[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 9 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Things are getting really good. We get the chance to know from where Mong Hee and Sung Eun know each other.

Still no trace of a love relationship between, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo, actually I’m not sure if I want to see a love relationship between the two of them; somehow I like them more as friends –that’s because, I think, Yoona and Hyun Soo really loved one another, and they just need to talk stuff out.

Mong Hee and Sung Eun apparently know each other since their university days, Sung Eun stole Mong Hee’s boyfriend, and it seems that she also had a child with him.

Mong Hee goes as “Yoona” at the main house to pester Sung Eun with a talk about their life over the years. Because Sung Eun doesn’t understand what “Yoona” is trying to say, and because Hyun Soo’s father and step-mother were also there, “Yoona” starts talking about how she wasn’t a good daughter-in-law, but form there on she will try to change. Soon Sang, the 3 boys’ father, likes the sudden change in good of “Yoona”, but Dok Hee, the step-mother, finds it strange.

After the in-laws leave the room, “Yoona” keeps asking Sung Eun about her life before marring Hyun Joon, or if she dated anyone special before meeting Hyun Joon. Sung Eun asks “Yoona” if she heard something, and if she heard, it must be some malicious gossips.

Later that night, Hyun Joon, Sung Eun and Dok Hee talk about Yoona and Hyun Soo’s sudden change, and how the change may have something to do with Hyun Soo’s grandmother’s death.

Mong Hyun spends the honey moon alone while Hyun Tae goes out with his girlfriend.

Hyun Tae:  The return flight time is written on the ticket. You know, right? Then let’s enjoy (the honey moon) individually, and meet up at the airport in good shape. Have fun.

Mong Hee remembers her past, university days, when she had a fight with Sung Eun over her boyfriend. Back, during present time, Mong Hee gets drunk and goes to Hyun Soo’s apartment and asks him to make her a lady, a woman that everyone will admire.

The next morning Hyun Soo wakes up Mong Hee:

Mong Hee: Wait, what’s going on here? What are you doing right now?

Hyun Soo: What do you mean what am I doing?

Mong Hee: Why am I sleeping at your house!?!

Hyun Soo: You tell me!!

Mong Hee: Did you watch me sleep all night?

Hyun Soo: Don’t worry; Am I crazy? Why would I watch a drunken woman sleeping all night?

Hyun Tae, his girlfriend and Mong Hyun come back from their honey moon (?); the other girl leaves, and Mong Hyun tell Hyun Tae that they have to talk when they get home. Mong Hyun tells her husband that she will tell his father about the mistress. But he doesn’t believe she has the courage do to so, since she is a “good daughter”. Mong Hee gets angry with Hyun Tae’s attitude, and tells him to stop with his tricks, because her sister (Mong Hee) made debts just so she could marry.

Hyun Tae:  It must be nice to have a sister who can sacrifice that much for you.

Although they had a fight at the airport, the two show a happy marriage life when they meet Mong Hyun’s parents. When they arrive at Hyun Tae’s mother’s house, Young Ae asks if they had fun during their honey moon. Mong Hyun confesses to her mother in-law that Hyun Tae came with his girlfriend during their trip.

Young Ae: Why did you play by yourself and let her alone?

Mong Hyun: He wasn’t by himself. He brought his girlfriend on our honeymoon.

Because the boys’ father likes Mong Hyun, Dok Hee tries to make Mong Hyun fear her – know her place. Everything Mong Hyun does is being criticized; her parents get criticized as well – for “not raising their daughter how to do the housework properly”.

Dok Hee: Not teaching their daughters to do housework is a problem nowadays.

“Yoona” and Hyun Soo come and visit the main house. At dinner, Dok Hee tries to make Sung Eun look good in the eyes of the boys’ father, by saying that the food was made by Sung Eun and how she is a fast learner.

Annoyed, “Yoona” says she heard that ‘well behaved’ housewives partied/played a lot before marriage, and since they know everything about that stuff, aren’t interested in them anymore


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