[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 14 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Hyun Soo now works at the company’s jewelry store under Mong Hee’s mother. He seems to find it hard adjusting to working there since, Mong Hee’s mother is rather strict when it comes to work.

Mong Hee finds out about Hyun Soo working under her mother, she laughs at Hyun Soo for finding it hard to work for other people. Hyun Soo tells her that even if he started working under other people, the money he is paid with is still his father’s money.  When Mong Hee hears him, she scolds Hyun Soo for having a wrong mentality.

To make her “husband” feel better, Mong Hee take Hyun Soo out shopping for food. At the supermarket, Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee that an ugly wife who cooks well won’t be kicked out. Annoyed, Mong Hee hits him with a yellow bell pepper.

Home, Mong Hee cooks a lot of food for Hyun Soo to thank him for enrolling her into an art institute. Of course their serious side doesn’t stay much, and their funny side appears:

Mong Hee: You have something woman like very much. Something woman can’t get enough of.

Hyun Soo: Seriously? What is it?

Mong Hee: Money.

After their small comic part, Hyun Soo wonders why he didn’t spend time with his wife Yoona, as how he is spending now with Mong Hee. He also seems rather worried about Yoona. Back to her room, gets jealous after hearing Hyun Soo worrying about his wife, but she snaps out of it quickly.

Hyun Tae gets a call from his father while he was out playing with his friends. The father asks him why he is out when he is married. So his father won’t scold him, Hyun tae takes Mong Hyun as well when he goes to meet his father. When the father arrives, Mong Hyun tells her father-in-law that Hyun Tae took her there so his father won’t scold him too much.

Before ordering, Mong Hyun asks her father in law if it’s okay to call “Yoona” and Hyun Soo as well to eat with them, since she sees Sung Eun at home every day. The father calls Hyun Soo to invite him and Yoona, but Sung Eun was in the same room with Hyun Soo and sees that she and Hyun Joon didn’t get invited.

Dok Hee finds out that the boys’ father didn’t invite Hyun Joon. Dok Hee and Sung Eun vent their anger on Mong Hyun. Sung Eun asks Mong Hyun if she draw sides already, and tries to make her feel inferior because of their family background.

Hyun Tae and Hyun Joon appear, and the both of them take the side of their respective wife. Dok Hee also appears and tells the two boys that their father is searching for them.

Hyun Joon tells his father that he won’t work at the company anymore and that he and Sung Eun will go the branch in Hong Kong. His father shouts at him to stop acting so high and mighty, because he isn’t.  Seeing that the father got angry with Hyun Joon, Dok Hee glares at Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae.

Hyun Soo and Mong Hee go out jogging. After a while, they sit on a bench, and Mong Hee asks Hyun Soo how many times a day he thinks of his wife, or if he will think/remember her after their contract ends.

Mong Hee: Will you think of me sometimes?

Hyun Soo: Do you want me to?


Hyun Soo: The tall girl with innocent eyes who made me feel at ease.

In the morning, to show Hyun Joon that he doesn’t need him, the boys’ father tells Hyun Tae in front of everyone, to start working at the company. Dok Hee, Sung Eun and Hyun Joon doesn’t seem to like the news.

Young Ae also finds out about the father’s proposal towards Hyun Tae, and wants to celebrate, but Hyun Tae doesn’t seem so like the idea since Dok Hee and her son won’t let it happen, after all those two know about the fact that he has a girlfriend although he is married to Mong Hyun. Young Ae tells him to stop meeting the mistress but he still doesn’t want to.

“Yoona” visits Mong Hyun and tells the youngest daughter in law that she should trust her. Mong Hyun confesses to “Yoona” about Hyun Tae having a mistress, and that Dok Hee also found out.

During breakfast, the father’s boys’ is still mad with Hyun Joon. To save Hyun Joon, Dok Hee tells the father about Hyun Tae’s mistress. The father fires up and wants to kick Hyun Tae out, but Mong Hyun calls Yoona to come and help Hyun Tae.


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