[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 20 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Some of the pictures disappeared from the post because some ‘smart people’ decided that it’s okay to steal someone’s pictures url… “A simple analogy for bandwidth theft: Imagine a random stranger plugging into your electrical outlets, using your electricity without your consent, and you paying for it.” (cr: altlab)

I feel like I’m the only person in “Yoona team” – even if she made a small appearance I still think Hyun Soo and Yoona loved each other, unfortunately they didn’t had any open conversations like how he had with Mong Hee…. Although some may say Hyun Soo is starting to like (love) Mong Hee, I think he is just confused since Mong Hee was the only person that showed some concern for him.

Well, I will wait for (real) Yoona to appear again and see how everything will evolve.

After ending her contract with Hyun Soo, Mong Hee moves back to her parents’ house. But because Mong Hee is back, now the paternal and maternal grandmothers have to share a room, thing that isn’t too easy to do, after all, the two grannies don’t like each other.

Even though Hyun Soo and Mong Hee parted ways, they remember the happy moments they shared living together.

Next morning, Shim Dok finds her mother sleeping in the living room – the grandmother tells Shim Dok that she slept there because the paternal grandmother snores too laud and couldn’t sleep in the same room.

Maternal grandmother: Sleeping in the same room with an in law you don’t get along with is difficult.

Shim Dok tells Soon Sang how her meeting with Young Ae and Dok Hee was. After seeing Dok Hee act indifferent, Shim Dok says that it also made her re-evaluate Soon Sang as a person since he lives with Dok Hee. Shim Dok also informs her in-law about when Dok Hee told her to take Mong Hyun back if she wanted.

Infuriated, Soon Sang shouts at Dok Hee for embarrassing him in front of Mong Hyun’s mother. Also outraged by Dok Hee’s attitude, he tells her that she has a Queen Syndrome.

During dinner, Soon Sang tells Mong Hyun to go at her parents’ house to spend a night there. He tells Hyun Tae to join her too, but Hyun Tae doesn’t seem willing to go to his in-laws home now that they know about his mistress.

Hyun Soo sees Sung Eun scolding her employees for losing the information of a contestant who she also think that deserves the first place; hearing all the commotion around the missing contact information of Mong Hee’s design and that it deserves the number 1 place, Hyun Soo is troubled since this may mean a once in a lifetime thing for Mong Hee.

Hyun Tae takes Mong Hyun to meet Mina, his girlfriend. While Hyun Tae tries to break up with Mina, Mong Hyun stays hidden. Unfortunately, when the mistress hears Hyun Tae that he wants to break up, she takes out of her purse a bottle of pesticide. When Hyun Tae takes the bottle from her, and tries to drink out of it, he is shocked that Mina won’t stop him, but she says that she will follow after he will drink it first. When he tries to convince himself to finally drink the pesticide, Mong Hyun appears and stops him. After Mina leaves, Hyun Tae wants to chase after her, but Mong Hyun begs him not to go.

After the whole incident with Mina, Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun go to a park where Hyun Tae tells his wife about the moments he spend with Mina.

Mong Hyun: You two must have loved each other.

Hyun Tae: I told you we did.

Hearing Hyun Tae talking about Mina, makes Mong Hyun uncomfortable and she decides to return home. Hyun Tae follows her and tries a few times to hold his wife’s hand, after a few failures he finally holds her hand. (Don’t know if they are cute or just plain stupid)

Hyun Soo goes to the design school to pay for Mong Hee’s classes, but there he finds out that Mong Hee quit the school.

After dropping Mong Hyun at her parents’ house, Hyun Tae goes to meet his mother to tell her how his meeting with Mina went and what happened when he tried to break up with her.

Mong Hee and Mong Hyun go to a bar to talk about Mong Hyun’s relationship with Hyun Tae. Mong Hyun tells her sister how angry and jealous she felt after seeing Hyun Tae with Mina.

Because Mong Hee ended the contract with Hyun Soo, he goes to the main house and tells the family that Yoona went on a trip. Hyun Joon starts being more and more curious about what Sung Eun may hide from him; he directly asks her, but Sung Eun continues to hide the fact that the recent change in Yoona is because the Yoona they saw lately may not be the real one, but in fact Mong Hee. If Sung Eun is to tell about it, Hyun Joon will eventually also find that in the past Sung Eun stole Mong Hee’s boyfriend and also had a child with him.

Hyun Soo and Mong Hee meet up. He asks Mong Hee why she quit the design school; she answers that she quit the design school because classes overlapped with when there were the most customers at her accessories truck.

Hyun Soo also ask Mong Hee if she will be able to go back to her normal living, after living an affluent life for a period of time, hearing him asking that, Mong Hee seems visible grieved so she tells him:

Mong Hee: You rich people are really cruel (…) I never go back once I leave; I’ve erased many things from my life over the years, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to live(…) Erasing it as if it was in my past life.

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