[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 12 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I thinks this is one of my favorite episode so far thanks to Mong Hee and Hyun Soo who are pretty much having a married couple-like life without even noticing, and thanks to Young Ae for her personality – I mean come on has there ever been a mother-in-law who would pull out the hair of her son’s mistress for the sake of her daughter-in-law?

In the morning Mong Hee cooks lots of food – for herself – because working on the streets everyday makes her hungry, Hyun Soo criticizes her for eating so much in the morning. Seeing Mong Hee enjoying her food, Hyun Soo wants to try some but she doesn’t let him.

After breakfast, Hyun Soo compliments Mong Hee’s acting as Yoona at the new jewelry launching party.

Hyun Soo: You looked pretty, graceful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Later, the two go out to a street cart – Mong Hee confesses that there are times when she hides to cry, because she always feels envious of University girls who spend their time shopping, enjoying their student life, when she has to sell stuff on the streets.

Another day, before going to work, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo have a married couple-like fight, blaming each other for small things, for example: you talk too much, oh no you talk too much.

At the main house, Mong Hyun sincerely asks Dok Hee why she isn’t stopping Hyun Tae for partying so much although she is –maybe- the only one who can (the step mother doesn’t stop Hyun Tae from sleeping outside/partying because him having this kind of behavior is actually in her and Hyun Joon’s benefit).  Annoyed with Mong Hyun’s question, Dok Hee threatens to call Mong Hyun’s mother to tell her that she didn’t taught her daughter well enough.

“Yoona”, Hyun Soo, Hyun Joon and Sung Eun go out for lunch. Hyun Soo and Hyun Joon have a rather stinging discussion – their talk evolves from business to Hyun Tae and Dok Hee.

Hyun Soo: (…) brothers shouldn’t be like that with each other.

Hyun Joon: Are you schooling me?

Hyun Soo: I have no feeling against you.

Hyun Joon: But you have feelings against my mom though.

While eating, Hyun Joon and Sung Eun act lovey-dovey in front of Yoona and Hyun Soo, then “Yoona” asks Hyun Joon what he thinks of a woman’s past. What does he think if his wife had a child in the past and kept it a secret from him. Hyun Joon says that he wouldn’t forgive something like that.

“Yoona”: What man would be okay with that? It will be the end for that woman.


Later, that day, Hyun Joon sees Sung Eun lost in thoughts and asks her what’s on her mind. Sung Eun also asks her husband what he thinks of a woman’s past. Hyun Joon responds that he wouldn’t forgive anything.

Young Ae takes Mong Hyun to meet Hyun Tae’s girlfriend, but Mong Hyun doesn’t want to go because she is afraid of Hyun Tae’s reaction when he will find out. When they meet, Mong Hyun asks the mistress if she is still going to meet Hyun Tae, although he is a married man. The girl says that when Hyun Tae wants to break up they will until then:

The mistress: Hyun Tae is mine and I’m Hyun Tae’s woman. You know right?

Young Ae gets pissed with the attitude of the girl and asks for her mother’s phone number to tell what kind of daughter she has. The girl continues to have a defensive attitude towards Young Ae, telling her that she has no right to mutter. Irritated with the mistress’, Young Ae jumps on the girl and beats her.

Later on, Hyun Tae finds out that Mong Hyun and Young Ae meet the girl he is dating, and shouts at Mong Hyun that she knew he was dating that girl, when they got married and that Mong Hyun has no right to do what she did. He also reminds Mong Hyun that he loves that girl, but right then Dok Hee comes and hears it. Although she hears about Hyun Tae having a mistress, Dok Hee decides to keep silent about it (the witch will use this in her and Hyun Joon’s favor, later).

Another day, Mong Hyun spends some time with her mother, but she doesn’t say anything about her unhappy married life she has so she won’t worry her mother.

Mong Hee and Hyun Soo without noticing they have a married couple-like life with Mong Hee cooking food and Hyun Soo coming with groceries after work.

Hyun Soo: It’s nice to come home where someone is waiting for you. Thinking that you were waiting at home made me come early, and buy fruits on the way. (…) You are very thoughtful.

Mong Hee: Where are you going with this?

Hyun Soo: It made me realize how good people can be. You were considerate of me when even my own family wasn’t.

Hyun Soo asks Mong Hee to call him “oppa” from now on, but Mong Hee refuses, and makes fun of him saying that it will better to call him “unnie” since he cries like a woman. They start to tease each other and it leads to this:


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