[Jdrama] ‘TAKE FIVE’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Masayoshi Homura: one of the original members of TAKE FIVE, currently a University professor….member of the current TAKE FIVE;

Rui Sasahara: she thinks the members of that group are at fault for his death;

Haruto Niimi, Shinichi Minami, Tamotsu Hioka, Kai Iwatsuki: current members of TAKE FIVE;

Shotaro Yano: police officer, works under Rui Sasahara;

Sae Sasahara: Rui Sasahara’s younger sister, student of (and in love with) Masayoshi Homura

Kozo Masuda: Rui Sasahara & Shotaro Yano’s boss.

Episode 2 cameos/characters:

Sagara Mitsuyo: Sagara Business school founder

Shimizu Makoto: Sagara Business school employee

Masayoshi meets the homeless woman and asks her where the painting of “Lucrezia” is. The woman refuses to tell him because he finally started to steal to help people.

When he leaves, Haruto follows him closely and Rui follows Haruto. Masayoshi knew Haruto was following him and asks him what he wants – Haruto then, tells Homura he found out what’s his week point and that he will steal it from Homura. After he finished speaking, Rui appears and asks Homura what is his relationship with the ‘petty’ thief Haruto. Haruto tells Rui that both he and Masayoshi are thieves – to get out of what Haruto just said, Masayoshi says he is Haruto’s teachers and wants to help him steal someone’s heart.

While enjoying some time with his family, Shinichi Minami finds out from his wife that the business school she was attending recently went bankrupt and the school fees won’t be returned to the students. Minami tells the others what happened with his wife’s money – Haruto and Tamotsu decide to help Minami get the money back from the school.

Iwatsuki pays a visit to Masayoshi and tells him that he knows everything about TAKE FIVE. Also, so he won’t tell the police about the group, Iwatsuki demands from Masayoshi the data from Todo Bank. But Homura tell Iwatsuki that he didn’t made a copy and he gave all the data he stole to the police. Iwatsuki doesn’t believe him, and says to call him when he is ready to give the data.

Haruto, Minami and Tamotsu make a plan to take back the money from the business school. They decide to make the president from the school, Sagara Mitsuyo to fall in love with Haruto.  Although they do all kind of tricks, Sagara still won’t fall for Haruto.

Masayoshi tells the other members about Iwatsuki finding out about their group – he also decides to help with taking back the money from the business school. The TAKE FIVE members follow Sagara, and find out different stuff about her. Haruto becomes her bodyguard but Shimizu Makoto; one of Sagara Business School employees doesn’t seem to like the news.

Masayoshi and the other two break into Sagara’s house, but they can’t seem to open the woman’s safe. They needed a finger print to open it, but Sagara’s finger print didn’t work. Rui appears at Sagara’s house – to make it look like the thief run away, Masayoshi breaks a window and tells Tamotsu to run. Rui doesn’t get fooled and remains to look around the house. Sagara is back home with her bodyguard Haruto, Rui sees him and becomes suspicious of him. Rui tells Sagara that she wants to look around the house to see if everything is all right, but Sagara doesn’t seem to want and tells Rui to leave.

The TAKE FIVE members meet at the bar they normally meet, and talk about their plan regarding Sagara Business School. Iwatsuki also appears there to ask for the data of Todo Bank; Masayoshi give him a stick, but it doesn’t seem to be the data from Todo Bank, it’s actually data from Sagara Business School.

Later the TAKE FIVE members find out that the finger print they need is actually Shimizu Makoto. Masayoshi acts as one of the school students, and starts a conversation with Shimizu. To take his finger print, Masayoshi offers Shimizu a drink, another one, and so on ….They successfully take the finger print, but Masayoshi also gets drunk.

While Haruto was trying to take Masayoshi back, he tells Rui, who was following them, to help him carry Masayoshi. Haruto asks Rui when it was the last time she laughed, but she get annoyed and slaps him, then Haruto forcefully kisses her.

TAKE FIVE members break again into Sagara’s house, but Shimizu’s finger print didn’t work as well. Sagara appears and tells them that there is now way they will open the safe. Although, Sagara and Shimizu where having a relationship, Sagara didn’t care at all for Shimizu, she just used him. Shimizu also finds out, disappointed he goes to the police and confesses everything.

With the help of Iwatsuki, the TAKE FIVE members find the money Sagara took from the students in a TV. They return the money to the students. After all the events, Iwatsuki decide to become the last member of TAKE FIVE.

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