[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 13 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Mong Hee and Hyun Soo continue to have a happy time living together. After dinner the two of them sit down and talk, but when Hyun Soo asks Mong Hee why she doesn’t believe in people anymore and if it’s because of a past boyfriend – the atmosphere turns cold and Mong Hee reminds Hyun Soo that they aren’t friends, she just works for him.

Hyun Soo: I’m usually careless about other people, but I got more curious with you (…) I never intended to upset you, so forgive me.

Mong Hee doesn’t understand why Hyun Soo would get curious about her, since he is a married man and asks him if he likes her. Hyun Soo denies it – even so when he is alone he asks himself if he actually like Mong Hee, but in him mind, Hyun Soo still denies everything.

The next morning, Hyun Soo doesn’t want to face Mong Hee – when he goes in the kitchen, he sees her there, and asks her if she isn’t uncomfortable with him now after the talk they had a night before. But Mong Hee doesn’t seem a bit uncomfortable with Hyun Soo.

Mong Hyun tires to ask Dok Hee to not tell the boys’ father about Hyun Tae’s girlfriend. Dok Hee tells Mong Hyun that maybe she will help her and Hyun Tae only if she will trust her, and not pretend – Dok Hee also tells Mong Hyun that she should be careful of the way she acts will Young Ae from now on (as in ignore Young Ae from now on).

Young Ae and her son meet – she tries to make Hyun Tae understand that he should break up with his girlfriend; she also informs him about the things the mistress said to Mong Hyun; stuff like the thought of Mong Hyun makes the two of them hotter in bed. As a way to apologize, Hyun Tae takes Mong Hyun out for a while.

Hyun Soo searches for Mong Hee at her accessories car, but she wasn’t there – after searching more for her, he sees Mong Hee having a fight with another vender. Hyun Soo goes between the two to save Mong Hyun. When the vender ask who is he (Hyun Soo) to get in between their fight, Hyun Soo answers that he is Mong Hee’s husband.

After the fight, Hyun Soo takes Mong Hee to a bar. He asks her what is the use of drawing so much every day; Infuriated, Mong Hee leaves. He follows her and tries to apologize, but Mong Hee doesn’t want to accept his apology any more. Unfortunately, the conversation goes towards money and Yoona:

Mong Hee: Why is the way you talk, eat and walk so important to rich people? Does talking refined means you actually are, when you don’t even consider other people’s feelings? Your wife is the same. What? She gets sick if she can’t speak her mind? How uneducated and ridiculous is that?

Although, he got annoyed with what Mong Hee said, he tells her to stop the conversation there, but Mong Hee doesn’t want to stop:

Mong Hee: You know how hard it is to stay up to draw after working all day? You know what it’s like to stay up all night for an uncertain dream?

Hyun Soo tries again to apologize to Mong Hee; even so she doesn’t want to hear it and leaves.

Hyun Tae takes Mong Hyun outside of the main house, to a lake. There he tells her that he doesn’t hate but has compassion (feels sorry) towards her. Hyun Tae also tells his wife that even if he likes her he won’t break up with his girlfriend.

Mong Hyun (pretty) much confesses that she likes Hyun Tae, shocked by her sudden confession, he says:

Hyun Tae: You like me too? Why would you like someone like me? Of all the guys in this world, why like someone like me?

Hyun Soo comes back home with a bouquet of flowers to apologize to Mong Hee.He sees Mong Hee who fell asleep while she draw – after he put the flowers near her, Hyun Soo takes pictures of Mong Hee’s drawings.

Young Ae comes to the main house to ‘bribe’ Dok Hee so she will treat Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae better.

Hyun Tae comes back home earlier than he used to. After hearing Mong Hyun’s confession at the lake, he now is rather awkward around her, and decides to sleep on the floor – until then they actually slept on the same bed. When Mong Hyun smiles he tells her to stop smiling since she will complicate his life even more.

So Mong Hee will forgive him, Hyun Soo gets her enrolled into an art institute, but Mong Hee tells him that she can’t accept him. To make her accept his ‘gift’ Hyun Soo says that since she acted so well as Yoona until then, the enrollment is like a bonus for all her good work until now.

Another day, Hyun Soo goes to his father and tells him that since Hyun Joon studied so much about jewelry, he also desire to start by learning more, therefore he says he wants to work at the company’s jewelry store.

Hyun Joon and Dok Hee find out Hyun Soo working at the jewelry store, and they take it as Hyun Soo starting his ‘war’.

Mong Hee goes at the art institute that Hyun Soo enrolled her at. There she finds out that one of her teachers is actually Sung Eun – the person he hates the most.


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