[Jdrama] Question regarding recaps of TAKE FIVE

Recapping TAKE FIVE…

Should I continue recapping TAKE FIVE? Recaps of epsiode 1 and 2 do seem to have visitators but should I continue writing? I mean, is there anyone at least reading those posts? Currently, “I summon you Gold” is my #1 ‘concern’ – and I don’t want to continue with TAKE FIVE if there aren’t people actually reading it.

Please let me know, thank you!


  1. Kenson Koh · · Reply

    Yes! I think you should. You do very few J Dramas but I believe this J drama is worth it.

    1. Currently recapping the Japanese drama “Hanzawa Naoki”, maybe after I finish that one I’ll restart this one. Thank you for answering to my post ^ ^

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