[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 11 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Following recap from episode 10: Dok Hee and Sung Eun go to Hyun Soo’s apartment but there is no trace of Yoona’s stuff. Fortunately, “Yoona” comes at the apartment, but she wears her normal Mong Hee clothes. Dok Hee asks “Yoona” why aren’t her stuff there and if she and Hyun Soo are separated. “Yoona” saves the day, saying that they are doing spring cleaning. Even so, Dok Hee still finds Yoona’s attitude strange.

Hyun Soo tells Mong Hee to move in with him, but Mong Hee doesn’t want to since she is a girl after all. Hyun Soo says that there is no need to worry since he doesn’t see her as a woman – in his eyes she is nothing more than a stick with a dress on. Nonchalantly, Hyun Soo even refers to Mong Hee as Mr. Mong Hee.

Mong Hyun tries to talk with Dok Hee about Young Ae and wants to ask for permission to spend some time with Young Ae – Dok Hee gets annoyed and says “Young people these days are getting bolder”.

Soon Sang visits Young Ae and asks her to stop Hyun Tae going to clubs because now he is a married man. Displeased with Soon Sang remarks about how she didn’t knew how to educate him, she tells Soon Sang that Hyun Tae is acting like his because of genetics. After all Soon Sang also liked to party during his younger days.

During dinner, Dok Hee informs Soon Sang that she didn’t find any of Yoona’s stuff in Hyun Soo’s apartment. She also tells Sung Eun to go to their apartment often, with the pretext that “Yoona” isn’t cooking and so Sung Eun will take them food from the main house.

At the company, Soon Sang and Hyun Soo talk about the launching party. Soon Sang tells his son that he is very pleased with the recent change in Yoona. When Hyun Soo was on his way to leave, his father sees him walking with his head down, and wonders if he is at fault for his son’s defeated image.

Seeing Hyun Soo worried, Mong Hee accepts to move in with him.

Before sleeping, Mong Hyun asks Hyun Tae if he really loves his girlfriend, and if he loves her he should be brave enough to come with that girl in front of Soon Sang. Although annoyed with Mong Hyun’s question, HyunTae tells her that when he was younger, when he would buy good food for his friends they will act nice around him, but behind his back they will call him a bastard child, and despise all that, he feels comfortable around his girlfriend because she is a bastard child as well.

Another day, Mong Hyun lies to Dok Hee, and goes to meet Young Ae. Luckily, Young Ae forgives Mong Hyun. Mong Hyun tells her mother-in-law about her worries regarding Hyun Tae and his girlfriend. Young Ae tells her that there are no worries, since Hyun Tae will get bored of that girl very fast.

Young Ae tells Hyun Tae to break up with the girl he is dating, but he refuses.

Hyun Tae: Pick you side, do you like your daughter-in-law or not?

Young Ae: No matter how hard I try not to like her, she is far better than you.

At the main house, Dok Hee finds out that Mong Hyun meet Young Ae, and scolds the girl for defying her. During the flower arrangement class, Sung Eun complains about Mong Hyun’s work, but “Yoona” defends Mong Hyun.

“Yoona”: You’ve done many things, haven’t you done it all before marrying?

A few days later, Dok Hee pays a visit to Hyun Soo – she is very curious about Hyun Soo’s sudden change of wanting to work for the company. She also tries to make some subtle threats towards Hyun Soo, but he doesn’t give in anymore to her threats and tells her that he won’t follow any of Dok Hee’s orders because he can’t trust her. He remembers that after his mother left him and his father, Dok Hee told him that because his mother cheated on Soon Sung with another man, it’s only natural for his father to hate him. Before leaving, Hyun Soo tells his step mother:

Hyun Soo: May I temporarily forget that you and my father lived together for a long time? That is the only thing that bothers me.

At the office, in front of their father, Hyun Joon says that he and his wife will go to the branch in Hong Kong, and that Hyun Soo should take care of the jewelry exhibition in Tokyo.  Of course the father disagrees, and tells Hyun Joon to lead Hyun Soo. With the excuse of ‘teaching his older brother will look bad in the eyes of others, Hyun Joon asks Soon Sang to take Hyun Soo out of the project. But Hyun Soo says that he has no problem to learn from Hyun Joon.

Mong Hee finally moves in with Hyun Tae!


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