Park Hae Jin stills/BTS from Chinese drama “Faraway love”


Filming started in April and will end somewhere in July but “Far Away Love” will air near the end of this year.  Park Hae Jin will play the role of a young (heartbroken) restaurant owner. He will fall in love with a bright girl who is struggling to raise her younger sister.

According to WM, Hae Jin is trying to make time for another Chinese drama for next year.

To be honest, I’m happy for him, but still a little iffy about the fact that he will be dubbed. Too bad Korea loves to use idols when they have really talented young actors.

Aside from dramas, Hae Jin is also participating in a CCTV documentary.

Pictures under the cut



  1. It looks fun, but I agree that China underutilizes its own talent in favor for more cash making celebs. Are you going to watch?

    1. The plot seems rather normal – the rich guy falls in love with a poor girls – but since I’m a Hae Jin fan and it looks rather fun from the pictures, I’m going to watch it. Hope it won’t be a 30+ eps drama….

      1. If its from China then it’ll def be 30+, apparently they haven’t heard of short and sweet yet.

      2. Normally I like watching over 30 eps dramas since it gives more space for the characters to develop, but currently I’m stuck with some 50 eps dramas and one of 60+ eps

      3. Yes, there r some dramas like When you Roll in unexpectedly that I wanted to follow but the a good amt of others that were so slow and painful that I’d rather go and watch paint dry.

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