[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 18 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Warning! This post contains,  more or less my anger on some characters, for example Shim Dok….but it’s just my personal opinion…

It was rather quiet lately in “I summon you gold” but finally the writers decided to add some ‘action’. Well but I’m still waiting for the real Yoona to come back – now that will be real action, until then we’ll have to be thankful with some little waves in Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun’s marriage.

Shim Dok found out about Mong Hee and Hyun Soo’s contract; scared because Mong Hee may find out that she was adopted and that –maybe- Yoona is her twin sister, Shim Dok tries to convince Mong Hee to stop pretending to be Yoona – unfortunately Shim Dok talks only about how this whole thing it may affect Mong Hyun’s marriage …seriously this mother is starting to piss me off; she acts like she cares about Mong Hee, she could’ve said that it’s dangerous for Mong Hee to be there, after all pretending to be someone isn’t ….legal you know? But nooo, she says that Mong Hee pretending to be Yoona may affect Mong Hyun; Mong Hyun here, Mong Hyun there, Mong Hyun up, Mong  Hyun down, Mong Hyun to the right, Mong Hyun to the left, everything it’s about Mong Hyun.

After talking with Mong Hee, Shim Dok returns to the jewelry store. There Hyun Soo tries to explain that he had no other choice and Mong Hee isn’t at fault.

Shim Dok tells everything she found out about Mong Hee working for Hyun Soo.

Hyun Soo sees Mong Hee meditating (?) on a bench outside and sits next to her. While meditating, both of them remember all the moments they spend together and what they learned from each other. After their little moments of meditation, Mong Hee finally has a design idea.

Mong Hee goes back in her room to draw for the contest – to help her, so she won’t have to waste time with cooking; Hyun Soo tries to learn how to cook.

Worried because Shim Dok found out about his contract with Mong Hee, Hyun Soo follows Shim Dok everywhere. Although she tells him not to worry anymore, Shim Dok starts bulling Hyun Soo by making him wash the windows …

Sung Eun sees the scene and goes to tell Dok Hee about Shim Dok acting bossy recently after Mong Hyun married Hyun Tae. Hearing that, Dok Hee together with Sung Eun decides to tell Shim Dok about her son-in-law’s mistress.

Shim Dok continues her bulling on Hyun Soo by making him submit a report about how to ‘move your customers’. After Hyun Soo leaves, Sung Eun comes and tells Shim Dok about Hyun Tae’s mistress, when she hears the news, Shim Dok faints.

Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee about her mother fainting after hearing that Hyun Tae has a mistress; Mong Hee thought that Hyun Tae already broke up with his mistress, but now knowing that he didn’t, she gets angry and dresses as Yoona to go at the main house and take Mong Hyun from there. Hyun Soo tries to stop her but his effort doesn’t change Mong Hee’s plan:

Mong Hee: I’m doing this (her contract with Hyun Soo) because I spend that money on her wedding gifts!! (…)I quit college and started selling accessories to pay for her college.

When Hyun Soo and “Yoona” arrive at the main house, Hyun Soo slaps HyunTae in front of everyone and scolds him for having a mistress.  Soon Sang looks rather pleased seeing Hyun Soo slapping and scolding his younger brother, Hyun Tae.

Soon Sang: Hyun Soo, scold him. He deserves a good scolding, you are his big brother.

After their father and Dok Hee leave, Hyun Soo asks Hyun Tae if it hurt.

Soon Sang is happy seeing his 3 sons carrying for each other, but Dok Hee doesn’t seems so happy, their conversations reaches a rather funny point – although I don’t like Dok Hee but Soon Sang and her small ‘stabs’ are somewhat funny;

Soon Sang: It’s nice to see the brothers worrying about each other like that. My 3 sons are better than me.

Mong Hyun wants to put a bag of ice for Hyun Tae, but he refuses to let her – when he takes the bag from Mong Hyun their hands touch and the ‘omg our hands touched, look sparkles’ moment appears. I really liked them until now, but I’m slowly starting to dislike Mong Hyun…

Hyun Joon updates Hyun Soo about the recent incidents of their family – about how Dok Hee wanted to make Young Ae move to Florida. Both appear to understand why Hyun Tae is acting the way he is (the rebel of the family).

Hyun Joon: He is going to sacrifice himself by continuing acting like this. To maintain peace.

Soon Sang pays Young Ae a visit to tell her about seeing Mong Hyun’s father working as a substitute driver. He also tells Young Ae about wanting to hire his in-law, but Young Ae tells him he shouldn’t do that since Mong Hyun’s family may be poor but they have strong pride.

Soon Sang invites Mong Hyun’s father to lunch and asks Byeong Hoo if he has any interest in working with him. Indignant after hearing Soon Sang’s proposal, Byeong Hoo asks him if he is doing this because Mong Hyun’s family found out about Hyun Tae’s mistress, just to wash the incident away. But Soon Sang didn’t even know that Mong Hyun’s family found out, so he rushes home to ask Dok Hee and Sung Eun. Soon Sang shouts at Sung Eun for telling Shim Dok about Hyun Tae’s girlfriend, but Dok Hee defends her daughter in law.

Mong Hee is informed that she won the jewelry design contest and she rushes to Hyun Soo’s work place to tell him the big news. Without thinking and caught in happy moment, the two hug each other. While passing by the door,  Shim Dok witnesses Hyun Soo and Mong Hee hugging.


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