[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 17 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m slowly starting to empathizes with Hyun Joon, I mean, the way he is because of his mother Dok Hee – she puts a lot of pressure on him, although he wants to get along with his brothers, Dok Hee pretty much poisons him. She just puts way too much pressure on him, I don’t even thing that all the stuff she does is for her son, and she actually does this for her own good. Dok Hee should start thinking about her son and the harm she does to him while she makes all kind of evil-ish stuff to Hyun Soo and Hyun Tae.

Mong Hee sees a jewelry contest poster at her jewelry (design) school and decides to participate. Unfortunately, Mong Hee has no good idea of a design; therefore she decides to try all kind of methods that may bring her an idea of a design. When Hyun Soo enters the living room, he sees Mong Hee jumping on the sofa – Mong Hee tells him that jumping on the sofa may bring her an idea for the contest. Hyun Soo tries to give a helping hand.

Hyun Joon remembers the words his father said to him a while ago (“No matter what, you are my pride”) and the time he spend with his other 2 brothers while camping. During dinner, he asks Hyun Tae to come to his office and work with him. But Hyun Tae refuses, saying that if he will go there, Hyun Joon will bully him – the father gets angry with Hyun Tae and tells his youngest son to go and work at Hyun Joon’s office.

After dinner, Dok Hee scolds Hyun Joon for asking Hyun Tae to come and work at his office. Hyun Joon takes his younger brother’s side by telling his mother that Hyun Tae doesn’t have the ability to pass him, even so he shouldn’t waste his life doing nothing.

Hyun Joon: He acts like a mess but he wouldn’t stab me in the back.

Mong Hyun tries to convince her husband to work for Hyun Joon, but he refuses saying that even if he will start working at the company, his step mother wouldn’t let it slide so easily. While Mong Hyun was preparing Hyun Tae’s sheets (on the floor) – he sneakily goes on the bed but his wife tells him to continue sleeping on the floor. Before going to sleep, Hyun Tae receives a phone call from his mistress.

To come up with an idea for the jewelry contest, Mong Hee stays up all night, seeing her state Hyun Soo decides to give some support, by cooking, giving massages and so on.

Soon Sang calls for Hyun Soo and tells him that he is pleased with Yoona’s recent change and asks his eldest son to bring his wife to the jewelry store. Mong Hee comes at the store dressed as Yoona – when her mother sees her, “Yoona” and Hyun Soo try to hide the fact that “Yoona” is Mong Hee. After “Yoona”s visit, Mong Hee’s mother goes to Soon Sang to tell him about his daughter in law’s visit. Still shocked regarding the big resemblance of Yoona with Mong Hee, Shim Dok asks Soon Sang if his daughter in law, Yoona, is –perhaps- adopted. Soon Sang confirms that Yoona was actually adopted by a Korean family and lived in America until she married Hyun Soo.

Back home, Shim Dok tells her husband about Yoona, and both of them think that Yoona may be Mong Hee’s twin sister.

Hyun Soo tries hard to support Mong Hee with her design contest by going to the museum (to get some inspiration), give her to listen to different types of music, cooking for her …

Young Ae goes to the main house to show her gratitude to Hyun Joon for asking Hyun Tae to work with him; she also prises Dok Hee for raising such a smart fine man. The 2 mothers go out to talk – Dok Hee tells Young Ae to go to Florida, by doing that, Dok Hee will leave Hyun Tae alone and will stop making his life hard.

Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun find out about Young Ae wanting to go to Florida, and they go to her house to convince her to stay.

Hyun Tae: We’ve come this far so why should we separate now? After everything we endured over the years (…) Me and Hyun Soo’s fates are doomed as long as step mother is in the picture. She will take us down the moment we start getting smart.

Seeing her son crying, and beginning not to be left, Young Ae decides not to go to Florida.

Hyun Joon explains to Hyun Tae that he didn’t made the offer of working with him in his office just to bully him, but because he made that offer of working at the company, Hyun Tae tells his brother that Dok Hee asked Young Ae to move to Florida.

Hyun Tae: Sorry but that’s how your mother is. (….) If we’re brothers in the next life, let’s get along then.

After Hyun Tae leaves, Hyun Joon gets drunk – when Dok Hee sees him drunk she scolds him.

Hyun Joon: As cruel and vicious as I can get, and to my own flesh and blood. I will do all it takes to live as a jerk.

Soon Sang also sees the scene, and after Sung Eun and Hyun Joon leave to their room, Soon Sang shouts at Dok Hee saying that it’s her fault for the way Hyun Joon is and for all the pressure he has to endure.

Shim Dok visits Mong Hee at the place where she sells accessories. There Shim Dok sees Mong Hee and Hyun Soo talking/having a small fight – Mong Hee explains everything about her contract with Hyun Soo to her mother.

Because being at Hyun Soo’s house and acting as Yoona, Mong Hee may find out that she is adopted and her twin sister is Yoona, Shim Dok tells Mong Hee to quit helping Hyun Soo.


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