[Jdrama] ‘TAKE FIVE’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


This drama is mostly a modern Robin Hood story; they steal from the rich and give back to the poor. Honestly, I don’t know why I started watching it, but somehow I feel like I should stick around for a while.

Toshiaki Karasawa does a great job, and the rest of the cast is also doing a good but not really sure about Yasuko Matsuyuki, her acting is somehow forced, not really natural.

Masayoshi Homura: one of the original members of TAKE FIVE, currently a University professor….member of the current TAKE FIVE;

Rui Sasahara: she thinks the members of that group are at fault for his death;

Haruto Niimi, Shinichi Minami, Tamotsu Hioka, Kai Iwatsuki: current members of TAKE FIVE;

Shotaro Yano: police officer, works under Rui Sasahara;

Sae Sasahara: Rui Sasahara’s younger sister, student of (and in love with) Masayoshi Homura

Kozo Masuda: Rui Sasahara & Shotaro Yano’s boss.

There is also a homeless woman that appears to know Masayoshi Homura being part of the original TAKE FIVE, and always shows him a picture of a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

~ The actual recap ~

One day a homeless woman appears at the University that Masayoshi Homura works at. The woman seems to know Masayoshi’s past and shows him a picture of “Lucrezia” painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The homeless woman also tells him that the painting is in Todo Bank’s security warehouse. Even so, Masayoshi tells her that he isn’t interested because he doesn’t steal anymore.

Rui Sasahara witnesses a young man stealing someone’s bag; she runs after him – when the young man threatens Rui with a…shovel, she doesn’t seem scared and therefore takes the man to the police station. Because the victim dropped the charges, the man isn’t arrested.

At a bar, while drinking milk (hey milk is manly…and healthy) and looking at the pictures of ‘Lucrezia’, Masayoshi sees on TV, a news about H-Trust (who’s investments were from Todo Bank’s president) was going bankrupt and people were demanding their money back.  After he remembered the words from the homeless woman, Masayoshi eventually breaks into Todo Bank’s security warehouse to see the painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

While searching for the painting, Masayoshi ‘meets’ another thief, Haruto Niimi. Because the alarm was activated, the two try to escape and hide in a locker. After the guard leaves, the two thieves get out of the locker; even so they didn’t have a plan B to get out of the building hence they run.

Because the alarm was activated, Rui Sasahara and Kozo Masuda come to see what happened. Fortunately, Masayoshi and Haruto get out without being caught why the police, but they leave behind a mp3 player and Rui finds it. She sees that the only song on the mp3 player was a song called “TAKE FIVE”.

Haruto is curious why his plan of breaking in the Todo Bank failed and pays a visit at the University to Masayoshi.  Masayoshi tells him that his plan failed because of love but Haruto doesn’t understand how his plan failed because of love. Before leaving, the two steal each other’s wallet.

Kai Iwatsuki, who also works at the same police station as Rui, is being transferred to another division without any explanation. When they arrives at his new…office, Iwatsuki starts cleaning …. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, maybe?

Rui and Masuda continue to investigate the recent breaking in incident that happened at Todo Bank, and go to the security company that takes care of Todo Bank’s security. One of the people that are in charge of the security at the bank is Haruto.

Haruto explains to Rui and Masuda how the system works. Thanks to Rui, he finds out why his plan failed because of love – the old security man that worked there went out to feed a cat that used to be the cat of a woman who the security guy fancied. Without being careful, Haruto refers to the security guy as an “old man”, but since he didn’t have from where to know that the security man was old, Rui starts to suspect Haruto.

After he finishes work, Rui follows him and asks Haruto from where he knew that the security man was old, but he answers that someone must’ve fold him at some point. To make Rui stop asking questions, Haruto hits on her, but she doesn’t give in.

The young man who stole a bag earlier was actually Tamotsu Hioka

Tamotsu Hioka meets Masayoshi and asks him for help because his father lost all the saving since H-Trust went bankrupt, but he also says that H-Trust  knew they were going bankrupt even so they still continued to collect money from people.

The young man who stole a bag earlier was actually Tamotsu Hioka – he tried to steal the bag from someone that worked at the bank. Tamotsu asks Masayoshi to form TAKE FIVE again, but Masayoshi refuses.

Iwatsuki appears to also be rather curious about Todo Bank (because of his curiosity he was moved to another division)

Haruto pays another visit to Masayoshi and asks him for another ‘fight’ (in burglary) but Masayoshi doesn’t seem interested and in a rather ironic tone tells Haruto that he lets him win. Annoyed Haruto takes Masayoshi by the collar, still, he immobilizes Haruto. However, right when the two were in a weird position – I may say- Masayoshi’s assistant enters the room, and gets the wrong idea of what was actually happening in there.

The homeless woman appears again – Masayoshi asks where the painting is, but the woman doesn’t tell him where “Lucrezia”s painting actually is, only to continue searching if he loves it.

Masayoshi finds Shinichi Minami and Tamotsu Hioka to rebuild TAKE FIVE so he can break again into Todo Bank to see “Lucrezia”. The 3 try to make a plan on how to break in.

Haruto comes to Masayoshi to tell that Rui is investigating into the recent breaking in at the bank. He also tells Masayoshi that he can’t break into the secret division. After he hears Masayoshi that he has a secret weapon.

The young thief gets curious about that secret weapon, and seeing that Masayoshi can’t drink alcohol, he pours some alcohol into Masayoshi’s milk. After drinking, the teacher acts funny but still doesn’t tell Haruto about the secret weapon.

TAKE THREE successfully passed some of the security divisions, but when they arrived at the last one, Minami tells Masayoshi to take out his secret weapon. At that moment, Haruto who also was curious about the weapon appears. Masayoshi tells everyone that the secret weapon is actually Haruto since he works for the company that takes care of the bank’s security. With the help of Haruto, they enter the last security division.

While Masayoshi and Haruto were trying to get right the password of the bank’s main computer to download the information, Rui notices some changes into the security cameras, and runs towards the last security division room.

The thieves successfully steal the information, but Rui gets looked in the room without any oxygen. Masayoshi saves her, and puts Rui on the rooftop unconscious.

The thieves give the bank’s information to the police, and the people who lost their money because of the bank get everything back.

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