[TWdrama] ‘Just You’ episode 1 ~ review/opinion ~

“Just You” is a currently airing Taiwanese drama – please keep in mind that this post is just my personal opinion after seeing only the first episode; of course my opinion on the show may change with the future episodes.

The story of this drama doesn’t come with anything new,  just the normal drama – arrogant rich man, Qi Yi,  who after some ‘events’ (misunderstandings) has to live with the a normal girl Cheng Liang Liang; of course, along the way, they will fall in love with each other.

Qi Yi (played by Aaron Yan) is one of the main characters of the show. The first episode starts with him visiting the house of his parents that he recently succeed in buying it back. (They don’t say in this episode what happened in his childhood, or what happened with his parents; they do show some happy moments of his childhood but there aren’t many details regarding his parents).

Qi Yi seems  a rather arrogant man with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – he is the owner of the house where Cheng Liang Liang is currently living and also her new boss.  I must say, the normal arrogant rich guy, in dramas always annoy me at first, but Qi Yi has a cute side …..Somehow I like that.

Cheng Liang Liang (played by Guo Xue Fu) – Qi Yi’s tenant – actually she was the tenant of the former owner of the house, but Qi Yi bought the house back. Although he offers Cheng Liang Liang a refund, even so she doesn’t want to leave the house.  Linag Liang’s best friend, Linag Kai Te tells her to make Qi Yi fall in love with her, so she won’t have to move out of the house.

To be honest, Cheng Liang Liang is definitely not the type of character that I will like, also, Guo Xue Fu kind of failed to give life to Cheng Liang Liang; it’s just plain and there is not very much acting skill in portraying the character, hope Guo Xue Fu will improve with time. (Please, improve before the end of the drama!)

Liang Kai Te (played by Katherine Wang) is Cheng Liang Liang’s best friend, and Alex’s (played by Tang Zhen Gang) girlfriend. Her only dream in life is to marry (before 30 years old I think….or it was 28? To have the first child at the X age, the second child at the Z age and so on; anyway she has a whole schedule regarding marriage).

On the first day as the boss, Qi Yi tells all the employees – which also include Alex, Liang Kai Te and Cheng Liang Liang – that dating is prohibited within the company. Hearing the rule, Alex backs off on his marriage proposal to Liang Kai Te. Although Alex tells her that he can’t afford to be fired, because he has to send money to his family every month, however , because she has a ‘marriage schedule’ Laing Kai Te acts like a brat.

As it was only the first episode, of course I don’t have a definite opinion on the drama. Even so from what I saw, the script is all over the place, the characters are cute and there is a lot of space for development on them.

What to do? Should I bother with “Just You”?

Yes, definitely. Regarding the script I don’t know if there will be any improvement, but I do think the characters will evolve a lot.

“Just You” deserves a chance because it may be a breath of air, to put it simple it gives that happy feeling, the same as when you eat an ice cream.

The cheery on top of the ice cream!

Pictures credit: Just You official blog

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