Hyun Soo asks her if she will also give up on her revenge on the woman that gave her a ‘scar’.

Mong Hee: Doesn’t matter how big my scar is, it can’t compare to how desperate you are for finding your mother.

Hyun Soo: I never thought I’d have to step on someone else’s scar to heal my own.

Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo that he shouldn’t let himself be influenced/ burdened by her situation. Because Mong Hee seemed resented, Hyun Soo tells her that it would’ve been better if she at least would’ve got angry with him.

Mong Hyun’s father arrives at the main house to take her back, seeing him angry; Dok Hee informs the in-law that Soon Sang is on his way home and that he should wait a little for him. The father get even more angry and shouts at Dok Hee that there is no meaning in waiting for Soon Sang, after all when Dok Hee was supposed to apologize to his wife, she instead said that they can take Mong Hyun back whenever they want, therefore he is there to take his daughter back. Hyun Tae then begs his father in law to not take Mong Hyun away.

Hyun Tae: I like Mong Hyun a lot (…) I never knew I’d get a blessing like her in my life. Mong Hyun was too good for me from the start.

After she sees her husband begging and saying that he likes her, Mong Hyun confesses to her father that she knew about Hyun Tae’s girlfriend even before they were married and that at their first meeting, Hyun Tae told her about his girlfriend. When her father leaves, Hyun Tae tells her that it would’ve been better if she didn’t say anything about knowing beforehand and that it would’ve been better if he took all the blame.

Later, Soon Sang thanks Mong Hyun for taking some of the blame on herself.

Before choosing the winners of the design contest, Hyun Soo decides to return Mong Hee’s information on her design. When Sung Eun sees that the winner she choose was actually Mong Hee, she tries to choose another winner, but Soon Sang says that he doesn’t want to change anything because he likes that design.

Hyun Joon gets even more curious about Sung Eun’s past. He still continues to ask his wife if she knew Yoona before they got married and what he is trying to hide from him. Sung Eun refuses to answer.

Next day, the jewelry company informs Mong Hee that she won the design contest. Shocked she calls Hyun Soo and asks to meet up. On her way to meet Hyun Soo, Sung Eun sees Mong Hyun and follows her. When she meets Hyun Soo, Mong Hee tells him that he shouldn’t have returned the contact information on her design.

Hyun Soo: No matter how desperate I am, I can’t step on you.

Sung Eun sees Mong Hee running after Hyun Soo. After Hyun Soo leaves, Sung Eun calls Mong Hee:

Sung Eun: What should I call you? Should I call you Jung Mong Hee or Yoona?


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