[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 16 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I kind of liked this episode, the brothers Hyun Soo, Hyun Joon and Hyun Tae are finally acting like brothers and for a moment they didn’t fight with each other. Especially Hyun Joon, he seems to want to change towards Hyun Tae.

Sung Eun appears at Mong Hee’s jewelry school for a week of special classes. Sung Eun sees Mong Hee, and start to ‘stab’ telling Mong Hee that she is disgusting and pathetic. After classes, Mong Hee dresses as Yoona and goes to the main house. There “Yoona” ‘repays’ Sung Eun for how she acted at the jewelry school.

Soon Sang goes to Young Ae’s house to criticize her way of rising Hyun Tae. Of course Soon Sang returns the criticism saying that Hyun Tae really resembles his father. Soon Sang stay for at Young Ae’s house for dinner – which makes Young Ae really happy.

Mong Hee’s father calls and tells Mong Hee that he will drop by her new apartment to give her some kimchi. After her father’s visit, Mong Hee goes to her mom’s work place, Park family’s jewelry store. After her mother up dates her with the things happening at home, Hyun Soo appears. But Mong Hee and Hyun Soo act in front of her mother as it’s their second time meeting (first time being at Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun’s wedding). When Mong Hee’s mother leaves the room to take care of a client, Hyun Soo drags Mong Hee out of the store while scolding her for coming there.

Later that day, Mong Hee feels nostalgic and misses her family. Hyun Soo comes into the kitchen and asks her why she didn’t go that day to the jewelry (design) school since he is spending a lot of money only so she could study there. Mong Hee seems irritated after hearing Hyun Soo says that and tells him that she doesn’t feel like cooking so he should show her the cooking of a rich guy. Hyun Soo thinks Mong Hee is still upset for kicking her out of the store earlier, but Mong Hee get more annoyed with him and shouts at him that they aren’t dating and he should stop being so concerned about her life.

After dinner, Soon Sang has a talk with Young Ae about Hyun Tae. Young Ae also ask Soon Sang if he will legally marry Dok Hee but he says that he will think about it, since Dok Hee suffocates him (smart woman suffocates him).

Back at the main house, Dok Hee asks Soon Sang if he will still marry her. But Soon Sang says that he just wanted to marry her only if Hyun Tae and Young Ae were out of the picture.

Hyun Soo tries to apologize to Mong Hee for what he said earlier – after dinner, Hyun Soo tells her that even after their contract ends he will still think about her since she is the person who helped him how to deal with other people.

Young Ae visits the main house. While drinking tea with Dok Hee in the garden, the two of them start ‘stabbing’ each other. When Mong Hyun appears, Young Ae tells her daughter in law that she shouldn’t act smart all the time around her husband since sometimes it can suffocate him (it was actually a stab for Dok Hee).

Later on, because Hyun Tae was bored staying at home, Mong Hyun gives him some money so he could go out in town (and also meet Mina – his mistress). Hyun Tae refuses to take the money because that money was from Mong Hyun’s father. Seeing that he doesn’t want to go out, to see his girlfriend, Mong Hyun makes fun of him, but Hyun Tae pays her back and starts talking about Mina’s figure.

During dinner, Soon Sang tells Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae to go out camping and also take Hyun Joon and Sung Eun. Mong Hyun tells her father in law that she would like to also invite Yoona and Hyun Soo.

Camping seems to be a good choice for all the 3 couples, also the 3 brothers finally have a moment as brothers without Dok Hee, Soon Sang or Young Ae. While eating their lunch, Sang Eun feeds Hyun Joon a salad and meat roll, which makes the other 2 couples uncomfortable. Then Hyun Tae tells Mong Hyun that she should learn from Sung Eung. After Hyun Tae said that, Mong Hyun made him a roll with meat and lots of garlic ….of course leading to a funny scene of Hyun Tae shouting for water.

Hyun Tae, “Yoona” and Hyun Soo play a prank on Hyun Joon telling him that Sang Eun  fell into the water – Hyun Joon runs to save his wife, when he arrives at the lake, Hyun Soo and Hyun Tae take him by his legs and arms and throw Hyun Joon into the water. To be honest, the 3 brothers playing in the lake (at 30 year old, but whatever, having fun has no age) I think this was the nicest scene so far in this drama. It was like they finally had a break out of all the hate that happens in their family. Being away from their parents does make them show their brotherly bond.

Later at night, Hyun Joon sits down having a drink with Hyun Tae. He asks his litter brother if there was even a moment when he felt sorry/pity for him:

Hyun Joon: Have you ever felt sorry for me before?

Hyun Tae: No, not even once.

Hyun Joon: I’ve felt sorry for you at least once before (…) other may think I’m mea, but even I have a soft spot for my blood. That’s the difference between me and my mom.

Mong Hee decides to tell Hyun Soo about her past, when her boyfriend from her University days and another girl hurt her. She also tells him about her recent meet with that girl (didn’t tell him that the girl was Sung Eun), and how it made her feel pathetic. Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee that she shouldn’t feel pathetic, and that she should try her best to defeat that girl.


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