[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 19 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Trouble is coming for Mong Hee and Hyun Soo because Sung Eun seems to smell something fishy about them; also in this episode we see a new side of Hyun Joon.

Hyun Tae refuses to come out of his room because he is ashamed of what Mong Hyun’s parents will think of him after hearing that he has a mistress. Soon Sang tries to think of how to apologize to his younger’s daughter-in-law’s parents and tells Dok Hee to go and talk with Mong Hyun’s mother.

Hyun Soo tries to enjoy is Sunday until Mong Hee asks for his bed sheets so she can wash it, he doesn’t want to because the cleaning lady normally get it dry cleaning; but Mong Hee doesn’t want to waste money when she can wash it by herself.

The two go outside and Hyun Soo starts talking about how lovers enjoy doing this and that ….  Mong Hee tells him that lovers enjoy everything they do with each other but people like them who fight all the time can’t enjoy what normal married couples enjoy since they will probably end up fighting again. After the small talk, Mong Hee tells him that Sung Eun will come at their apartment to teach “Yoona” how to cook.

Because Mong Hee forgot to take her accessories truck away, when Sung Eun arrived at the apartment complex, she sees Mong Hee’s truck. After seeing the car, Sung Eun started to put all the pieces together and started to think that Mong Hee and Yoona is actually the same person.

When she enters the apartment of Hyun Soo, she also sees the bed sheets washed and home-made kimchi in the fridge (the kimchi that Mong Hee’s father brought the other day). Sung Eun thinks of a way to verify Yoona’s identity, asking her about the food she like but “Yoona” (Mong Hee) didn’t knew what Yoona’s favorite food was. When Sung Eun says that they will start cooking broiled fish and asks Yoona to say what kind of seasoning she will like to make, “Yoona” says that she will like spicy seasoning, but Sung Eun knew that Yoona can’t eat spicy food since she wasn’t used with Korean food. To get out of trouble, “Yoona” says that after living in Korea she got more used with spicy food that’s why she can eat it now.

Back at the main house, Dok Hee asks Sung Eun if she found anything about Hyun Soo or Yoona, surprisely Sung Eun doesn’t tell her mother in law about Yoona who may not be the real Yoona. When Dok Hee tells her that she doesn’t have to go anymore at Hyun Soo’s apartment, Sung Eun says that she would like to continue going there to give cooking lessons to Yoona.

Shim Dok tells Hyun Soo to go at Sung Eun’s office to give her some jewelry. There, Sung Eun invites Hyun Soo to drink a tea before leaving. While Sung Eun went to take the tea, Hyun Soo sees some jewelry designs for the company’s contest. Looking through them, Hyun Soo sees Mong Hee’s design that had written on it the address of his apartments. Because Sung Eun may see it, Hyun Soo tears up the name of Mong Hee and the address of the design.

He runs to Mong Hee to ask her about it, but she doesn’t seem to know what Hyun Soo was talking about. She tells him that the school may have sent her design to the contest of his father’s company, yet Hyun Soo doesn’t seem to believe her.

Hyun Soo: Were you planning to work there if you were chosen? (…) What would happen if you show up there?

Dok Hee and Young Ae go to meet with Shim Dok to apologize regarding Hyun Tae’s issue with his girlfriend. Dok Hee acts rather uninterested in apologizing to Shim Dok, but Young Ae sincerely apologizes for what Hyun Tae did.

Mong Hee tries to tell Hyun Soo that she really didn’t know about her design being in the company’s contest, and that her school sent it. He still doesn’t believe her:

Hyun Soo: Our contract will end someday and you need to plan your future (…) I bet you will do anything to become a designer (…) If you don’t, you will have to go back to your old life after this (their contract) ends. You will be out selling on freezing weather to make a few bucks.

Sung Eun tells her husband that she will do anything so that he will get the company, curious about what she will do Hyun Joon tries to ask her for details but she refuses to tell.

Sung Eun: Just don’t forget that I love you.

At work, Shim Dok scolds Hyun Soo for looking gloomy and blending personal business with professional ones. She asks him if he had a fight with Mong Hee because she asked her daughter to quit helping him, but Hyun Soo says that he has no reason to report his personal problems to her.

Shim Dok visits Mong Hee to ask what happened between her and Hyun Soo, but Mong Hee also doesn’t want to talk about it.

Hyun Joon and Sung Eun go shopping for groceries together for the first time. Even though it was his first time at a supermarket and he does act like a rich snob, the two also have some happy moments together.

Hurt because of Hyun Soo’s words and his lack of faith in her, Mong Hee decides to break the contract with him and leave.

Mong Hee: Is that all the faith you have in me? I thought we had compassion for each other at least.

When Mong Hee goes to say her last words to Hyun Soo, she doesn’t look at him even once:

Mong Hee: I have lived a pathetic life, but you helped revive my dream to be a designer. And I wouldn’t betray you by letting you go down like that.


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